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Unboxing the NESCAFÉ Alarm Cap- 05.13.14

newnescafemain.jpg The NESCAFÉ Alarm Cap is here! The press release reads: “Mexico City, May 8th, 2014 - NESCAFÉ® embraces consumer maker technologies to quickly design and build 200 limited edition, 3D Printed, Arduino-based NESCAFÉ® Alarm Caps.” and I can’t tell you enough how thrilled I am to show you our latest NOTlabs project. Publicis Mexico’s Innovation Lab brought us on to collaborate in bringing the NESCAFÉ Alarm Cap to life. The NESCAFÉ Alarm Cap utilizes 7 different tones synchronized with light, which are scientifically proven to create a soft and natural awakening, ending when you open the cap to enjoy the delicious aroma of NESCAFÉ. So yes, you can literally wake up and smell the… NESCAFÉ!

As you’ve seen - we’ve been busy with quite a bit of 3D Printing and electronics overdosing the last few weeks, and this is what we’ve been up to! Currently making their way throughout the world are 200 limited edition NESCAFÉ Alarm Cap press kits to celebrate the new brand identity of NESCAFÉ! There are two cap design variations, the faceted cap and the accent cap. Each piece was hand-assembled in California, with the exteriors 3D printed in nylon (and dyed and polished) by Shapeways on an SLS printer, and the interiors 3D printed on our Makerbots. Along with the Publicis Mexico’s Innovation Lab , we worked with Eric Brockmeyer on the electronics and code, Charmaine Choi on the pattern illustrations, and The Lift for the video. Let’s get to the unboxing! See it all on the next page…

First - here’s the video!

Now into the unboxing… nescafeun1.jpg

Charmaine Choi’s illustration shows off some of Nescafé’s history - like being the first coffee in space! She’s also tucked a few of the Alarm Caps in the pattern as well! Love the booklet’s gloss on matte printing. nescafeun15.jpg

A peek inside the booklet! nescafeun16.jpg


Inside the box you’ll find the new Nescafé branding - from the new packaging to the the new Red Cup (notice the accent in the handle?) - and of course, the Nescafé Alarm Cap! nescafeun4.jpg

Here’s the faceted cap… nescafeun5.jpg

… and the accent cap variant. Beneath the cap is the spiraled USB cable to power the cap. nescafeun6a.jpg

Nice mug detail with the -café and popping red accent inside! nescafeun7.jpg


On the underside of the Nescafé alarm caps you can see the current time/status, set the time, set the alarm time, turn the alarm on/off, and play demo mode (hold down for 5 seconds!) These two caps have special laser etched faces and limited edition numbers. nescafeun10a.jpg


The new labels from the back - and the USB ports! nescafeun12.jpg

Accents on the tops! nescafeun19.jpg

My favorite detail might be the USB port on the faceted cap - we modeled each and every line and curve so meticulously! nescafeun20.jpg


And to see it in action - here’s some fun i had on instagram trying out the alarm, and finding all kinds of places to power my Nescafé Alarm Cap (from the cars, to on the grass with a mophie, to the PS3, USB wall outlet, and more…)

A proper Making-of coming soon, but for now, see the story at CoolHunting for a look at the process!

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Love this , where can I buy one ? Need one in my life

----- April Neal 26.11.17 01:44

Love this!!!! Where can I purchase one

----- sabrina hernandez 04.08.14 18:29

I love love love the design! Could you please tell me where to get it?
Kind Regards

----- Philomena 30.05.14 02:28

My graphic designer, coffee-loving heart aches for this. Please tell me when it will be available for purchase!

----- Diana McClung 20.05.14 12:29

Thats a great pack. Makes me feel like a kid and keep it as my collectable……where do I collect this unique momento in NJ?

----- Gautam 19.05.14 14:51

Where can one purchase this…?
Is it available from Chicago, IL
Thanks !

----- Remi 15.05.14 23:42

Love it! Where do I buy?

----- Martha ym. Suarez 15.05.14 23:39

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