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When Plants Get Legs…- 05.19.15

succubot0a.jpg A magical thing happens when plants get legs. They take on a whole new character! While dividing up some overgrown succulent pots, i was hunting for just about any vessel that could be a new home for the little guys… and when i came across some Android Rainbow Minis that had been rescued/adopted after some casualties at comic-con long ago, drilling a quick drainage hole or two made them the perfect bodies for these little succulents! They even get posable arms! And would probably be pretty fun as a desktop/planter army. This got me researching what other clean, simple, little vessels give plants legs - so take a peek at some of my other favorites found on the next page!



Make your own with the Android Mini Rainbow Set : succubot3.jpg

Plants of the Gods by Prodip Leung : succubot4.jpg


Matteo Cibic’s Domsai : succubot6.jpg


Tim Van der Weerd’s Monstera succubot12.jpg



Found these little guys on The Royal Creature’s Flickr: succubot8.jpg

3D Printed Bulbasaur Planter: succubot9.jpg

It’s an interesting idea to let the roots go through… though succulents do love their confined spaces. succubot10.jpg

… and there’s also this old NOTCOT post from 2010, when I coludn’t resist planting a succulent in the Crystal Skull Vodka Shot Glass! While it doesn’t exactly have legs… this one got a face! succubot11.jpg

Now i just keep dreaming up more plant armies to create!!!

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