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Patagonia Provisions- 05.16.17


Whoever says it’s difficult to eat healthy, didn’t realize you could grab pouches of delicious, organic food at Patagonia… and the hardest step might be adding hot water. Whether for camping/adventures, dorm room living, or just the chaos of every day life… Patagonia Provisions is a solution to easily feeding yourself healthy, tasty meals and snacks. While the packaging and photo/illustrations look great, i must admit i was hesitant at first. Patagonia makes incredible gear and clothing, but food? So when they offered to send some samples over, i had to try it! And it tastes as good as its packaging looks! Detailed looks at what we sampled (from hot breakfast grains to smoked salmon to buffalo jerky, savory grains, and more) on the next page ~ in its packaged and finished forms.

Back in 2014, we reviewed Good-To-Go gourmet dehydrated food, which was some of the better tasting, just-add-hot-water instant meals we’d had. These packs from Patagonia Provisions are certainly another option we’d add to the packing list when heading on NOTFZJ80 adventures as well as back up easy food in the kitchen at home. While most Patagonia Provisions can be seen as snacks or meals on their own, they can also be considered a base or an ingredient depending on your creativity. Their instagram contest “How Do You Top It” shares lots of pictures of what people add to the soups and chili. There’s even a Recipes Section filled with things you can cook using breakfast and savory grains (i.e. scones, pancakes, tabbouleh) as well as their smoked salmon.

While packaging and taste are only some of the factors to love about Patagonia Provisions, you can also dive into the whole story of WHY Patagonia founder, Yvon Chouinard, wanted to get into food. “What we eat does more than just fill our stomachs and nourish our bodies; good food lifts our spirits and helps us understand the world a little better.” Patagonia Provisions not only aspires to feed people well, but help find solutions to repair the food chain - with everything from the sourcing of products, to causing no unnecessary harm, helping environmental crises, and more. After trying these, i’m tempted to gift a few packs to friends who can’t stand cooking and think healthy eating is hard… maybe these can be a gateway to helping people understand where food comes from, and what’s possible in the realm of sustainable, delicious, and healthy eating.

Now for the unboxing and details of our Patagonia Provisions sampling… to the next page!


Firstly - how fun is the adventure filled illustration in the shipping box?!?! provisions2.jpg

Here’s a preview of the sampler they sent over. provisions3.jpg

Starting the day off with Patagonia Provisions Breakfast Grains ~ the Creamy Banana Hot Cereal in particular. One pouch made two bowls, perfect to share with Shawn. We added a little brown sugar, and cleaned through our bowls faster than expected! They also come in Tart Apple and Red Raspberry. provisions6.jpg

Next up was the Patagonia Provisions Salmon. Our sample is the Black Pepper Wild Pink Salmon ~ which is lightly smoked. You can enjoy it as is, or heat it. We opted to try it as-is first. It is pretty good paired with the savory grains! And a little goes a long way, as it’s pretty salty! Also, it seems to have quite the shelf life (our packets say they are good through 2021!) provisions8a.jpg


To go with the smoked salmon, we made the Patagonia Provisions Savory Grains ~ simply boil some water, and mix 1 cup with each pouch and let it sit for 10 minutes. That’s IT. Easier than cup of noodles! So there’s really no excuse not to make it a super simple, healthy meal when you’re hungry and short on time/energy. Each pouch made enough for two. provisions7.jpg

Shawn and I agreed ~ whether at home or camping, just one pouch of salmon and one pouch of savory grains make for a nice little meal for two. Light, healthy, delicious ~ and filling you with energy for more adventures!

For snacking along the way… Patagonia Provisions Buffalo Jerky! It’s tasty! And so peppery! provisions11.jpg

So whether you’re stocking your home/office kitchen, your camp kitchen, your survival prepper stash, your emergency kit, or a dorm room… Patagonia Provisions are a great addition.

Also i love how photogenic the gift boxes are. They are a great alternative to towers of sweet treats or flowers when you’re not sure what to gift someone… especially college kids and adventurous folks!



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