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Matthew Grabelsky - UNDERGROUND- 04.30.16


Opening tonight at Thinkspace Gallery, Matthew Grabelsky’s UNDERGROUND solo show can be found in the project room… and it looks fantastic! His surreal/realistic oil paintings of NYC subway riders reading magazines (and kid’s books) are stunning with a twist… all males are animals! If only they had prints of some of these paintings, the whole show is too stunning to pick from, though Canal Street (tiger reading Car and Driver) is my current favorite…

Check out this interview with Grabelsky on Sour Harvest about the new show. His background is fascinating, and about those creatures, “These creatures in my paintings serve to inject an element of surrealism into one of the most commonplace experiences of life and of New York (e.g., public transportation). The characters are symbolic of the kinds of thoughts that lie under the surface of people’s minds, and they reveal that the most extraordinary can exist in the most ordinary of everyday settings.”

If you’re in LA - get over there! And either way… check out the beautiful paintings on the next page!


“Canal Street” grabelsky9.jpg

“Brooklyn Bridge” grabelsky7.jpg

“Houston Street” grabelsky8.jpg

“Union Square” grabelsky6.jpg

“Franklin Street” grabelsky3.jpg

“Penn Station” Grabelsky1.jpg

“Lincoln Center” grabelsky2.jpg

“Grand Central” grabelsky4.jpg

“Times Square” grabelsky5.jpg

“Columbus Circle” grabelsky10.jpg

Check out some of the process shots on Matthew Grabelsky’s Instagram! grabelsky11.jpg

See more work from Matthew Grabelsky!

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