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The Original Grab Bag- 10.13.14

ogb0.jpg For those who love fun surprises in the mail - you’ll love The Original Grab Bag. They just sent a fun box filled with goodies I both knew about (but hadn’t yet indulged myself with) and things i’ve never seen! Which is basically the perfect combo of surprise gifting… I believe the perfect gift to be things that the recipient wants (or will want) but wouldn’t buy themselves. Also fun, i totally forget what options i checked when they asked what i was interested in, although i have a suspicion that they know more about what i’m into than most having reached out as NOTCOT fans…

None the less - the box is filled with awesomeness… from Omnivore Salt that i’ve been dying to try, to Herb Lester awesomeness… a map of how to find old LA (where i was surprised how many of our usual favorites are listed) to Secret Audio Club Wax Packs and more! Take a peek inside this super curated grab bag on the next page.




So what’s in there? A pack of Omnivore Salt which is even more delicious than i imagined. Herb Lester’s travel tags and a map of how to discover Old Los Angeles which happens to be filled with lots of my favorites! There’s a bottle of Slide Ridge Honey’s honey wine vinegar and a metal bicycle filled bookmark from Pink Tank. And a gift voucher to our friends at Social Print Studio… as well as a pack of records from the Secret Audio Club! SO many things to enjoy, explore, and consume… and of course there are little info cards to give you the background on each company behind them all.

Also included is a Flip & Tumble Original Grab Bag logo bag! ogb4.jpg

… and here’s a closer look into the Secret Audio Club Wax Packs! ogb5.jpg

FYI this is an example of their $100 Original Grab Bag!

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