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So i’m in advertising (day job) these days… and this is supposed to help with those idea blocked moments… its amusing anyhow, and clean and simply designed. Concept away…

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StreetART google/flikr style

Ok, so today’s posting is more about me than you, they all are i suppose. But i’m in an inspired day, and this link needed to be saved visually. Its such a great idea, with much potential. Can’t wait to come back and browse when there’s more up. google+flikr+street art = THIS.


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Bucky Ballsssss

plate11z.jpgYOU NEED TO CLICK ON THIS IMAGE It is filling my obsession of that space between science and art/design. Robert W. Gray has formatted R. Buckminster Fuller’s Synergeticsinto web form, offering quick linking to indexed scenarios and figures… and the for those not up for the read, the images are gorgeous. Check it out here.

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What if…

The 365 daily desktop section of the Belgian Design group What If, have made my daily starters that put a smile on my face. Worth a look each and every day… i sat and went through their last three years worth last night… here are a few of my favs.

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Zine Preview


ShadeElaine is starting a zine… (interested parties can email/comment if you’re interested in buying a copy when it hits the presses)… but here’s a preview of how we’re both feeling today… preview of the comics involving this little guy and his buddies post-jump. There must be more goodies in this fab zine to be, but she’s holding out on me right now.

--> to more images


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Ooooh flashy 3dness

ikeaflash.png Go view it, swirl it around, be happy. It put a smile on my face amidst a pissy part of the day. Brilliant usage of those new flash-y capabilities. [Jermacide contributed]

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Torino Torch

o.jpgTorino 2006 Olympics

The style concept behind the design is innovative: it is a modern reinterpretation of the traditional torch made of wood; the flame envelopes the body of the torch, instead of coming out of a hole on top, as has been the case in the past. An advanced technological instrument, the Torch was designed according to specific criteria and prerequisites; it is 770 mm high, has a diameter of 105 mm and weighs 1.850 kg. It cannot be re-lit and it must not go out even in bad weather conditions such as rain, snow and wind. The flame of each torch, which burns for 15 minutes, must not be higher than 10 centimetres. As for the materials used, the outside shell is made of aluminium; the inside fittings are of steel, copper and techno-polymers, and for the surface finish, a special paint is used that is resistant to high temperatures.

That quote comes from the Olympic’s site. Sweet that it will be in Italy, would love to make it over there for that.

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Go Stickering.

Get to it. At least one for the laptop? In the Propaganda section


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You know it’s true. Unfortunately not everyone is as astute as you. Take a look at these folks, their shirt (who can’t love an undo key command for the back of a shirt)… and their propaganda… while i try to have passionate causes, this just topped my list. Thinking its time to make a sticker for the car… enjoy Bad Design Kills

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SF Temple

temple.jpgBurning man creator builds a temple in SF.

The 40-foot structure is made of leftover plywood cutouts from a Bay Area toy factory. It serves as an altar, where people can mourn, remember, write messages, burn incense and leave flowers. It will be up until mid-September and then removed, the first in what Best and the city hope will ignite a renaissance for temporary public art, which allows artists to experiment and be more risky.

Thanks ShadeElaine.

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Remo: Branding and Usability

Google ads take you to some great things… like the Remo General Store in Sydney… they have some amazing tshirts online, and great stories to go with everything. (See next post about the shirts)… but surprisingly the most intruiging thing about this company is it’s background, the owner went on to be a Frog Design Brand manager in the end of the 90’s as well as many other amazing things… the walk throughs of the company and its branding as well as its usability imagery for the site are not to be missed.

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Adobe - Elmo - Merger

Aha! So another elmo infiltration of adobe…

Cris Rys’ “Adobe Merging” T-Shirt commemorating Adobe’s pending merger with Macromedia. UPDATE: I’ve received a correction, Lynn Shade emailed me to say “the “Merging” t-shirts were made 3 years ago when our Pro UI Team “took over” the Consumer UI team — the Consumer UI guys made that shirt. Which was pretty funny.” Thanks for the correction Lynn. Ironic that I assumed it was related to Macromedia and it wasn’t!

Great article on life at Adobe found by hi-res.

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you yes you dot net

The work of Jason Sho Green… it kept me up tonight. sucked me into a world of sadness and beauty and a theme throughout that hits you somewhere bizarre, but i couldn’t stop looking and going through every page and image i could find. I couldn’t decide which pic to show you, so here’s a quick collage.Art that resonates that pouty empty feeling… good? bad? always someone to relate to it?

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Music inspires some of the most incredible art… gig posters are some of the easily overlooked pieces of inspiration, not as well documented as masterpieces, but they ought to be. Gigposters is a priceless resource of inspiration.

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Hey you…

lithguy1.jpgMija’s work found on the streets of Klaipeda, Lithuania make me happy, and want to run out to buy foam board. Infact, maybe i’ll do just that now. It’s those little things in life that make it fun, and why not add a few of your own to the world… via wooster, my constant source of eyecandy.

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