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Still Here!- 10.30.14

oops.jpg Hi there. I know i went a bit quiet here the last week or so… it started with some serious jetlag/exhaustion combo after the 4000 mile roadtrip north and the Tokyo trip, but somewhere between there… I think some serious soul searching was in order. The kind that kind of just grabs you and forces you to finally deal with it, versus just deciding to take off and sit quietly and figure things out. So instead of pushing out posts daily that i wasn’t truly giddily excited about, i’ve been taking the time to reflect, talk to people (amazed how many people i’ve heard stories of burn out and life transitions from!), read a bunch of books, and just stepped back for a moment… and just take a deep breath and look back at ~10 years of NOTCOT.

And amongst all of that - i’ve had so many things i want to say, that i am not even sure how to say yet, to you, amazing readers! The biggest one is a THANK YOU for supporting this adventure that has been NOTCOT the last decade - especially for being such an inspiration over the years!

So, instead of filling your internet with all the things running through my head as i sort a few things out, or just sharing more products and projects i’m not sure fully deserve your attention… i’m trying to just take things a little slower, move a bit more deliberately, and when i’m giddily passionate about things - you’ll know! We’ve also been doing more and more projects and explorations through NOTlabs - part design studio + consultancy + experimental lab! But anyhow i’m around - the day to day silliness will still pop up on NOTCOT.org, NOTlabs Instagram, and Twitter - so let’s chat!

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We love you Jean! I think we all get caught and forget to take care of and give ourselves a break once in awhile. I’ve actually been doing quite a bit of soul searching myself! I’ll be super excited for future posts!

----- Chinda 19.11.14 15:53

Hey glad to hear it Jean, I’m sure no one blames you for taking it easy after everything. Looking forward to the future content!!

----- Andy Stoltz 03.11.14 08:08

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