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Inside the Twelve24 ClockONE- 06.17.14

clockone0.jpg The Twelve24 ClockONE is a meter wide, 4mm thin, around 3lbs and will magnetically hang from your wall! Well, we had the chance to peek INSIDE these super thin wall clocks at NOTlabs, and the real magic being shown off in this monstrous clock is what’s possible with E Ink displays. As thick as a laminated piece of paper, the screens just need a mere 15V to power flipping each section between black and white ink. And the most interesting design detail is the magnetic wall mount system! Currently available for pre-order and slated to start shipping in September, the Twelve24 ClockONE’s are making the design week rounds and popping up this week all over Dwell on Design in LA. Take a peek on the next page at all the tiny details and inside - they even let us cut open some E Ink!

Here you can see the full ClockONE and beneath it is a dissected one…


The dots between the hour and minutes are the + and - buttons to adjust time. Here are the mounting pieces that come with the clock.


The red ‘puck’ and screw are stunningly colored for a part that few will ever see. You wall mount the red puck/screw and then slot the mounting plate to it.



The mounting plate is metal and has a strong magnet inside - with the design you can easily adjust to level the clock.


I made shawn pretend to be the wall holding up the clock from the screw… works like a charm! Here you can also start to see the milled aluminum back that was heavily inspired by the Macbook finish, complete with bezeled edge…


SO thin! From top to bottom - acrylic - E Ink display - aluminum.


The back of the clock’s battery panel is also magnetic and slides right off - as you can see this is an earlier model, the final will have a little 12-24 hour switch. The whole clock also runs off a coin battery that will last about a year!


Here you can see the buttons up close to adjust the time. This is how it looks mounted on the base.


Under the buttons are the circuit boar controlling it all.


On the underside you can see how the two E Ink displays connect.



Yes, the E Ink display really is THAT thin and flexible. We are giddy thinking about the possibilities of designing with them!


Here’s the underside of the E Ink Display.


And to further demonstrate how E Ink works, we were told to cut a hole in the display - and after you do, the rest still works around the spot we peeled apart!


Here’s a peek at some Twelve24 ClockONEs in action from their facebook page! There are colored version coming too… clockone18.jpg

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2 Notes

The color combinations lack enough contrast, however, that could be the intent. To make the clock “not” a first read and something to visually enjoy. One criticism I could put forward is to the overall size. Too large and massive making it difficult to place and borderline “cheesy” Not everyone wants to make a clock the centerpiece of the wall….

Overall……beautiful design

----- Anthony 20.06.14 08:03

Is it just me, or are the numbers really hard to read? Looking at the top photo, for instance, I have to figure out what time it reads rather than just knowing by glancing. It’s like the contrast between the “lit” and “unlit” numbers isn’t strong enough. However, it being black-on-white, that doesn’t make sense. Very weird.

----- Dobbs 17.06.14 12:27

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