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Good To-Go Gourmet Dehydrated Meals- 07.02.14

gtgmain.jpg What happens when a professional chef (Jennifer Scism of Annisa and more) has to spend a lot of time in the backcountry? Good To-Go gourmet dehydrated meals! I’ll admit i was first drawn in by the bright, bold, playful packaging - especially that background pattern! But when it comes to dehydrated meals it’s all about the taste - and the ease of rehydration. Think of it as fancy cup o’noodles? They say “Each recipe was developed with one goal: to elevate your expectations of what trail food can taste like.” Currently there is Thai Curry (Spicy yellow coconut curry with vegetables and jasmine rice), Smoke Three Bean Chili (Traditional chili with corn and caramelized onions), and Herbed Mushroom Risotto (Classic risotto with sautéed mushrooms and basil pesto). We received one of each to try and had a little faux-backpacking dinner out in the yard last night to try it out. Basically just tear it open, add boiling water, zip it back up, let it sit for 20 minutes - then bon appetit! See all the close ups on the next page!

Sticker! And postcard - Real Food. Real Adventure. gtg1.jpg

One of each meal - single serving size. gtg2.jpg

Pretty easy! Tear open - add boiling water - zip it up - wait - and eat! The only one with an extra step is the curry which has the coconut milk in its own pouch. gtg3.jpg

They are all “Proudly made in Maine!” - you can see pics of the piles of ingredients over on their instagram. gtg4.jpg

Pouring in the boiling water… only tough part is knowing how to measure 1 1/4 cups of water while out in the woods… i wish there was a line or something to help me fill it just right! gtg5.jpg

…and we were on to step “Think about how big the universe is.” gtg6.jpg

Timing it all… gtg7.jpg

INGREDIENTS: (Notice how many you can pronounce!) Ha! gtg8.jpg

Smoke Three Bean Chili: Traditional chili with corn and caramelized onions. Delicious! This might be our favorite. gtg9.jpg

Herbed Mushroom Risotto: Classic risotto with sautéed mushrooms and basil pesto. Super tasty, but i think we had a tough time getting the water just right as it was a bit watery and less creamy than you’d expect a risotto to be. Also if you’re a mushroom risotto fan, temper your expectations - it’s very pesto-y but delicious! On the flip side, shawn who isn’t usually into mushroom risotto was devouring this one! gtg10.jpg

Thai Curry: Spicy yellow coconut curry with vegetables and jasmine rice. Good but for anyone who isn’t a strong coconut/spicy fan this may be a bit intense. I was a fan of this one, but shawn less so. gtg11.jpg

Titanium sporks in hand - this is how we ended up picnicking in the yard! The height of the bags isn’t exactly conducive to easy eating - particularly getting your spoon past the zip top of the bag, so we ended up cutting the tops off and it was like three bowls! gtg12.jpg

For those curious about the nutrition facts! gtg13.jpg

All in all - TASTY! Lots of flavor, filled us up, and far more delicious than most dehydrated meals i’ve tried. Mmmmmmm will definitely have to keep some Good To-Go in the NOTFZJ80 when we head out on adventures!

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