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Unboxing: hmbldt bliss dose pen- 02.12.17


It’s no secret i’ve been fascinated researching the current state of the Cannabis Packaging/Branding world lately (as is apparent from this ever-growing post from January!) It’s so fun to watch a whole new category work towards legalization… it opens up so much potential from a design/user experience side!

One of the most unique brands/products I found was definitely hmbldt - from concept to product design, packaging to scientific approach… even down to the experience of what a dose is, and how to help new users understand (and trust) a more consistent result and quality as they figure out what cannabis combinations work for them. While their first products are discreet disposable vaporizer pens, it sounds like they are working on a metered-dose oral spray as well as a rechargeable pen specifically for hmbldt formulas. Their initial offerings include 4 hmbldt formulas for Bliss, Sleep, Calm, and Relief - and just in time for Valentine’s Day, they’ve also added Arouse and Passion. For more on the scientific and future sides of hmldt - our friends at Cool Hunting have an interview with hmbldt’s Chief Scientist Samantha Miller that is a fascinating read.

So between all the pictures and information online, we got too curious, and had to play with it in person… and the packaging, the product, and the experience is impressive. Take a look at the details up close on the next page.



A peek inside of how it works… each pen hold 500mg (approximately 200 doses), so it may be a little while before we break into ours! It’s interesting that their dosing is actually TIME based (3 seconds) versus amount of THC/CBD based. The vibration to let you know when you’ve completed a dose is nice touch for helping a user understand how much they are using (and thus calibrate what their body needs) hmbldt5.jpg (By the way… Since the top and bottom look the same, we tried sucking on the bottom, and to our surprise - it vibrated! And smelled a little like cannabis. Reaching out to their support team, apparently “inhaling from the wrong end does not waste a dose but activates a test mode to make sure the vape pen is working operationally.”)

The packaging is beautiful! Minimally designed - while still somewhat sterile/medical like - it’s a delicate balance. The embossed pen is a nice detail. hmbldt6.jpg

Love their logo - and that they break down the formulas on the boxes! hmbldt7.jpg

Inside all of the recyclable cardstock packaging is a plastic case holding the hmbldt pen. hmbldt8.jpg

… see? Such nice clean details! hmbldt9.jpg

The case plastic reminds me of the nice solid plastics from a lot of Japanese accessories (like pencil cases and chopstick cases from my childhood.) hmbldt10.jpg

One side tells you the formula - the other “dose pen 500mg” hmbldt11.jpg

The instructions are nice and simple! hmbldt12.jpg

While the top and bottom of the pen both look the same - the mouth piece is the one near the reservoir window. Inhaling is easy enough, and the base lights up (not that the user can see that) - and the vibration notifier is a nice touch. hmbldt13.jpg

Reading other reviews - often people questioned whether it was over packaged. Keeping in mind that it is a $100 retail product, and 200+ doses should last you a bit of time… the recyclable paper packaging doesn’t seem that bad. And while the pens are not reusable (yet!) they do offer a $5 discount for returning the pens so they can recycle the materials. hmbldt14.jpg

For those who are curious about the quality… hmbldt15.jpg

As for the effects - the THC heavy hmbldt bliss formula - is indeed blissful, and a dose will give you a nice clean buzz. While pricier, the formula does seem more potent than most other concentrates. hmbldt16.jpg

Next step… perhaps trying some of their other formulas! hmbldt3.jpg


… and hmbldt is also working on more CBD heavy formulas: Focus, Energy and Control.



Bliss has been great - so we gave in and picked up Calm, Sleep, and Relief as well. So far Calm has been the second favorite for when you want less of a head high (since it’s more CBD heavy)

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