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Mercado Sagrado - Malibu- 05.03.15

mercados00.jpg I can’t imagine a lovelier way to spend a Sunday than laying out on a grassy field in a Malibu vineyard filled canyon surrounded by chill live music, delicious treats, happy people, horses, ducks, and more… while being inspired by unique artists and the incredible structures they’ve popped up! This was the scene today at Mercado Sagrado - a relaxing festival founded by photographer Heather Culp and artist Carly Jo Morgan - spread out in the Oak Grove at Saddlerock Ranch. Our highlights were definitely seeing more of the geometric wood sculptures of Aleph Geddis (also - his instagram is amazing) and getting our aura photos taken in a geodesic dome by Radiant Human (which has only sparked a fascination with the 70’s polaroid tech behind aura pics. Apparently the tech hasn’t changed much?!?!) Take a look at the relaxing inspiration we found on the next page…

Mercado Sagrado! mercados1.jpg


First stop - Aleph Geddis’ wood sculptures! Beautifully carved, and even more mesmerizing in person. Remember his fantastic chairs we first found in Seattle? aleph0.jpg

There was even more tucked into this lovely tent… aleph1.jpg


… and he also brought a selection of stunning wooden spoons! aleph4.jpg

A few more favorites! aleph5.jpg

And one of his beautiful owl masks! aleph6.jpg

Wandering the grounds - this macrame booth is gorgeous. In addition to selling her goods, she also sells the booth setup! mercados2.jpg

This booth was a rose colored world with beautiful wood chairs - my favorite is The Professor mercados3.jpg

A Lotus Belle tent. mercados4.jpg

It was the perfect day for delicious tacos… followed by some decadent treats from Meringue M’Lord. mercados5.jpg

The view as we lay under the weeping willow as we listened to music… mercados6.jpg

The view all around us - vineyards on every hill… horses and bulls and ducks and llamas in between! mercados6a.jpg

Juniper Ridge has a great Field Lab van! It’s also a biodiesel turbo. mercados7.jpg


Their woody bottle caps are so cute in person! mercados9.jpg

Amongst the oak trees you can’t help but wander over to the geodesic dome… mercados10.jpg

Stepping inside the Radiant Human dome into the darkness with a VERY bright light shining on your face as you sit with your hands on the sensor panels holding still for 10 seconds until your aura portrait is ready. (Read more about Aura Imaging here!) mercados11.jpg

And as for what those aura colors mean… here’s the chart to translate it all. radiant4.jpg … as to whether to believe it all… well, that’s up to you. But the chart does read a bit like a fortune cookie - no matter what you get, it’s all pretty positive! So if nothing else, they make for an amusing experience and a visually intriguing image.

Mercado Sagrado happens twice a year - so if you’re an LA local - keep an eye out for the next one!

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