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Poligon’s Foldable Metal Creatures- 10.07.14

foldedanimals.jpg Here’s the latest from NOTCOT’s London-based editor and resident zoologist, Justine Aw as she explores the 2014 London Design Festival.

The London Design Festival provided some great opportunities to see some of the great designs we’ve heard about! I was thrilled to find Poligon exhibiting at Designjunction and have a chance to see their incredible flat-sheet foldable metal sculptures in person and to meet RCA grads Rodrigo Solorzano/N&R Foldings and Matthew White. The first series included a gorilla, elephant, whale and penguin. In addition to those, they were showing off the new insect series following a successful Kickstarter campaign. Production is currently underway for supporters and will hopefully be available to the wider public soon!

How easy is assembly? “The metal sculptures arrive in flat sheet form. The individual components are chemically etched to produce perfectly cut parts. We have also etched in fold lines which makes it very easy to fold and to achieve great results. Magnets are already fixed onto the sheet so that the individual elements of the sculpture are rapidly assembled into the final piece. We have developed the process into something that can be achieved by hand, with no additional tools.” Take a look at the details (pre and post assembly) as well as a video on the next page.

The stylized animal sculptures are made from flat sheets of metal which have been etchedin fold-in lines to make them easy to assemble. poligon-8310.jpg

The sculpture series includes a gorilla, elephant, whale and penguin. poligon-8312.jpg

Here’s a whale showing its constituent components. poligon-8308.jpg

The new insect series follow the groups Kickstarter campaign and include mantids, ants, woodlice and bedbugs. The team also say they can design your favorite insect…how does one possibly choose? poligon-8307.jpg






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