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Absolut Lomography

Lomography and Absolut lovers unite - have you seen the latest in Absolut art? Fun to navigate - and love the concept of a living gallery living within the web (with mesmerizing music as you browse) - and the introduction sequence is just priceless - watching them come by and stick the message up on the wall, one letter at a time… screenshots below - or view Absolute Lomo. Love that its apparently live in Stockholm.

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*notcot - 12.07.06 , 02:54 -

Free Stockings!

BIG CHIEF! Loving this Italian design firm’s graphic design ~ and for anyone feeling stingy or on the hunt for more exciting/creative/unique gift wrapping options, they have *free* print your own stockings for gifts like ipods/cold hard cash/IOUs. Also while i write this, also strangely enough enjoying listening to and checking out their clean myspace page and a fun THINK! blog.

*ShadeElaine - 12.06.06 , 23:00 -

Evan Hecox - Chocolate Skateboards

hecoxDecks.jpg I’ve been a fan of Evan Hecox ever since my buddies in San Diego introduced me to his work a few years ago. I couldn’t wait to get that rad clock at Target with his illustration on it. Now I’m loving this set of decks he did for Chocolate Skateboards… so crisp and clean. Check out his website for more of his work… I only wish there was more there to look at!

*notcot - 12.03.06 , 14:42 -

Cotton to Canvas

Last night was gallery hopping night, and landed at ThinkSpace in SilverLake for most of the night hanging out with Olga Nunes + Sarah Coleman (of FABULIST fame! You know you read it, its too fab not to) ~ for Oddica’s big two day show “Cotton to Canvas” ~ brilliant concept, see if you can follow this logic - Oddica has artists create limited edition shirts, then gives the shirts to OTHER oddica artists to design traditional pieces inspired by the shirts - and who knows maybe some of these new pieces will make it full circle and become shirts too! MANY pictures of my favorites below~ and some randoms to give you a feel for the ambiance.

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*notcot - 12.01.06 , 20:51 -

The Art of Chase

Most refreshing find at the Shop LA event today was Belgian Street Art transplant (now a Culver City kid) - Chase. From stencil art, to paintings, to shirts, and collabs with everyone from Puma, Adidas, Levis, etc - odds are you’ve seen his murals around ~ At the event he was showing off his stencil paintings (and his funky teeth that guarantee to make you smile - see below), which have an impressively motivational 60’s/pop/stencil vibe going on, some of my favorites above and more below… See more over at the Art of Chase, and these smaller canvases could make great gifts for the hard to shop for, or last minute parties.

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If we don’t…

If you don’t preserve nature by switching off your computer, who will?

The Publicis Counseil did an incredible ad campaign for EDF. Incredible submission, i can’t get over the photography or the message… view all four ads in full below (click to view larger).

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Need Gifting Direction?

*notcot - 11.23.06 , 06:10 -

Keith Noordzy

On hot art trends, you already know paintings and sketches that showcase the gorgeous wood beneath isn’t going away any time soon. Loving the work of Keith Noordzy… he’s got some great squids and dinos… and his serious work tugs my emo heartstrings too. All my favorites below.

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Gifts for Your Indie Ninja

So, this holiday season it seems like the internet is ready to shove gift guides down your throat… and they aren’t always all that fun… (trust me, as an avid shopper, and thisnext gift guide section designer, i did FAR too much gift guide perusing this week)… SO in my 5am Thanksgiving morning state, it decided it was time to try my hand at some more ridiculously playful shopping guides… So here is my Indie Ninja Gift Guide. Why? Because indie ninja’s are people too- and not the easiest people to shop for at that- and black will always be the new black- especially shiny glossy black. people, just look at history. Why should you buy your indie ninja a present? the real question is why WOULDN’T you want to make your indie ninja happy? Pissy ninja’s are bad news. See the full Gifts For Your Indie Ninja.

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As much as i love Questionable Content, its not everyday i can find a good excuse to feature them on NOTCOT. BUT beyond the snarky baristas, on going emo melodrama, and indie music jabs, gotta love the GADGETS ~ And when i saw the sketches of the Vespabot (see 743 through 750 and more pics below)… and then the recent thread with Pintsize the AnthroPC, Winslow the follower Apple Anthro/Giant iPod, and the taming of the Roomba ~ it was just too fun not to show (those are 757 to current)

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Target Tordfest

The Tord-fest continues at Target as the Holiday Season gets into full swing. Just saw one of the Target Tord Boontje adverts on tv last night, so was excited to see on MocoLoco today that there is Tord TV for everyone to watch.

Also~ check out the gift cards! (translucent even!), i never thought i’d be the girl who wanted a gift card to Target for xmas, but hey, i guess things change?

*notcot - 11.14.06 , 14:50 -

Animal Logic

For all of you familiar with oO (one of our .org editors), you may or may not know that he is Olivier Ozoux, of oO’s Very Eclectic and that he is freshly back in Venice Beach after 3 years of living in Sydney working for Animal Logic on HAPPY FEET! [Yes, the dancing penguins, which opens this friday! So you can only imagine how happy he is.]

Being the design junkie that i am, as excited as i am about the dancing penguins, i fell in love with the Animal Logic internal shirts… and also their gorgeous website intro (see images of all below)

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World Usability Day 2006

Happy World Usability Day! This post really goes out as a reminder, excuse, and/or swift kick in the butt to go promote the importance of usability, user centered design, and especially usability testing with REAL USERS (*hint *hint *nudge *nudge to some of my colleagues).

What is this day about? Well, to quote their about page: “Making Life Easy!” “Why doesn’t this work right? What am I supposed to do with this now?” World Usability Day, November 14, 2006, is for everyone who’s ever asked these questions. This Earth Day style event, focused on raising awareness and visibility of usability engineering and user centered design, is currently being organized by volunteers and local event coordinators from around the world. Whether a usability professional or just an enthusiastic (or frustrated) user, each participant is making a contribution to “making life easy”.

So go to their page, show your support by joining the charter, participate in local events, and really, please, help make the world a more usable place.

*notcot - 11.12.06 , 18:30 -

Prints Gone Wild

NY Corespondent, Sanam Petri, checked out Prints Gone Wild last week ~

I walked by the show three times before I realized I was passing it. And even then, I only stopped because of the strange tire bubble thing sitting on the roof.

Ten print shops, about three dozen Brooklynites milling around this strange Chinese auto warehouse. The show was set up so that nothing was priced over $50; it made for a haggle-free, let’s-celebrate-the-dying-art-of-handmade-print sort of vibe. Printmakers from all over the country, selling everything from turn-of-the-century woodblocks to abstract lithographs. It was a lot of fun… Lots of pictures and more continued below.

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Treachery of Images

I’ll be honest, i burnt out this week. Got excited about too many projects and got stretched a bit too thin. Good news? NOTCOT is what i do to destress ~ so no worries this site isn’t going anywhere, but do need to slow down for the weekend. (But who knows, slowing down might mean on everything else, and in increase in design posts)… but between all the burning out yesterday, i looked up walking back from lunch with ThisNexters and saw the bright blue banner (you know, the vertical lamp post ones they sell and make bags from now) with Magritte’s not a pipe… and i stopped dead in my tracks, and felt a momentary giddy excitement, that it was coming. Here!

So starting Nov 19 (until March!) LACMA is getting surreal in a big way. Treachery of Images is the first major exhibition of Magritte’s work as well as others like Johns, Koons, Warhol, Baldessari, and more… “the exhibition examines the different and sometimes unconscious ways that pop, conceptual, and post-modern sensibilities have referenced Magritte’s ideas and imagery” And this is a show that will not be traveling around, so you’ve been warned, plan your trips now. [copied the LACMA description below]

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