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Gift Guide: Easter Chocolates- 03.02.16


Wow - Happy March! Easter is nearly upon us… and with it come a barrage of bunnies, chicks, and chocolate! There are the childhood classics like Cadbury Creme Eggs and the Mini Eggs… and then there are all the other drugstore/supermarket options and variants… as well as all the overly ornate (and often HUGE) chocolate eggs… but i’m most curious about the modern and unique Easter Chocolate options available this year! Much like my Valentine’s Day 2016 Chocolate Gift Guide - while these CAN be gifts, i’m even more interested in the seasonal packaging and product designs! Take a look at how Easter 2016 is looking in the chocolate world on the next page!

p.s. If there are more you find or love that i’m missing - leave a comment!

Classics! cadbury.jpg

Artisan du Chocolat Balloon Eggs! Complete with sweet lace edible strings and assorted mini eggs! easter-artisan.jpg

The Waitrose Heston Golden Chocolate Egg - A dark chocolate shell that shimmers with edible gold dust. Crack it open, and inside you’ll find six chocolate mini eggs, each with a citrussy centre of mandarin ganache, huddling together in their own vanilla-flavoured nest. easter-blumenthal.jpg

Robots! Chococo Milk Chocolate C181 Robot Studded Egg! 43% Venezuelan milk chocolate egg decorated with edible silver shimmer and studded inside with 2 C181 milk chocolate robots. easter-chococo.jpg

Wow. The Chocolate Society Chocolate Monochrome Egg Collection is beautiful. “We painstakingly cut each hole by hand ensuring the pattern is balanced and the holes are cleanly cut. We then freeze the egg for a number of minutes before spraying the cold surface with a thin layer of white chocolate coloured with black cocoa butter. This cooling gives the egg a velvet finish that is truely remarkable and really makes this egg stand out from the crowd.” easter-chocsociety.jpg

Embracing the Peeps both as an ingredient and visual - Compartes Easter Peep Bonbons are filled with rainbow marshmallows?!?! They also have traditional Peeps dipped in Dark Chocolate easter-compartes.jpg

Ooh the Harrod’s Artisan Chocolate Eggs - Hand painted and filled with mini chocolates! easter-harrods.jpg

So cute - the John & Kira’s Chocolate Cottontail Bunnies (3 peanut butter praline, 3 coconut ganache and 3 salted honey caramel centers folded into a dark chocolate shell) and Tortoise and the Hare Gift Box - this fable inspired box is filled with Tortoises (6 Maple Pecan and 6 Cinnamon Cashew) and a 62% Valrhona solid dark chocolate Bunny. easter-kira.jpg

The Lakrids by Johan B�low Large Easter Package - including the adorable Black Birdhouse (filled with a delicate selection of individually wrapped choc coated liquorice), Big Love (Blackcurrant Choc Coated Liquorice), Very Big Easter (Crispy Choc Coated Liquorice), and Easter Egg (Dulce de Leche Choc Coated Liquorice) easter-lakrids2.jpg

On stunning packaging - their Easter Egg is a definite standout. The egg is filled with “soft liquorice, silky smooth Swiss dulce de leche chocolate, and a punch from our own Raw Liquorice Powder to tickle your taste buds” easter-lakrids.jpg

Journeying into Wonderland is the Pierre Marcolini Collectioneaster-marcolini.jpg


Ha. What can i say? The cheekiest packaging definitely goes to this series from Simply Chocolate! easter-simple.jpg

Then there are Wandering Rabbits from Vosges as well as larger egg shaped gift boxes like the Ensemble Printemps Extraordinare! easter-vosges.jpg

Haigh’s Chocolates has a collection including Bilbies, Carps and more creatures! easter-haigh.jpg

Over at Choc on Choc there are surprising Chocolate Avocados, Chocolate Quail’s Eggs, Hot Choc Buns, and even 5-a-Day Vegetables! easter-choconchoc.jpg

Z Chocolat Easter Diamond Box easter-zchoc.jpg

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