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Power Practical Luminoodle- 12.02.16


The Power Practical Luminoodle! Essentially an LED strip that you can power via USB - and before you just buy a basic LED strip and hack it together yourself, they’ve already done the work to make this waterproof with a nice light diffusion, attached adjustable magnets, included straps to attach it to things, and a little white stuff sack that can turn into a lantern. Basically - it’s an awesome stocking stuffer and gift for your campers, road trippers, cyclists, and more. Also, being USB powered, its easy to plug it in to anything from a USB wall or car charger, computer, or even that back up battery you probably carry for your phone… and for those who don’t already have somewhere to plug it in, you can also buy the Luminoodle Plus that includes one. (Ooh and for last minute shoppers, they are available and slightly cheaper with Amazon Prime!

While skeptical at first, i got curious while black friday shopping and impulse bought one… and i’m delightfully impressed with it! Such a simple idea, executed so thoughtfully, they’ve really elevated the LED strip in a lovely, functional way. Also, nice packaging! Take a peek at the details and unboxing on the next page.



Now for the unboxing! I initially couldn’t decide between 5ft and 10ft, but ultimately figured more might be useful - especially when likely sticking it around the NOTFZJ. luminoodle1.jpg






Those are the magnetic sliders! I’m happy to see they made them white instead of orange like in the original product pics. luminoodle7.jpg

Plugged it into a Mophie that was around… and lit things right up! luminoodle8.jpg

In bundled up lantern form. With the 10ft length you could easily use a larger bag and have a bigger lantern too. luminoodle9.jpg

Check out the Luminoodle on Amazon (with prime shipping) as well as on Power Practical (where there is also a colored version with remote control now too!) luminoodle0a.jpg

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