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Nomadix Towels- 10.06.14

nomadix0.jpg Just home and jetlagging after my first completely work free vacation in some time to Tokyo! Arrived to this adorable orange wooden mini crate from Nomadix, a local Southern California based startup that has created the ultimate versatile, stylish pack towel that can be used for everything from camping to yoga to beach adventures and more! I’m used to the usual boring single color pack towels - lightweight, absorbent, quick drying towels for camping/backpacking… i even used to leave one in the car for beach and other spontaneous adventures. The dimensions however were never quite right to lay out on. So far, beyond the stylish designs (even the bottom has a lovely print!) these Nomadix towels are 100% recycled and rigorously tested to hold up for years. Love their motto - “Own less. Do More. Buy one towel that does it all, instead of three that don’t.” They had a successful Kickstarter funding, and now you can purchase Nomadix Towels on Indigogo! Take a peek at details of the unboxing on the next page, and you can be assured that this towel will be packed for our NOTFZJ80 adventures!




Love the packaging! Such a fun refreshing mini wooden crate of goodness! nomadix4.jpg

It really does pack down to next to nothing… nomadix5.jpg

Subtle tag… nomadix6.jpg

Embroidered logo… nomadix7.jpg

Made of 80% poly 20% nylon and can be machine washed and dries quickly. nomadix8.jpg

The pattern on the back! nomadix9.jpg


So many patterns to choose from… this Baja turquoise stripe is definitely my favorite! nomadix10.jpg

After the successful Nomadix Kickstarter Campaign - you can currently purchase Nomadix Towels on Indigogo nomadix12.jpg


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