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Hack Circus from Andre Sampaio Kong- 06.17.14

fishymain.jpg Here’s the latest from NOTCOT’s London-based editor and resident zoologist, Justine Aw as she visits the London graduate showcases. This post is from Show RCA 2014.

The RCA Architecture school’s Hack Circus by Andre Kong was hard to ignore. The display was more like a desk you’d find on Steve Zissou’s ship. The wooden octopus stool, aquatic illustrations, and electronic fish in a bowl caught my eye.

What it actually is… “A theatre for the post-tragic condition of subverted capitalist technologies”. In Kong’s own words: “Here the first crowd-funded Hackfest (the annual hackathon event) is hosted in its germinal amphitheatre and from it THE CIRCUS IS BORN. As the alienated community grows and floats down the Thames, ties with power structures, ideology and the obsolete value system of the city are gradually severed until it sets itself free, beyond territorial waters and, in an act of ‘sousveillance,’ taps into a submarine Internet cable in the North Sea.”. A fascinating, beautiful, interactive project. Take a peek at the details on the next page!

The full view of the set up - andre1.jpg

Love the octopus! andre2.jpg

Kong’s project is ahacker/maker hub and node of a future networked community. The space itself was interactive. That wavy figure in the light is actually me shown interacting in the space as my avatar mirrored my movements. andre3.jpg

The Hack Circus is a space that is hackable, adaptive and augmentable; receptive, open-source, and resilient. andre4.jpg

A gorgeous image showing the floating community among aquatic life. andre5.jpg

I love these beautiful drawings that reference maker/haker diagrams and blueprints in turn. andre6.jpg



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