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can u draw italy?

geographical_perceptions_02.jpgGeographical Perceptions…

Book covers based on student survey results. The surveys asked the participants to draw outlines of countries to the best of their abilities. Each book cover features drawings combines with the actual country shapes.

More imagery following… so funny. go take a pen to paper and see what you can do. Also Online.

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img.jpg…somedays this feels so true…

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Nikelab Experience

nikelab.png… a real experience. NikeLab’s digital experiences are inspiring.

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*Asif Mian

10.jpg… must see vid reels, aesop rock book, old school boat tree.

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* knuckleduster.net

2.jpg… from now on, some posts will be image only. these are just inspiring images

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To Lost Formats

ViewMaster.gifLost Format Preservation Society is great. I quite like the clean black on white icons they create from each saved lost format… take a look, remember them so they don’t become too far lost. Go ViewMaster. via DataIsNature

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20$ Nickel?

2004-09_rev144.jpgLittle slow on the new money, i guess we’ve moved from quarters to special nickels? I flinched as i ran to the meter pumping it with coins before running off… and for a split second i noticed the shininess of a nickel and a boat on the back… I guess i was in too much of a hurry, but as i ran off i realized that the boat just didnt seem right.

So here’s what it was, and as i researched it on the web to see if i was nuts, the first link said it could be worth 20$ (assuming it was the S-type proof).

Incase any of you missed out too… last year started the Westward Journey Nickel Series, two a year for 2004 and 2005, and depictions of Monticello and Thomas Jefferson return to the nickel in 2006.. And this year’s two are pretty sweet and the first time in 67 years a new likeness of Jefferson. And the spring one has a BISON on it! So i’m on the lookout for that one now that i’m in the know. More images following…

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Bush Butterflies

TraceyBushBritishButterflies.jpgThe British Butterflies of Tracey Bush are part of the new acquisitions at the architectural wonder: Yale Center for British Art. These little die cut pinned butterflies change the way you approach entomology and lepidoptera and combine it with the “old” tradition of paper letter writing and stamps and books. There’s something truly touching/confusing/nice about her pieces… and the real thing is worth a look.

Many pictures following. I love the look in old cigar boxes. Nice touch.

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Boondocks+Adult Swim

hm_strip.jpgYay! Boondocks are going to be animated and brought to Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim! I just found this out from LAist.com even though looks like it was announced back in January. A great comic, with witty smart ideas combined with the psycho playful Adult Swim. I can’t wait.

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dilbert2045761040817.gifHalf of my problem with the “world”. My biggest pet peeve in the world is with regards to the world of design and usability/HCI/engineering/programming/etc. This is the first part… Creatives: it needs to be FUNCTIONAL. Usability/manufacturers: there is NO REASON for it to be ugly. I think i may have ranted a bit at UCSD cogsci HCI kids (i say kids, but i think they were all my age or older… and i was chatting about my design school experiences to an HCI class)… i keep getting the feeling some of them are too excited about making it usable, and forget that aesthetic is crucial too. Balance, people, balance. And nice find Core77 with this great dilbert epitomizing half my plight.

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Eet’s ah Mario!


Well, I’m sure you’re all overwhelmed by the plethora of E3 articles this week, but trust me, THIS ONE has got to be the best.  Maybe I’m naive, but I always thought that video game voices were just tweaked normal voices.  I was glad to find out that I was wrong!  Check out this article from the SF Chronicle and meet (and hear) the voice of Mario!

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Design Breakdown: XBOX 360

msgraph.jpgXBOX 360: The Design Breakdown… great article by Seattle Times, found on Joystiq. Here are a few quotes to get you going [but you need to read this one yourself…]

The executives talked about vehicles as a point of comparison. A Hummer had the same wild, architectural sense as the Xbox. On the mild, organic end was the Porsche 911, which had a well-evolved and distilled feel. That’s the look the group eventually settled on. Apple Computer’s iPod is mild, executives said. Mild will still look fresh five years from now. Wild and aggressive will seem dated.
When people there were asked what company might have made the console, they guessed Sony or Apple. That thrilled Microsoft executives.

Ok those were my favorite quotes. Now go read. Go.

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Who will fall in love with…

pickteeth.jpg Who will fall in love with Shanghai beauties like this? Please refrain from picking your teeth in public. Hahahahaha. Ok, just go click for more and read the full post already, i know you’re dying to see the other two.

Found in Luerzer’s, this campaign was created by the Shanghai Agency Leo Burnett… it falls in the “Social and Environment” category of the advertising/poster bi-monthly. I can’t stop laughing. Brilliant.

Scary… the client is “Shanghai Adbay - Public Ettiquette”, with the ad copy/description as follows:

“Who will fall in love with such beauty of Shanghai?” Part of a civil educational campaign initiated by the Shanghai City Government, was to remind her citizens to carry themselves properly in public.

While i agree that public ettiquette is beneficial to society in a way… where are the male equivalents to these ads? What about the revolting men trying to win the women? Crafty readers ought to take a stab at it?

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Literary DJ’s NEEDED

penguin.pngGOOD entries needed. This is such a great idea for a contest… Literary audio clips offered for use to brilliant musician/samplers to mix, by the old school publishers Penguin. The clips range from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Dracula, the little kids boook Spot (the dog!), some James Bond novels, William Blake poems, Great Gatsby, Time Machine… and so much more.

There is so much potential in such a concept, now we just need to spread the word! To some brilliant intellectual musician types? [no offense to the few entries so far, but they aren’t as exciting as i had hoped… YET]

so how it works: make music. or just listen and rate them. By the end of July its all over. Penguin ReMIXed.

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Katamari Hippo/Goat


These are two other creations by Keita Takahashi. The hippo is a tissue box holder, which plays on the word hippo in Japanese, which if I understand correctly sounds like the word for a tissue box holder. The whimsy of the piece comes through clearly even just in the expression on the hippo itself (let alone the colossal size).

My favorite though is the goat planter. While initially it looks like what one might call a “rather normal looking goat shaped planter”, the humor arises once you water the plant. The excess water from the planter drains through the goats udder onto the floor.

Perhaps its my over-active imagination, but this idea of a whimsical artistic creation that achieves humor through interaction seems like a good way of describing his theme both in his physical art and his video game. Whatever the case, I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

Click on the image above to watch Keita Takahashi’s talk at GDC, where he discusses these art pieces and his path to creating Katamari Damacy (he mentions his art about 40 minutes in).

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