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Color With IKEA- 01.22.16


On this whole “Adult Coloring Books” trend - it’s flying around the internet that IKEA now has coloring pages too! And the designs even look like they are set up for two people sitting across from each other to work on in simultaneously! Kids can share! Not fight? Or adults can do it over coffee on a little cafe table? The pages are cute, fun, filled with their usual line drawings - but i’m bummed they don’t have any with their usual instruction manual assembly characters! Though… all their manuals are black and white… and ready for coloring. So aren’t those all just coloring books too?

Side note - anyone else tired of the “Adult Coloring Book” phrase? They are all just coloring books! And coloring is for all ages! Unless there’s a XXX theme… it’s probably ok for kids of all ages!

Check out the IKEA coloring pages on the next page - and download your own here.







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