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Tastemakers - ID gods.

1206taste_162.jpg Just read through this Forbes’ article and slideshow on some of the most influential industrial designers of today… all people you ought to know… but always nice to refresh your memory and read the blurbs on what they’re known for and where they came from,… the number of press mentions for each is quite fun to take a look at as well (i think it looks quite hard to beat Starck)…

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SD Wallpaper

23” Cinema display needed a proper wallpaper, and in searching for a suitable one gave up… and while i was waiting for my friend at the airport, i drove out to Harbor Island and took this pic of San Diego and tweaked it… so if you need a wallpaper too, grab it? Or just take a look at the city i’m currently in…

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Button Competition!

Hey remember those great B.I.O (By Invite Only) pins by Stereohype i posted a while back? Well… YOU’RE INVITED! Take a look at their new contest Where you’ll have the chance to design your own buttons, and winners get everything up to having their personal bio displayed on the site, as well as free buttons, tshirts, and more!

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Bad Habit?

copy_0_st.gifPyros Nice silly little amusement found on designboom Bad habbits… and it reminded me of the poor fire down in Tijuana today where a cardboard box factory burned down in these insane santa ana winds today.

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Designer Growth Patterns

“HOW A DESIGNER GROWS: Changes in a Designer’s Self-Worth/Knowledge Over Time” This graph by Consume Daily is priceless. Perhaps wouldn’t be nearly as sad/amusing if it were not so true. So click the pic to start from Junior High and scroll on down to see where one might end up… My chosen cropped image here is the turning point that we all reach at one point, and what we do once we realize which path we are on is key.

*notcot - 10.27.05 , 18:08 -

Metal Minimalism

miya.pngIt’s minimalist steel… Miya just emailed me some images of her work, and they appeal to that part of me that has a thing for steel. Something so pure and industrial revolution about it, not sure what it is… her works remind me of Rothko, meets that warhol where he and his friends um had a little fun on that big piece of copper (after what i assume was much drinking?) and managed to have it hanging in the Tate. Anyhow sidetracks aside, take a look at the works of Miya Ando Stanoff, a minimalist metalworker with backgrounds in east asian studies from Berkeley and Yale…

Working solely in two-dimensional metal panels, she is ultimately interested in the study of subtraction to the point of purity, simplicity and refinement.

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Z4 Concept…

If ever i were to admit that something were able to comepletly satisfy me… i think this may be it. The Z4 Concept car… launched in Germany a few months back, just found it on my desktop, and *sigh. Been meaning to post it for a while, but must have kept getting distracted by staring at it. Zoom Zoom… here’s the birth of a new category.

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Murray Moss

6long-neck-bottle.jpg Ah Mr. Moss… undermining the laziness of artistic endeavors with this impatience thing…

“When you’re used to technology advancing by leaps and bounds, you get impatient,” Moss says, pointing to Hella Jongerius’ Long Neck bottle. The vessel’s glass top and porcelain bottom are taped together because the designer had no more refined way to bind the materials. She didn’t have time to solve that problem. She wasn’t interested in it.

click the pic to check out the Business Week slide show thingy with Mr. Moss’ views on up and coming design trends.

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Bubble wrapped bus stop…

bubblewrap.pngTruly the coolest thing i’ve seen all night… and you know i’ve been on an inspirational roll tonight… click it… b/c that is simply a close up of the THREE PANEL BUS STOP covered in bubble wrap… WOW. my fingers are itching to pop some bubble wrap… BRILLIANT. via the brilliant Frederik Samuel.

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So i’m in advertising (day job) these days… and this is supposed to help with those idea blocked moments… its amusing anyhow, and clean and simply designed. Concept away…

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StreetART google/flikr style

Ok, so today’s posting is more about me than you, they all are i suppose. But i’m in an inspired day, and this link needed to be saved visually. Its such a great idea, with much potential. Can’t wait to come back and browse when there’s more up. google+flikr+street art = THIS.

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Bucky Ballsssss

plate11z.jpgYOU NEED TO CLICK ON THIS IMAGE It is filling my obsession of that space between science and art/design. Robert W. Gray has formatted R. Buckminster Fuller’s Synergeticsinto web form, offering quick linking to indexed scenarios and figures… and the for those not up for the read, the images are gorgeous. Check it out here.

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What if…

The 365 daily desktop section of the Belgian Design group What If, have made my daily starters that put a smile on my face. Worth a look each and every day… i sat and went through their last three years worth last night… here are a few of my favs.

*notcot - 10.06.05 , 00:33 -

Zine Preview


ShadeElaine is starting a zine… (interested parties can email/comment if you’re interested in buying a copy when it hits the presses)… but here’s a preview of how we’re both feeling today… preview of the comics involving this little guy and his buddies post-jump. There must be more goodies in this fab zine to be, but she’s holding out on me right now.

--> to more images

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Ooooh flashy 3dness

ikeaflash.png Go view it, swirl it around, be happy. It put a smile on my face amidst a pissy part of the day. Brilliant usage of those new flash-y capabilities. [Jermacide contributed]

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