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Custom MiiR Camp Cups- 03.25.17


Adorable as they are, are you exhausted by the enamel camping cup trend yet? I love the look, but don’t love the way they feel, and definitely don’t use them other than out adventuring and in the garden… in fact, i think most of mine house plants these days! Today, it feels as if nearly every outdoor brand, hip coffee spot, cute gift shop, and event has a special enamel camp cup… so what comes next after all the retro throwbacks? While there are a bunch of larger customizable tumblers (like Yeti and MiiR) and then all of those car/work ones at the customizable swag shops…

I’m currently fixated on how lovely the MiiR Camp Cups look customized ~ in fact, while i do love a clean matte black or white… i think these actually look even better when people get creative with the graphics on them! There’s something about the thin, crisp, slight curved lines of the handle that make it so photogenic. And functionally they’ve found the balance between your lightweight, durable camp cups, but added the double walled insulation and modern materials of travel cups, while keeping it all looking pretty sleek and simple. The MiiR Camp Cup specs - 12oz, Thermo 3D double wall vacuum insulation technology, Keeps cold, stays hot, Does not sweat, Lid and cup are BPA free, 18/8 Medical grade stainless steel doesn’t transfer flavor & no metal aftertaste, and has a Hardshell Powder coat. I’m definitely intrigued whether having one around would replace my usual morning mugs even at home? But while i try to track one down (and dream up what design i’d add to it)… take a look at what some others have been doing with them on the next page!

The MiiR Camp Cup starting point… miircamp0a.jpg

… and in action! miircamp1c.jpg

Here are the Mountain Standard Gylphs Camp Mug and the Mountain Standard Rimby Camp Mug miircamp1.jpg



A special edition Camp Cup for Patagonia. miircamp3.jpg

Camp Cups for Trails and Tarmac - which currently stocks the laser etched black one! miircamp4.jpg


Just found this Intelligentsia Coffee ‘Head for the hills’ Camp Cup! miircamp5.jpg

White logo popping on black for the Chrome Industries Camp Cup! miircamp6.jpg

Aether Apparel Logo Camp Cup is clean with their logo on white. Equator Coffees Camp Cup is filled with fun typography and a pop of red. And a few more variations include Four Barrel Coffee, Dark Horse Coffee Roasters, Odell Brewing and more!


So… what do you think? Do we need a NOTCOT one?

UPDATE: Miir was kind enough to send over some MiiR Camp Cup samples for us to experience… and they are even lovelier in person! They’ve gotten the doubled walled insulation so nice and THIN, it feels like even less than a normal ceramic mug, but with no heat when you grab it! And the lines are nice and crisp… my enamel mugs are definitely retired now for adventuring! It remains to be seen… but it’s tempting that these mugs will become a normal part of home life too - they look so normal when lid free!


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