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Lotus Belle Tents + Assembly- 05.04.15

tent0.jpg I haven’t been able to get these Lotus Belle Tents out of my head since i ran into one while exploring Mercado Sagrado. They feel part “normal” tent + part yurt + part awesome inflatable structure looking shape… that all fits in a duffle bag (or two! depending on size) - and it’s SO spacious! They come in 16ft and 13ft sizes - and “The 16ft Lotus is 56% bigger in size than the 13ft and fits everything but the kitchen sink!”

Of course the part that was intriguing me next - HOW do you assemble it? And of course they have an adorable instructional video… and the cutest hand drawn pdf instructions! It’s also surprisingly simple to assemble, even alone (though i’m sure help would speed things along nicely.) Basically you lay the waterproof floor down, pop the walls up, pop the roof up, poke the pole up to hold the center up, and velcro wall and roof together… and you’re done! Depending on your needs, they have a few variations - adding various doors, screens, and other luxuries. Take a peek at it all on the next page - i’m so tempted to pop one up in the yard, or for our next adventure!

Spotted across the field at Mercado Sagrado - i had to go see it! tent0b.jpg

This was the tent of The House of the Standing Moon who was telling animal totem readings inside. tent0a.jpg

Here’s the video of how you put it together!

Screen grabs from the video to see what you start with… lotus-i0.jpg

The actual instructions! Adorable, right? lotus-i1.jpg



Quick view of assembly as grabbed from the video. lotus-i4.jpg

And from their website - how amazing are the interior/exteriors? And when it glows at night? tent1.jpg








Additionally there is now also the Lotus Belle Pearl - a little two man tent tent4.jpg

Find out more about all things Lotus Belle Tents!

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These are so so cool. I am thinking about getting 3 for Peacock Pavilions, our boutique hotel in Marrakech and doing glammed up Moroccan versions!

----- Maryam in Marrakesh 01.01.16 04:44

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