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JBL Audio Synchros Reflect Headphones- 07.10.14

jblreflect0.jpg I’m a sucker for smart/fun uses of reflective materials… and often the are far more satisfying to play with in person than any picture. Such is the case with these JBL Audio Synchros Reflect Headphones that just showed up from the nice folks at JBL Audio! These work out headphones come in a Bluetooth and Wired version in iOS and Android versions - and while i loved the design, but was iffy about the sound quality of the JBL J46BTs - i’m curious whether the sound quality of the Synchros BTs will be better. As for the JBL Audio Synchros Reflect Headphones that are wired - i’m loving them! The design details - from the flat cables with double sided reflective coatings to magnetic earbuds, the way the remote buttons FEEL to the sound quality… to the thoughtfulness of a shorter cable for use with armbands, and an extension cable (also reflective!) for use in normal situations. And the nicest touch - even the packaging has a shimmering foil to denote the reflective nature of the cables. Oooh and i almost forgot, the earbuds! Surprisingly comfortable and they lock in nicely, so they aren’t going anywhere. Ready to see all the details? Head to the next page…



They even have such fun color options!


Flashing it with my iPhone… jblreflect4.jpg

… you won’t be missed when out running around in the dark when a car comes by! jblreflect5.jpg

See the shiny detailing on the packaging… jblreflect6.jpg

… such a nice detail! jblreflect7.jpg

As for how it looks when not being flashed… jblreflect8.jpg

In the box are S, M, and L ear buds (which are so soft it’s incredibly comfy!) as well as the extension cable. jblreflect9.jpg

Interesting clip on the headphones that is just like a pen! jblreflect10.jpg

A closer look at the earbuds (magnetically stuck to each other!) jblreflect11.jpg

Now off to run around and try them further! As for the sound - the JBL Audio Synchros Reflect Headphones sound good, a bit on the bass-y side, but i think that could work in their favor on workouts. Apparently they are even sweat proof - i’m curious to see how the reflective coating holds up over time too. So far i’m impressed - great design details, solid sound, and such a thoughtful design.

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