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Inspiration: Mexico City- 10.13.15

df0.jpg Mexico City!!! Yes, this trip was 2 weeks ago - but part way through i got a pretty wicked virus that took me out for the last 2 weeks… and until my body (and mind!) started feeling almost all better, i wasn’t quite ready to work on this post! But, that being said - feeling almost human again… so check out the fun, colorful, inspiration we found on our quick adventure!

The main reason we ended up in Mexico City on such short notice was… Shawn was invited to speak on a panel at design school CENTRO at the launch of their new building. While making our way down there, it was also the perfect time to catch up with friends and finally visit Publicis Mexico and see all the magical awards the Nescafe Cap Project won in person… as well as see the sights and indulge in some deliciousness along the way of course.

Coming from drought filled Los Angeles… what i was most in awe of constantly was the greenery and all the amazing vines and luscious moss covered trees… if only i could have brought it all back! See what caught my eye on the next page!

Bellopuerto! Delicious food - and ADORABLE branding and interiors throughout their locations! Look at the tiny octopi filling the menu! df1.jpg

Discovered… Carajillo! Espresso + liqur43… Poured or shaken! So good! df2.jpg


We wandered through the most intense beer aisle… df3.jpg

… basically shopping through amazing labels. Love the Jabalí label (and taste!) df4.jpg

Leo was testing out the BMW i3 for the weekend, so we had fun trying everything… from trying out all the seats, hyper fast charging at the parking lot, running around the city, playing with every button we could find and more… and everywhere we went people STARED. df4a.jpg

Beyond epic brunch/breakfast at Restaurante El Cardenal… the line and frenzy i can only liken to dim sum on a sunday. Once you get in - their well known bread/pastry options appear along with coffee or hot chocolate (omg. the hot chocolate!)… and THEN you order amazing traditional breakfast plates! Incredible experience - deliciousness all around. df4b.jpg

Took a little wander around the historic city center… df4c.jpg

Palacio Postal will blow your mind. We just wandered around inside staring at the ornately gilded… everything? df4d.jpg

… the CEILING! df4e.jpg

… there’s Shawn staring up… df4f.jpg

Popped into the design museum store - fun posters up in the cafe! df4h.jpg

As well as fun planter wall… and a close up of the spring clips used to hold the corners of the posters… and cute toys! df4i.jpg

My favorite find were these planter/vessels by TUIO! df4j.jpg

Heading over to the hotel Downtown - you step into the most wondrous courtyard. As fun as the shops and restaurants are… i was completely fixated on the pristinely trimmed tree in the center of the courtyard… look at that perfect spacing around the edges? And the way they pull the cover when it rains… literally pulling ropes through holes at the bar! df5.jpg

… and the TOP view! df5a.jpg

We relaxed at the rooftop space for a while - even waiting out the bursts of rain (which let us watch them close and open the awning!)… here are Leo’s tattoos! df6.jpg

Over Isabel’s shoulder, we couldn’t not watch this adorable ridgeback pup get trained playfully! df6a.jpg

The popping yellow around the pool… df8.jpg

On fun details - the repetitive use of these custom made breeze block/bricks were lovely. df9.jpg

… though a bit stranger up close in the bathroom. df9a.jpg

Also in one of the courtyards is a HUGE living green wall… complete with bicycle! df9b.jpg

We found our way to the fascinating Common People concept store in Polanco. df12.jpg

The Mykita display was mesmerizing as the light would move from one side to the other back lighting the collection. The modular shelving was gorgeous. df12a.jpg

Fun concrete tiles at the bar… you can see the plants below trying to grow through it even! df13.jpg

Their bird cage man! df14.jpg

The GREENERY!!!! Everywhere! df15.jpg

Brie pops at Limantour. df16.jpg

Shawn found pristine VW Beetles all over… while he stopped counting on the ride in from the airport - this was the most pristine one we saw! df17.jpg

On random obsessions this trip - the “In case of smoke… CRAWL” warning signs are AMAZING! The different ways smoke are shown throughout the city fascinated me… df17a.jpg

The awards!!! Finally saw them in person at Publicis Mexico - the Nescafe Cap Project still makes me happy seeing it! df18.jpg

Off to CENTRO!!! df18a.jpg


Here’s Shawn in action - talking about the Free Universal Construction Kit and the current state (and future) of Cultura Maker. df18c.jpg

Room service breakfast overlooking the city… honestly, i don’t know how there are no planes or helicopters in this picture, every time i looked out the window i’d see multiple zipping by! df19.jpg

Playing with all the circles at the airport! df20.jpg

Ahhhhhhhhhhh… home… as we flew back in along the socal coast. df21.jpg

So there you have it - a long weekend in Mexico City!

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The design museum café has fabulous hot chocolate! Loved hearing and seeing about your trip … I miss D.F. now!

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