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Timothy J. Reynolds for North Face 2016- 03.18.16


The North Face Homestead Collection grabbed me instantly with the popping faceted, shadowy graphics… which are by 3D illustrator Timothy J. Reynolds. They feel like a modern digi-camo taken to a whole new level… you’d blend right into a vintage video game campsite made of polygons? Somehow the Americans get red, and the UK get green (and their tent comes with the Tentertainment system?!?!) - but both are pretty stunning. Discovering the Homestead Collection on Timothy’s twitter, i had to know more! See the pictures and more details of the collection on the next page!

First i was intrigued by this tweethomestead0a.jpg

… which lead me to this tweet! At which point i really needed to see more! homestead0b.jpg


The US gets the Red Homestead line, and the UK gets the Green Homestead line!

North Face Homestead Shelter homestead1.jpg

North Face Homestead Shelter homestead7.jpg

North Face Homestead Roomy 2 Tent homestead2.jpg

North Face Homestead Room 2 Tent homestead5.gif


The UK version INCLUDES the Tentertainment Center - whereas it’s sold separately for Americans. It is a pole and stake bag that doubles as a gear loft, a see-through, hear-through tablet and portable speaker pocket, and a chessboard or checkerboard. homestead6a.jpg


North Face Homestead TWIN 20/-7 Sleeping Bag - which lets you zip two (or more?) together to make one giant sleeping bag! And… has an included compression stuffsack features printed fabric and doubles as a simple backpack! homestead3.jpg

Homestead Twin 40/4 Sleeping Bag homestead4.jpg

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Why does the UK get that great looking green? It’s not Fall in New Hampshire all the time ya know. The HOMESTEAD ROOMY 2 looks like a re vamped Kelty Vortex II which happens to be good, because I like 2 sleeves over a mess of finicky hooks.

I will buy one IF you get me that in green and cut some weight somehow. I still have the Kelty Vortex II

You can reply to my e-mail if you like, if you are real that is.. My back is telling me I am but pain tends to let you know your’e still alive right ?

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