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Inside the Perfume Magazine Insert that sprays!- 03.20.16


A flat spray perfume magazine insert! You can press it kind of like a perfume bottle for a few sprays. While they have apparently been around since 2010 (at least), when i came across this one in Bazaar, i had to take it apart. Sadly while testing it out, totally sprayed my whole arm and now stink while writing this up. It’s an interesting concept though - instead of the usual peel the page or peel the sample - you pull the tab (watch out it might spray straight up!) and squeeze it! Basically when you pull the tab you expose the hole, and when squeezing you force the air/perfume out. See details on the next page!



Pull the spray tab to open the hole… try not to squeeze and spray yourself in the eye! spray4.jpg

Spraying it!

Starting to open it up to see what’s in there… basically an air/perfume filled foil pack! spray6.jpg


Want to make your own? Check out Aptar Imagin.


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This is really innovative! A big difficulty for the fragrance industry is trying to “mass impart” product. Very cool - will have to reblog it.

----- Carrie 01.04.16 09:42

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