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Animal Logic

For all of you familiar with oO (one of our .org editors), you may or may not know that he is Olivier Ozoux, of oO’s Very Eclectic and that he is freshly back in Venice Beach after 3 years of living in Sydney working for Animal Logic on HAPPY FEET! [Yes, the dancing penguins, which opens this friday! So you can only imagine how happy he is.]

Being the design junkie that i am, as excited as i am about the dancing penguins, i fell in love with the Animal Logic internal shirts… and also their gorgeous website intro (see images of all below)

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World Usability Day 2006

Happy World Usability Day! This post really goes out as a reminder, excuse, and/or swift kick in the butt to go promote the importance of usability, user centered design, and especially usability testing with REAL USERS (*hint *hint *nudge *nudge to some of my colleagues).

What is this day about? Well, to quote their about page: “Making Life Easy!” “Why doesn’t this work right? What am I supposed to do with this now?” World Usability Day, November 14, 2006, is for everyone who’s ever asked these questions. This Earth Day style event, focused on raising awareness and visibility of usability engineering and user centered design, is currently being organized by volunteers and local event coordinators from around the world. Whether a usability professional or just an enthusiastic (or frustrated) user, each participant is making a contribution to “making life easy”.

So go to their page, show your support by joining the charter, participate in local events, and really, please, help make the world a more usable place.


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Prints Gone Wild

NY Corespondent, Sanam Petri, checked out Prints Gone Wild last week ~

I walked by the show three times before I realized I was passing it. And even then, I only stopped because of the strange tire bubble thing sitting on the roof.

Ten print shops, about three dozen Brooklynites milling around this strange Chinese auto warehouse. The show was set up so that nothing was priced over $50; it made for a haggle-free, let’s-celebrate-the-dying-art-of-handmade-print sort of vibe. Printmakers from all over the country, selling everything from turn-of-the-century woodblocks to abstract lithographs. It was a lot of fun… Lots of pictures and more continued below.

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Treachery of Images

I’ll be honest, i burnt out this week. Got excited about too many projects and got stretched a bit too thin. Good news? NOTCOT is what i do to destress ~ so no worries this site isn’t going anywhere, but do need to slow down for the weekend. (But who knows, slowing down might mean on everything else, and in increase in design posts)… but between all the burning out yesterday, i looked up walking back from lunch with ThisNexters and saw the bright blue banner (you know, the vertical lamp post ones they sell and make bags from now) with Magritte’s not a pipe… and i stopped dead in my tracks, and felt a momentary giddy excitement, that it was coming. Here!

So starting Nov 19 (until March!) LACMA is getting surreal in a big way. Treachery of Images is the first major exhibition of Magritte’s work as well as others like Johns, Koons, Warhol, Baldessari, and more… “the exhibition examines the different and sometimes unconscious ways that pop, conceptual, and post-modern sensibilities have referenced Magritte’s ideas and imagery” And this is a show that will not be traveling around, so you’ve been warned, plan your trips now. [copied the LACMA description below]

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Gamer Portraits

Asvetic posted this to .org earlier this week, and i found myself showing it to so many people, it needed a post here for anyone who missed it.

Remember the Baby Suit? Well that was apparently the work of the incredible London based Mr. Toledano, from his Hope and Fear set. View the full Video Gamer Faces set as well! All of his imagery manages to capture such a frighteningly realistic surreal view of humanity.


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Gaukler @ Someday

I might be too giddy to post this post. Photomontages AND Genevieve Gaukler? *swoon* Her latest exhibition details: “16 artworks made for the exhibition I hold at the Someday Gallery in Melbourne. So exciting to make these large photomontages, such a huge amount of work also, cutting out around 3000 photos!” See my favorites below, and/or click through the series here.

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Blossfeldt Fractals

As much as i love Tord Boontje’s vectory tendrils of naturally inspired goodness, the Blossfeldt Fractals d*s featured today blew me away. Something about science and art merging perfectly grabs me. 1920’s-1930’s photography meets a brilliant algorithm is simply gorgeous… “Blossfeldt Fractals are a dynamic composition of plant forms, based on photographs by Karl Blossfeldt, and generated through algorithms similar to Lindenmayer System.” Truly incredible are HOW this is accomplished, see below. Great video walking you through his process as well as the gallery.

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Why Complicate?

As if we don’t have enough complexity in the day to day? Love this diagram that SwissMiss pointed out from &Partners’ Process Page.


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Tord Boontje: MocoLoco

MocoLoco has a great interview with Tord Boontje - talking about design, life, and what’s going on with Target. My favorite clips are:

How would you label/categorize your work?
Somewhere between romantic and technological.

What item (PC, pen, etc) can you not do without when you are designing?
For the first bit, I do not need anything at all, I can do it inside my head. For the next part of the process I need my complete studio which is as large as an airplane hanger and houses a team of 6 people, machines, tools, computers and stuff. It is all essential, and seems to becomes more every day. Oh, and the coffee machine is important.

And on target… “Besides the products, we have made store decorations for all 1,500 stores, the graphics for all catalogues and collaborated on the art-direction of the TV commercials.” Wow. Now i need to go to target just to see this!

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Hulger 100% Design

I love all the ingenious things people manage to do with shipping containers… to add to the list? This great installation piece by Hulger (the brilliant retro phone handsets for mobiles and bluetooth) over at Tokyo’s 100% Design this year, where you can experience what it feels like to be able to see and talk just like prisoners, but not touch.

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Free People Blogging

Free People has a Blog! I must admit i’m impressed with the cutting edge webbiness of Free People - they were the first fun shopping site i noticed had RSS feeds for their new products, and they are fully embodying the selling a lifestyle/culture brand with their blog… surrounded by their classic stylishly vintage/collage-y design that i love, and filled with fun, witty commentary and designer eyecandy (as well as behind the scenes tidbits from the catalog shoots and whats going on in their philly office, customers get a feel for WHO the people behind the clothes are… after all isn’t that what corporate blogging is all about) So what’s next? The Urban Outfitters blog?

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Michael Schall

Came across this piece by Michael Schall, while at that art festival in DUMBO, and was completely mesmerized by it. Can you believe it is graphite on paper? In this piece, from afar it looks like mountains… and as you get closer, much much closer, you notice all the tiny water towers. Close ups below.

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Capsule Design Festival

After working on NOTCOT.org far too long - Jermacide fell out of his apt in Hayes Valley, SF this morning to check out the Capsule Street Festival For Design. You can see pictures below of some of the crafty goods, masses of people, and even the bald guy from Bald Guy Greetings out enjoying the bizarre heatwave we got all through California today. It’s been absolutely gorgeous out today.

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Carved Crayons

Diem Chau has mad skills when it comes to crayon carving… i keep finding myself stopping this post writing to go stare at the pictures again. Chau also has an incredible passion for storytelling, especially of the oral tradition. I love this quote from her statement “My grandmother told some of the best and most unique tales. She had a wonderful way of spicing up the traditional fable. According to her, Cinderella was kept from the Prince’s ball by having to sort a jumble of Mung beans, Red beans and Soybeans. Snow White went on many dates with Prince Charming before they got married, their first date being a picnic in the park with sandwiches and sliced melons. These small deviations are what fascinate me with oral traditions. Ordinary events injected into fantasy worlds make them more believable but, at the same time, it makes them extraordinary. Stories enable us to live a more vivid life.” Her grandmother ought to write them down and publish them - with her crayon carvings to illustrate it… i’d buy that.

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POST 1000! ~ complex prob solving

Can you believe this is the 1000th post on NOTCOT.com? It kind of feels more exciting than a birthday. (granted i’m behind in projects, overworked, and working on this friday night… i guess part of me wishes i had a reason to escape and celebrate something!)

Anyhow, thought a good 1000th post is this Art of Complex Problem Solving that Asvetic posted to .org… because problem solving is no easy task, but evolving .com and .org have kept me on my toes and constantly finding new problems to solve and things to learn. And seriously - how gorgeous are these images? Some of the most impressive uses of rollovers i’ve seen lately. Great content, presented beautifully…

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