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Rock Creek, Mammoth Lakes Adventures- 06.18.14

0-main.jpg We recently disconnected from the world (and our technology) and disappeared up to Rock Creek up in the Mammoth Lakes area at the foothills of the Sierras. About a 5 hour drive from Los Angeles, 4 humans and 2 dogs went to go play in the woods! It dumped snow the first night we got in, but luckily it started after we were tucked away in our cabin - and the NOTpuppy, Bucky was lucky to catch his first taste of snow (which he LOVED jumping chest deep into) and the last snow of the season. The highlight was definitely good times with good friends and a chance to watch the dogs run free - frolicking through the streams and meadows till they just couldn’t handle anymore… which resulted in coming home and sleeping for a few days! Along the way we also found some amazing jerky, delicious pie, and had a near catastrophe with some flying carrion. Take a peek at the adventures (and a taste for what the NOTFZJ80 will hopefully lead to!) on the next page!

To help orient you - we’re pretty close to the Nevada border - on the lower eastern side of the Sierras. 1-rockcreek1.jpg

The road trip over - and a look at how Léon (golden doodle!) looks en route… 2-rockcreek2.jpg

We were told that the best jerky you’ve ever had is on the way up - Mahogany Smoked Meats in Bishop, CA which was established in 1922 - while i was skeptical at first, wow. It IS delicious. I suggest you try some peppered buffalo jerky and their smoked pastrami - also grab the dogs a smoked pig ear. 3-jerky.jpg

To the lodge! We fit snugly in the small modern cabin 20 at Rock Creek Lodge 4-key.jpg

Bucky guarding the cabin… 5-cabin.jpg

You literally walk out and you’re on the creek. Quick walk leads you to the meadows - and you can hike in almost any direction and find some lakes… 6-inthetrees.jpg

Happy dogs! 7-bl1.jpg

Bucky and Léon were inseparable… 8-bl.jpg

Check out that stick! 9-bl3.jpg

Léon even taught Bucky how to cross this precarious log bridge… 10-bridge.jpg


See them in action!


Walking back… every evening Bucky would come home to the cabin and flop SO hard. 13-days.jpg

Apparently Pie In The Sky Cafe is a must. I’m a fan of the banana cream… 14-pie.jpg

Old school smokey the bear patches for sale in their shop! 14-pie1.jpg

We couldn’t resist exploring and seeing where random roads would take us… there’s Mono Lake ahead. 15-road.jpg

In the other direction the peaks are still covered with snow! 16-road1.jpg

The wooden bears at Gull Lake were too cute not to stop for… 17-gull.jpg

Down at the Gull Lake docks! 18-gull1.jpg

Continuing around the June Loop Lakes… 19-road2.jpg

A view of Mono Lake from the visitor’s center - where a very nice ranger taught us about where we can camp when the NOTFZJ80 is ready, and got us the necessary fire permit (needed even to use a stove!) - can’t wait till we can do our first rooftop tent trip! 20-mono.jpg

On scarier moments - nothing like seeing a huge eagle taking off from the center divider and assuming it will get enough height… realize it is NOT lifting fast enough and slamming on the brakes - only to see the wingspan nearly cover the windshield as a dark blur… and hear CLUMP CLUMP CLUMP along the roof… Then i saw it fly across the opposing traffic and drop a few fistfuls of meat on a car. It wasn’t until we stopped later on that we saw the meat across the whole roof rack and rear wiper! Anyhow, it was a close call easier laughed about after the fact… glad both the large bird of prey and us survived! 21-meat.jpg

Back in Rock Creek - fishing at Rock Creek Lake… 22-fishing1.jpg

Then trying our luck fishing the creek by the cabin! 23-fishing2.jpg

The colors were endlessly inspiring! 24-rock.jpg


Nothing like ending the days with a wood fire at the communal fire pit and a bag of marshmallows - also met lots of fun folks just relaxing into the night around it! 26-fire.jpg


While the trip felt like it ended ridiculously fast - we did stock up a bit on research for the next adventures - hopefully with the NOTFZJ80! 28-resources.jpg

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