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Nashville Craft Distillery + Naked Biscuit- 07.06.16


Field Trip! We’ve been trying to mix up construction worker schedules and manual labor exhaustion from the Nashville Project House with mini adventures to keep the random inspiration flowing… today i convinced Shawn to swing by the brand new Nashville Craft Distillery! The architecture and signage were enough to draw our attention alone… but once you step inside, the mid-century inspired design continues, a stunning copper still will mesmerize, and then there’s their first spirit - a truly unique Naked Biscuit!!! Unlike anything i’ve tasted - it’s a 45 proof spirit made from 100% pure sorghum syrup. I got caught up on sorghum - “Sweet sorghum cane has been grown in Tennessee for generations. Unlike sugar cane, it is well adapted to our state’s climate, making it an ideal ingredient to ferment and distill into a delicious, locally sourced specialty spirit. Our inaugural batches were produced using 100 percent pure sorghum syrup from Muddy Pond Sorghum Mill, in the Tennessee hills midway between Nashville and Knoxville. For decades, the Guenther family business has kept up with the growing demand for sorghum syrup.” Apparently a lot of people use sorghum syrup on pancakes and biscuits - totally trying that soon! As for their Naked Biscuit Spirit, it falls into the rum/tequila family, but you have to taste it to understand the subtleties of the flavors! And this is only the first release of this nascent distillery.

Wandering in midday, we has the chance to chat, taste, and tour the facilities with founder, Bruce Boeko. His story is pretty fascinating - from forensic scientist, musician, homebrewer - to a distiller with a passion for design and doing things right! He’s taking no shortcuts as he and the team learn and craft their spirits from scratch while supporting local farms (and designers) whenever possible! The results promise to be something distinctly Tennessee thru and thru. In a world where things are getting more and more accessible and similar globally, it’s always inspiring to find things that are truly a product of their unique environment. I can’t wait to taste their whiskey in a few years (must be patient as it ages!) - but for now - take a peek into the beautiful Nashville Craft Distillery and check out their Naked Biscuit Spirit on the next page.

Stunning - isn’t it? Especially with the dramatic storm coming in yesterday… nashvillecraft1.jpg

Is it any surprise Sideshow Sign Co. was involved here? I think nearly every newer sign/branding i fall in love with in Nashville they had a part of! Just look at their gallery! nashvillecraft2.jpg

The building is designed by Manuel Zeitlin Architects - who are right across the parking lot. (They are also the folks behind Pinewood Social and The Catbird Seat.) nashvillecraft3.jpg


From the outside, you’re immediately drawn in and to the wall of Naked Biscuit bottles! nashvillecraft5.jpg

Great shelving too - with Scrabble tiles/racks used as labels!!! nashvillecraft6.jpg

You can’t miss that it’s made of sorghum - as you see the adorable sorghum syrup bottles… nashvillecraft7.jpg

… and sorghum lollipops! nashvillecraft8.jpg

Their signature Lemon Biscuit Cocktail! It’s a refreshing one! nashvillecraft9.jpg

Peeking into the facilities - their still is gorgeous! nashvillecraft10.jpg

We had the opportunity to see and taste sorghum and Naked Biscuit in various forms. nashvillecraft11.jpg

A peek at the tasting room through the distillery! nashvillecraft12.jpg

Here’s what we came home with! nashvillecraft13.jpg




Pick Tennessee Products! nashvillecraft17.jpg

Nashville Craft’s Naked Biscuit Spirit hasn’t quite made it around the US or the world yet - but if you’re lucky enough to swing through Nashville, it’s definitely worth a stop and a taste! … and the perfect gift to bring home to share!

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Good morning! I’m Shelley Heinrich and the development director for National Sorghum Producers. What a clever name for your sorghum spirit! Just love it!

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