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Icebox Coffee Concentrate- 06.08.16


We’re currently in Nashville - and as usual, gave into a packaging based impulse buy! Check out this Icebox Coffee Concentrate! Love that it basically has a built in jigger. Squeeze to fill the 1/2-1oz section, and uncap and pour! Ounces on one side and mL on the other. How can you not grab the bottle in the refrigerated section amongst all the bottles and cans? It is similar to Bettix Twin Neck Dispensing Bottles - which are more commonly used for horticulture, animal health, herbal supplements, fuel additives, pond/aquarium treatments, industrial and domestic cleaning markets. See more details of the packaging on the next page!







Find out more (or shop) at Icebox Coffeeicebox5.jpg


Bettix Twin Neck Dispensing Bottles! bettamix.jpg

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I’m a sucker for packaging too and I love that this one is actually practical.

----- Alex 15.07.16 08:57

They stole the idea from Cool Brew (founded in 1989). http://www.coolbrew.com/

Great idea tho

----- Jamon 09.06.16 07:19

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