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uck0.jpg Time flies! Remember when we went with the Free Universal Construction Kit to Linz, Austria in 2012 for Ars Electronica? Well, on exciting news, the Free Universal Construction Kit that NOTlabs’ own Shawn Sims and our friend, Golan Levin, created is currently on display at the Cooper Hewitt Museum in the Beautiful Users Exhibition in all it’s 3D printed awesomeness. While you can’t play with them - it is so great to see the creative multi-toy sculpture they’ve created with the super brick! It’s thrilling to see that it is still inspiring and instigating people all over the world.

While friends have been sending us cell phone pictures when they run into it… i’ve still been curious to see more! Though we’re LONG overdue for a NY trip, i got so impatient i asked via social media if anyone going could help take some pictures, and Evelyn Frison was kind enough to answer the call! … and pictures just landed in my inbox! Check it out on the next page!

The toy kit is part of the Beautiful Users Exhibition. You can also find it in the book Beautiful Users: Designing for People. uck9.jpg

uck1.jpg Picture by Evelyn Frison

uck2.jpg Picture by Evelyn Frison

uck4.jpg Picture by Iris Fong

uck5.jpg Picture by Iris Fong

uck6.jpg Picture by Iris Fong

uck3.jpg Picture by Evelyn Frison

uck7.jpg Picture by Evelyn Frison

uck8.jpg Picture by Evelyn Frison

You can see almost all of the objects in Cooper Hewitt’s Digital Collection. uck10.jpg

… you can also check out the Free Universal Construction Kit page in the collection! uck11.jpg

Congrats, Shawn + Golan!!!

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