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Inspiration: Nashville Creatures- 09.05.16


Our @NOTlabs Instagram while in Nashville is basically composed of the Nashville House Project, urban inspiration and silly details, and CREATURES! Apparently the last few weeks have had even more creatures than usual, so i’ve broken them out to a post of their own. So far you’ve seen cicadas, lots of shrooms, fatty caterpillars, furry caterpillars, birds, click beetles and more… this time check out the cutest baby water snake! Headed UP stream! Our resident Eastern Box Turtle who we’ve decided is the keeper of lot two (since we’ve now split it all into 2!!!) The always amusing Bucky and Caleb! And sooooo many more bugs, caterpillars, eggs, katydids, moths, butterflies and more… check out the creatures keeping us delighted and inspired on the next page!

Wandering in a lovely park… down by the water… dogs0.jpg

We find the cutest snake! (Likely a harmless little watersnake) snake1.jpg

Having fun with these cut green caterpillars at the house!

It’s like this one is singing!

Bucky and Caleb ripped apart a soccer ball - so we made them wear the bladders of shame… kinda look like swim caps? These two basically have a good time (or a nap) no matter what is going on! dogs1.jpg

For National Dog Day - Bucky got 100 gators! (but politely restrained himself and only took one - rationing for later!) dogs2.jpg

I may not have been paying enough attention to him while reading September Issues - so he climbed up and lay down so carefully between them all! dogs3.jpg

That HUGE roll that the vinyl flooring came on? Perfect gift for Caleb and Bucky to drag around the yard - you wouldn’t believe that there are mere scraps of it left today!

It’s that season! So many caterpillars throughout the yard - chrysalis on the gate handle even! And Caleb being cute and calm… dogs4.jpg

Not sure why - but moths and bugs all seem to love the fresh paint (especially the railing primer as we were painting those) Eggs even popped up near the front door - and hatched within a few days! caterpillars.jpg

Not sure if you can spot them all - but there are nearly a dozen butterflies on the side of the house! No idea why… butterfly.jpg

More bugs! BIG bugs! And a katydid matching my front door boston fern green so perfectly! And a snow queen of moths… dogs5.jpg

We found another Eastern Box Turtle in the backyard! Brought him inside for a few to check him out… dogs6.jpg

… then released him back out into our jungle under the black walnut tree. dogs7.jpg



… why did the chicken cross the road? Or why are there so many roosters in Shelby Park? bug3.jpg

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Love this post. I usually come for the aesthetic, but I am so happy to find a post that is so understanding and focused on nature (and dogs). Thank you for the respectful way you presented the water snake. That post and the one where you showed the progression of caterpillar hatchings are a great perspective to share on topics many people are unfairly negative towards.

----- Kristina 07.09.16 16:22

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