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Petco Dog Toys with (Squeaker) Heart- 04.06.16


There’s nothing more delightful than a thoughtfully designed surprise. Especially when you don’t even remotely expect it! Any dog owner (or friend of a dog) knows that squeakers don’t get to stay in toys long, and have likely experienced collecting up MANY clear plastic circular squeakers. Well Bucky just received an adorable camping themed duck and moose, and when it came time to get the squeaker from him (aka 5 minutes after he got the toys)… it was a red heart! These Petco Leaps & Bounds Camper Collection literally have heart! And they don’t even seem to advertise it on the product descriptions or labels. I love that they tucked a secret surprise into the toys where you least expect it.

Yay for delightful design! Designing physical objects that transcend their basic purpose and change the experience for the happier! They remind me of the red construction paper heart inside the Whole Foods Talking Pineapple Armadillo!

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First we found one in the duck… campingtoys1.jpg


And shortly after giving him this moose… campingtoys4.jpg … he ripped it’s heart out too!

Here are some of the others in the Petco Leaps & Bounds Camper Collectioncampingtoys3.jpg

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These are so cute, I could play with them all day!

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