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Vanimals of Jonas Claesson- 05.02.16


On happy deep dives into the internet, i just fell into the surfing animal illustrated world of Jonas Claesson. It all started with the Surfing Animals A-Z Book and the fun interview in Surfer Magazine… i saw the book in a store and was confused how this adorable kids picture book was $39 (turns out it was a kickstarter and is printed in small batches) As i explored the story of the book, i ended up on Jonas’ website… and promptly got smitten with his Vanimals! So many creature/adventure mobile combos - often topped with every possible variation of roof top tents! I wonder what he’d dream up our NOTFZJ80 to merge with? A yeti? A polar bear? A wooly mammoth? Bucky?

Check out some of his amazing pieces and work on the next page and also check out @Jonas_Draws for more inspiration.

I started this adventure with the Surfing Animals A-Z Book… which lead me to all the Vanimals!!! surfinganimals.jpg

Trifendertops! Amazing combo of Defender + Roof Top Tent + Triceratops!!! trifendertops.jpg

Hippopotabus! Looks like a Defender (w/ snorkel!) + Pop Top Tent + Hippo! hippopotabus.jpg

Camelmobile = Beetle + Roof Top Tent + Camel! camelmobile.jpg

Vanagon Life - Vanagon + Roof Top tent + Turtle! vanagonlife.jpg

Rhinomobile = Truck bed camper + Rhino! rhinomobile.jpg

Elephantmobile = VW Bus + Elephant! elephantmobile.jpg

Buffalomobile = Westfalia + Buffalo! buffalomobile.jpg

Ocean Voyager = House boat + Whale! oceanvoyager.jpg

Snow Adventures = Beetle/house pulling a trailer on all terrain wheels/skis! snowmobile.jpg

Camping With Dogs and Camping With Wolves dogs.jpg

Surf Check Pillow! dinopillow.jpg

… also super tempting Trifendertops Mug! trimug.jpg

Oooh and on more Vanimals - he made this Bear Bus for Vacation For Life! vacationforlife.jpg

After looking at all of these - i’m itching to get back out on another NOTFZJ80 adventure! - oh and of course some of his vanimals remind me of Jeremy Fish’s creaturemobiles too!

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