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Paris 1910

pont_st_peres.jpgAs ShadeElaine said “it’s one of those things you wouldn’t believe if you didn’t see it”. It’s art. Not new. Not fake. Just amazing. You will never hear me complain about this insane socal rain in the same way again.

Here is Le Pont des Saints-Peres, during the Paris flood of 1910. The others you need to see, let yourself escape into, imagine what it must have been like to be there. Beautiful breathtaking surreal photography. For more.

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Boxing… On Good Design

Black Walnut Boxes In Boxes.jpgQuestion to you… what constitutes good design? People always say “you can’t design in a box”, implying that without inspiration and viewing the real world, and keeping up to date with what is “out there” you can not imagine and create the work dreams are made of. I suppose this is great for all the people who can take someone’s idea and do it better. Or the person who manages to take the good parts of everyone elses ideas and put them together. But that doesn’t really account for the crazy so off the wall, no one in their right mind said it would work, until it just did (and they scramble on the bandwagon eating their words as fast as possible). I guess you can just call them outliers… random mutations in the ideas and trends the rest fell into?

And good design… well just IS. It’s not completely relative to the world around it constantly is it? Within reason? And if that is so, and it is all so subjective… how does one manage to charge “reasonably” for such a service. Or was it Art when it was free of opinions? and just was… design has to fit into the context of the things around it?

I forget. Enlighten me. I found a design rut in my head…


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Poke the Poker

busshp.jpgFeeling a little dark today. But intruigued by this idea of a needle which pokes back in a bad way to anyone trying to rape you. Well it says “protection against rape”. {disclaimer: i know everyone under the sun has posted on this, i first read it on popgadget then blo.gs} But i want to discuss it.

Is it really protection? For it to work, someones penis, finger, etc is obviously already reaching inside you. Aren’t you already being violated? So yes i get that it prevents it from going all the way, makes the situation less “fun” and “enjoyable” for the other party… perhaps gives you that moment to catch them off guard and provide a swift kick to the groin or something, but be careful, since at this point you too may get pricked by that needle.

So anyhow, i like the visual, i like that it starts conversations, but it disturbs me the point the situation has to reach for it to become useful… so lets design something a bit more proactive than that. =P and hope no one ever has to use it. (awesome diagram post jump) FemDefence

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Little India

brahma.jpgIt’s not easy getting to know all your ancient Indian gods and godesses these days, but with Sanjay Patel’s illustrations it certainly makes it fun. I found this CalArts trained Pixar animator at the Alternative Press Expo in SF this weekend, just as he was getting his booth together, and his colorful posters and cute its a small world/herculean happy characters drew me in. GheeHappy.com

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Lisa Alisa

LA1_101.jpgAlthough unsure on my thoughts of the japanese pop fetishy pre-pubescent naked asian girls with flowing black hair large eyes and strange sea creatures or cartoon characters mixed with big guns, happy suicides, blood-fests influencing art recently (read: post-superflat vector-like j-pop art). There is still something kind of fun to these. Wandered Lisa Alisa’s gallery… and through her drawings and pop sections… i know its too easy to simply look at the thumbnails, but take the time and look at the little links.

[p.s. i think i have a thing for tentacles lately. and more imagery post jump]

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Dream of Stars

findyourroots1.gifToday art is my drug of choice. Surreal enough to get lost in, open enough to let your imagination run wild a little, not too far beyond your reach to encourage the creator/artist within. The work of Emily St.Clair is also fulfilling all my little obsessions of the moment, incorporating the amazing flowing/curling organic nature of hair, nature itself, Art Nouveau, and 60’s and 70’s patterns. Besides she’s an artist/designer who’s currently working as a baker at a vege cafe in Colombus, Ohio. (even if that is due to the economy, i still think sometimes the best inspiration comes from the strangest places). dreamofstars - more images of her work i like after…

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simone.jpgNot new, but trippy enough to keep me staring for a while. Remember Simon? Meets Ringu? And old school beepy video game like music? Yea its a bit of a head trip. Let your senses take in other vids as well Pleix

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oneify.jpgIf you’re been driving around socal lately you’ve definitely seen these Pepsi One Ads all over. And they are clean, vectory, boldy colorful, and defintely grab me, with a familiarity to them… so upon actually checking out Oneify realized its Geoff McFetridge, LA graphic designer/artist i’ve been a long time fan of. So defintely a must see, great wallpaper available, as well as character trading cards and really fun Webisode animations for each of them. They have a blank events section, but let me know if you find out more about what will be happening in conjunction with this campaign.


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Christ. Last Suppers.

modelslastsupper.jpgThere have been many artistic recreations of the infamous last supper, and after seeing so many lately thanks to La Petite Claudine and Caymag, i needed to save them somehow (by posting them so i never forget them).

This featured one is by Girbaud (click to see the larger version) Below are Cui Xiuwen’s Asian School Girls… David Lachapelle’s, and David Hockney’s.

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Dutch Tiling… a new era

ameland-z4.jpgIt’s the blue and white glossed on ceramic. It must be. Or perhaps just something about that clean aesthetic derived from turning any subject matter into feeling like a simple peaceful happy visual. But that’s the effect that Dutch Tile Design has on me, a strangely inexplicable appeal… drawing me in to stare at them endlessly (see Pepin Press post, and go check out their Dutch Tile Designs book of high quality images)

Thanks Wooster, for finding Hugo Kaagman’s work, which truly takes traditional Dutch Tile Design to the next level, challenging the medium and style to force you to re-evaluate your perspective of subjects matters, from pop culture to a tribute to jazz musicians. Must see gallery online.

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Ascii Beck

beck.jpg YAY! for old school typewriters and ascii art. Don’t blink or you’ll miss something fun… love the way they use font size changes to mess with images as well… great effect. fun song. Beck’s Black Tamborine Video.

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Mixed Beauty

YOOX is an international high end online retail store, but beyond the Gucci, Prada, D&G, many international publications are hailing this digital space as a “place full of wonders”, even Vogue called it a mystical place. But what captured me, is their bizarre mixed cover images, combining physical beauty with digital, perhaps “futuristic” outfits, which are completely mesmerizing. Take a peek at the other covers and their other “special projects” ranging from video to robots.

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robots.jpgAnything that starts with “click the magic monkey to enter” must be good… and Bjorn Berglund’s site is! Check out these awe inspiring wooden/styrofoam robots… The leading Monkey and TVbot after the jump.

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Interactive Polaroid?

moving photo.jpgI don’t know what to make of this, but it’s simplistically pretty. Click, and move, and play with it. Your clicks and motions distort a 2003 image of Vietnam perhaps. It feels as if you’re intoxicatedly stumbling through a world of bright lights, or looking into a puddle as raindrops splatter? RobCorradi.com

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DIY Action Man

action.jpg From DesignBoom a build your own male action figure interface… although the options are limited, it doesn’t make the process or result any less amusing. HeroBuilders advertises it as a way to build your own “hip hop and urban” action figures. You can even buy a matching tshirt as your new boytoy. And stay posted, because they claim “Weapons coming soon”.

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