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Gillette Venus Snap Razor- 07.01.14

gsnap4.jpg Design inspiration comes from all over the place - regardless of price - and this time i was inspired/intrigued while at CVS needing to grab a disposable razor. It’s been hard to miss the ridiculously annoying tongue in cheek (literally) Gillette Shave Face ad during the World Cup but on product design weirdness - have you seen the Gilette Venus Snap? I had to poke at it… and honestly, in a world of Harry’s, Dollar Shave Club, etc - i get curious and poke at a bunch, but i’m finding all these strange product design innovations/solutions far more interesting (and functional). So take a peek at the design details of this little clamshell compact holding a tiny razor handle (that fits all their blades, thought not all blades on the handle will fit in the case) and a single blade. How this compact takes up less space than a traditional, simple disposable I don’t understand - but from an ID stand point it is intriguing. The center of the handle is even like a bouncy, rubbery trampoline of sorts. See more (and vids!) on the next page…

I guess there’s quite the marketing push for the Gilette Venus Snapgsnap1.jpg


All the ads show this popping in and out of your little PURSE? But it has wet drainage holes in the case? gsnap3.jpg

On packaging - it’s funny that they have a full color embossed image of the mini razor on the outside… gsnap4.jpg


It IS super thin and feels good… gsnap6.jpg



They are all using the same clasp - i wonder how long it will be before they have people 3D printing their own handles? gsnap9.jpg

You can press your fingers into the ping circle and stretch it! gsnap10.jpg

Some of the others i have around - another Gillette disposable when i forgot to pack one on a trip - those freakishly large soapy gel pads are quite good! Then the Snap… then the Harry’s one i pretty much stopped using (slippery, didn’t feel as good, and it drove me nuts the wood/handle transition wasn’t perfect)… and the ancient Schick one that has somehow lasted the longest in my shower… gsnap11.jpg Oh! and the non-slip gummy handle of the disposable feels pretty good and reminds me of a my little pony version of those gummy fishing lures.

Also fascinated they made so many youtube render fly around videos for it…

And apparently there’s even a whole #SnapItUp campaign with a youtube vlogger series


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