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Kellogg’s Cereal: Good. Night. Snack.- 06.23.14

nightcereal2.jpg I don’t know why this is so amusing today. Apparently Kellogg’s has created “Limited Edition Packaging” for some of their cereals - having them go dark. They actually have the night sky filled with stars instead of their brighter usual boxes… I thought my mom was joking - so she scanned over a coupon as proof. My first thought was - are there glow in the dark marshmallow stars inside? Second thought - are there really people out there who didn’t know they can eat cereal at ANY hour? Third thought - what’s going on with the cereal industry to need to change ONLY the packaging to tell people they can eat cereal at night?!?!?!

But maybe it worked - when we noticed the box of twilight Mini Wheats - we bought it. And i had to take pics of how absurd the packaging is to share with you. And now i’m totally having some at night… See it all on the next page!





nightcereal6.jpg Also… why only these cereals?!?!



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I’ve always eaten cereal more at night! It’s good.

----- Kristin 03.07.14 13:42

So bizarre. I can’t believe they even went as far as tailoring the back of the box for “late” night reading. Strange. I suppose this means I will need to purchase a bright and shiny morning box for the day and a “Good. Night. Snack” box for the evening. My obsessive compulsive tendencies are potentially convinced.

----- Tess 24.06.14 16:09

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