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Inspiration: Nashville + Project House (V)- 09.05.16


This may be the last update before the house reveal! We’re that close to having it all done! Subdivision is finally in and accepted and we’re just waiting on them to register the mylar!!! We drove out 3 months ago to buy a house and now we’re nearly headed home to LA with a house and two pieces of land! It’s surreal - but a hell of a learning experience. We took no short cuts on this project and really dove in to learn as much as reasonable - we joke that it’s been a summer of Nashville internships! But we’re going home with far more knowledge and experience that we’re just itching to apply to more of our creative projects to come! So take a peek at the latest house updates and some of the other Nashville randomness on the next page!

This shirt sums up the summer and this project pretty well! “When nothing is certain, anything is possible.” house0.jpg

Sunrise over the back yard at the house! house0a.jpg

Shawn sketching out ideas for dream houses for the new lot (sharpie on paint chips!) house1.jpg

I found my perfect “healthy boston fern” green for the front door! Porter Paints calls it “green pear” - i’m hoping it will give the house a vibrant pop even in the winter! house2.jpg

A little midway before and after compare! house3.jpg

We decided it was time to sort out all the progress pics with an Instagram Hashtag! house4.jpg

Our adorable vinyl flooring came! Loving the hex penny tiles even more once we got it down! Also ended up “making” a spoon for the glue with a spatula and electrical tape box. house5.jpg

Love the 90 degree clamps and a solid nail gun! Building a kitchen shelf to mount the microwave over the stove! house6.jpg

The little kitchen coming together! Shelf up… microwave over stove… door stop to stop the door from slamming into the stove. Look at the clearances! house15.jpg

Screw Nails! house7.jpg

Had to hide a little message under the counter top! house8.jpg

Took down the green shed (that was a bit scary!) and peeking through the top of the yard down at the back of the house… house9.jpg

I was trying to take pics of the green door and the house… but of course Bucky needed to pop right into the shot. house10.jpg

Surveyor pins starting to mark out all the edges of the property! house16.jpg

Building railings for the front porch… painting the air vents a sleeker black… and patching up some bathroom tile (instead of the super heavy soap dish that few will use)… house11.jpg

Subdivided!!! 7000 sqft on the bottom (where the existing little house is now) and 12000 sqft up top! So many possibilities!!! house12.jpg

Floor sander! From the amazingly logo’d Art Pancake’s Rent-All! house17.jpg

Sanded - and double coated with polyurethane! wood.jpg

Found out we have a Horse Apple aka Hedge Apple aka Osage Orange tree - since the fruits are now ripe and dropping… like lumpy softballs ready to crack your windshield! house13.jpg

Nature reclaiming the Keep Nashville Beautiful sign? house14.jpg

As for some randomness… checked out the East Nashville Tomato Art Festival - that you can walk to from the house! random1.jpg

Super random… free Uber Nashville Swag - they brought us free t-shirts by local artist Alic Daniel. random2.jpg

Even more random… in addition to the pedal taverns and tractor pulled hay rides of drunkeness in downtown nashville… you can now hop on the SHIPFACED stretchd pickup truck boat?!?!?! Or try to get in the chrysler with lambo wings? On awesome finds - delicious Vietnamese drip iced coffee and Art Pancake’s Rent-All for a floor sander! random3.jpg


It was pretty amazing watching our neighbor’s various folks come by to try to help slide this lovely airstream out precariously! random5.jpg

And on trippy facades…

… and now i’m currently researching No Trespassing signs - and am tempted to paint our own! random6.jpg

… until the next NOTCOT Nashvile Project House update… where hopefully it will be done and perhaps rented?

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Hey there! I’ve been a NOTCOT fan for quite awhile now and am so happy to see you guys getting settled in. I’m from Columbus, OH but lived in Nashville for about 3 years back in the day and it is a fantastic town with great people and so much character. Best of luck and keep the posts coming!

- Chris

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