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Rumpl Beer Blankets- 01.26.15

beerblanket1.jpg On more Instagram inspiration (yes, i’ve been finding a lot of that lately) - the @GoRumpl #BeerBlanket made me wish a tiny bit that i went to Outdoor Retailer. So, Rumpl is a “high performance blanket” company - that started making blankets and throws out of sleeping bag type materials. They remind me of the unzipped rectangular sleeping bags… but without the zipper! (You may have seen then before on NOTCOT.org.) And on unique, adorable tradeshow swag - their Beer Blankets are mini versions (stuff sack and all) for your beer!

How cute are these puffy little Beer Blankets? beerblanket2.jpg



A peek at some of the pictures you’ll find from #BeerBlanket: beerblanket5.jpg

How fun is their Rumpl Roller at their OR Booth? beerblanket7.jpg

As for Rumpl - they are ready for inside/outside and anything else you can think of… It could be the perfect blanket for our NOTFZJ80 Overlanding Adventures in the rooftop tent, on the beach, and even for the bed when we get back home! beerblanket6.jpg

… and here’s a video about what they’re about!

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