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Manifest Hope: DC ~ The Art!

mh0.jpgManifest Hope: DC ~ as you already know, i was at the opening tonight (and luckily got to sneak in a little early and get some nice people free pics before it turned mob scene!)… so i’ve already shown you the overview - with looks at some pieces of art, the spaces, the goodies, and more… and as promised here’s a post filled with *most* of my favorites complete with closeups! That means another 30 pics or so on the next page! Unfortunately no names/titles, because 1) its 3am 2) sooooo many works of art 3) had trouble keep track of everything, but no worries, Yosi said it will all be up on the Manifest Hope: DC site! So enjoy the art, in this post you can see it from my perspective! ~ and if this at&t usb internet card we’re trying out allows, gallery of everything i’ve got (unedited) will be up soon for those who want to see it all and in more detail!

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Manifest Hope: DC First Look

manifesthope00.jpg Wow. Yosi Sergant (along with his whole team at the awesome Evolutionary Media Group) and Shepard Fairey sure know how to put on a hell of an art show, raise spirits, and pull off this ridiculously nonchalant, humble adorableness. To both of them, CONGRATS!!! It’s been an absolute honor to be able to watch such influential folks put their powers to use for good in the election of Obama from such a close distance, and personally, their ability to bring the creative community together so strongly and visually has been mind numbing. Tonight was no different, as i come back to the hotel, mind spinning, and CF card loaded with over 150 amazing pictures i want to share with you from Manifest Hope: DC! So i’ve been sitting here trying to make sense of what to show you and how, without completely overwhelming you! So for starters this post gives you an overview of the space, the art, and the pins/stickers/posters… and more to come soon.

Manifest Hope: DC is absolutely incredible, regardless of how you may feel about Obama, or the visual idolization of our new icon ~ the quality of art in this show, and the amount of art in this show is absolutely stunning. The focus of Manifest Hope: DC is three themes… Manifest Change - Health Care Reform, Manifest Unity - Workers’ Rights, and Manifest Opportunity - The Green Economy ~ in fact 15 of these works were picked from over a thousand submitted in the online contest! So here we go… see the first 25 pics on the next page… and closeups of my favorites and a gallery of all of it coming up soon ~ baby steps, people!

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The Standard Hotel 2009 Staff Calendar

standard1.jpg As you know by now, there is nothing standard about The Standard ~ their logo likes to be upside down, their decor unexpected, their store schwag designer… is it any surprise that their Staff Calendar this year resembles a retro yearbook? Well, a yearbook where everyone is incredibly attractive and calling out all the stereotypes… from the prom queen and the stoner to the jocks and nerds… which were you?

Well while you ponder that ~ jump over to the next page where you can watch a fun little video where all the characters unfold ~ followed by a candid “making of” the video and calendar shoot!

There are only 500 copies of this 4th annual calendar available, and while traditionally they were only sent to say thank you to their most regular guests… this year and they can be found in The Standard Shop! “Shot at on location at The Standard, Downtown LA by Michael Elins, this year’s is perhaps our favorite yet. Staff flew to LA from each of the Standards’ home towns after being cast for the shoot. Designed as a desktop or bookshelf calendar, it measures 7.5” tall by 3” wide when folded, and about 6” wide when assembled.”

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Coraline ~ 50 boxes + MORE!

corall.jpg Now you’ve seen Coraline Box #21… So, where are all of those other 50 Coraline boxes? And what is inside them? What else are people finding around the internet? Around their neighborhood shops and on buildings? I have been fascinated exploring them all for the last few hours, so i’ve rounded up previews of all of those i’ve found so far on the next page… and really they are just teasers, explore the many links to see what all these incredible designed boxes hold!

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Coraline Box 21/50 “WIGS”

coralinemain.jpg Have you been following the crafty animation filled horror-fairytale based on the Neil Gaiman book, Coraline, that is taking the internet by storm? Well, taking the internet on both digitally (the Coraline site is pretty mind-blowing to explore being filled with secrets all around as well as goodies like videos, posters, downloads and more) and via snail mail with some very very awesome packages landing at the doorsteps of 50 of the Laika Animation Studio’s favorite blogs, and then even more paper wrapped packages from your “Other Mother” to other sites as well… Is it no wonder that a studio founded by Phil Knight (co-founder and Chairman of Nike) and based in Portland, Oregon, is creating a mastermind campaign creating incredible one off pieces, as well as mysterious surprises throughout the world? From these 50 boxes, to mysterious button keys appearing in various shops and hanging from abandoned buildings… Well, before i share with you my last few hours of scouring the net with curiosity…

Of those 50 boxes circulating… i’m honored to share Coraline Box #21/50 which arrived while i was in Vegas the last few days… in it, you’ll see an assortment of wigs from the “other” father, the real father, and Coraline herself… It’s packaging as art, props as marketing, pieces of the animation process as education… all in all its brilliant, playful, personalized, and the whole search throughout the world and internet to find out more is invigoratingly engaging! So without further ado, see the gallery of images of Box #21 on the next page (as well as other goodies of course!)…

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CES Innovations Chalk Boards

pwnagemain.jpg So on silly things that cracked me up wandering the show floor ~ in the special “best of show” like section - the “CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards” section, their displays were all matte black with colored sketchy images of the categories… and on the ends they had colored chalk out with messages scrawled on them encouraging people to “draw your innovation” or “draw new ideas”… of course this leads to much random doodling, “____ was here”, and silly ideas… so on the next page here’s a look at what was scrawled so far! Think of it as CES initiated UGC Graffiti… but super old school chalkiness, paired with the latest most impressive design/engineering products being shown!

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Shag’s Vice Tester

vices0.jpg So for some background ~ i’ve been in love with the work of Shag since i was a kid (early high school perhaps?) ~ and to stumble into Frankie’s Tiki Room upon the suggestion of Hugh at Unica Home, and then to see not only all the amazing art/interiors, and the exclusive mugs… and in the corner there is this playful “VICE TESTER” machine calling out to me… and as i get closer, the whole thing is covered in Shag’s illustrations! Every single side of it and all the options too! It’s only getting in to the hotel and hooked up to some wonky internet that i got caught up on all things Frankie’s Tiki Room, including the little snippet on their site that says “And the ‘Vice Tester’ carnival game, designed and built by Shag, must be seen to be believed.” It’s no joke, you really must see it… and since i can’t show it to you in person, on the next page you will see a bunch of pictures of every side of it as well as a little *sideways* video (sorry, we did what we could between the very dark bar and the very strong drinks)…

I popped a quarter in, grabbed the handle as instructed, and apparently my vice at that moment was “drugs”… and i love that lincoln quote on the side “It has been my experience that those who have no vices have very few virtues”… so anyhow, go see the pics and vid on the next page!!!

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Frankie’s Tiki Room Mugs

tikiglass1.jpg The 8 exclusive ceramic tiki mugs of Frankie’s Tiki Room are exquisite by any tiki loving standards. I showed you the space here, and the mugs and stirrers deserved a post of their own! So here are some close ups in the hotel room, and on the next page you have to check out their backs, close ups of the stirrer, images of all of the mug designs, and the adorable menu illustrations of them too!

The exclusive tiki mugs are purchasable online for $15 each! And really they are so so awesome we might have to buy more. But if you go in you can get them for $20 with a drink (drinks normally $8)

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Unica Home, Las Vegas

unicamain.jpg First stop into vegas… UNICA HOME! The showroom/shop! Stepping into their new 3 month old 12,000 sq ft space felt like going to design heaven ~ so many things i’ve written about… beautifully laid out for hours of oooooohs and ahhhhhhs followed by debating and purchasing… i’m currently debating the Artimide Melampo Lamps! Unica Home in person manages to strike a delicate balance between being incredibly accessible and touchable, while still feeling as if you’re in the presence of a museum like space versus a store, as silly as it sounds, you can feel the care that is taken in showcasing the products with the utmost respect. When you meet founders Bonnie & Hugh, you’ll quickly grasp their passion for each and every object in the store, and their excitement over what is yet to come is infectious! And really, 12,000 sq feet is HUGE! They have one of their two warehouses in the back of the store, so don’t hesitate to ask if there’s something you’ve been eying online that you’re curious to see in person… The Detroit natives have been running Unica Home for 10 years, and have surprising backgrounds ranging from molecular biology, advertising/marketing, and antique sales as well as serving on the board of the legendary Neon Museum… and Hugh pointed us towards some off the Strip spots to check out… you’ll see more about Frankie’s Tiki Room when i get the next post ready… but first ~ click on to the next page to see a tour of the incredible Unica Home, there are over 30 pictures!!! There was just far too much to show you! This is definitely a MUST SEE when you’re in vegas!

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Jay Ryan’s Posters

hum0.jpg Wow. OMG Posters just turned me on to the amazingly inspiring and beautiful posters and illustrations of Jay Ryan and The Bird Machine ~ his incredible print shop of Skokie, IL. His latest work is this pair of NYE posters for HUM (and they just went on sale this morning!) ~ and i was so smitten by the gorgeous color palettes and sketchily playful yet serious potrayal of all the creatures (with a paul smith like striped background), i just wandered through his 13+ years of portfolio gallery

I’ve found that his animal works are the most inspiring to me ~ so i’ve rounded up a bunch of my other favorites on the next page for you to browse ~ his 7 poster series for “Our Planet is a Blue Planet” is just beautiful! Also amusing as his animal stacks… from walrus heads to towers of farm creatures…

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Busy Beaver Button Co. 2009!

buttoncard.jpgFavorite holiday card that has come this year is definitely this adorable one from our friends at Busy Beaver Button Co.! I’ve been discussing ideas with them for ages now, but between the holiday chaos haven’t had time to execute on some of our ideas… so perhaps 2009 will finally see new button designs and perhaps even some fun glow in the dark button contests on NOTCOT? Although after seeing this card, now i want buttons that all fit together on some crazy background… hrmmmmm, so many ideas! See a close up of their new 2” square buttons on the next page…

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Warning Signs at the L.A. Zoo

zoosign1.jpg Vacation time is finally setting in ~ at least in my head! Freshly back from spending the day at the LA Zoo with old friends, seriously haven’t been there since i was a little kid, and from what i saw, doesn’t look like its changed all that much… seems a bit dated, and perhaps because it was so cold (but luckily SUNNY! and not rainy!) was pretty quiet, but we did get to see quite a few animal feedings and packs of little kids…

First post from there ~ i was so amused by the old warning signage! So here’s a look at signage at the LA Zoo! See the pics on the next page!

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NOTCOT.org Shopping Roundup

notcotorg #17459 notcotorg #17323 notcotorg #17361 notcotorg #17318 notcotorg #17440 notcotorg #17305 notcotorg #17294 notcotorg #17442 notcotorg #17387 notcotorg #17264 notcotorg #17317 notcotorg #17449 notcotorg #17315 notcotorg #17357 notcotorg #17422 notcotorg #17401 notcotorg #17256 notcotorg #17266 notcotorg #17290 notcotorg #17394 notcotorg #17345 notcotorg #17322 notcotorg #17390 notcotorg #17434 Best Buy SponsorshipHere’s the last of the Best Buy sponsored holiday roundups! This one brings together some of the buyable goods shown on NOTCOT.org! Click the images to find out more!

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CIA Super Hero Calendar 2009

cia1.jpg Fresh from the UK ~ Justine (aka RUGenius) just sent over a bunch of pics of the new CIA Super Hero Calendar for 2009 that just showed up! It was seen as #17226 ~ and we featured their *free* weekly calendar last year too ~ demand was insane last year, so we don’t blame them for making this year’s weeklies a mere 5 pounds for brits.

The theme this year? Super Heroes!!! Nothing like a perfect desk sized weekly calendar filled with inspiring art to brighten things up! Take a peek at some of our favorite images on the next page!

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NOTCOT.org Holiday Roundup

notcotorg #17226 notcotorg #17139 notcotorg #17244 notcotorg #17234 notcotorg #17055 notcotorg #17153 notcotorg #17193 notcotorg #17192 notcotorg #17152 notcotorg #17188 notcotorg #17056 notcotorg #17043 notcotorg #17075 notcotorg #17005 notcotorg #17220 notcotorg #17151 notcotorg #17126 notcotorg #17240 notcotorg #17182 notcotorg #17124 notcotorg #17253 notcotorg #17237 notcotorg #17242 notcotorg #17161 Best Buy SponsorshipHoliday roundup~ Best Buy is sponsoring our roundups for the next few weeks ~ you know the drill, our picks, they’re just supporting us to make it happen! So here’s one with more gift ideas that have been popping up on NOTCOT.org! Click to find out more!

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