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Petri Art

Science and art have never differed by much, and both offer new perspectives on our surroundings… but seldom enough do you really get a chance to peek at how beautiful some of the scientific imagery can be, and these were just to incredible not to capture the images of here… even if it did get boingboinged and such. “These images are a part of a series of remarkable patterns that bacteria form when grown in a petri dish. While the colors and shading are artistic additions, the image templates are actual colonies of tens of billions of these microorganisms.” These images from from the lab of Prof Eshel Ben-Jacob of Tel-Aviv University in collaboration with Prof. Herbert Levine from my alma mater, UC San Diego. See the gallery here, and i must say such scientists need to pair up with more artists when coloring and shading some of these others!

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Gigaride Animals

OOOOH. Adidas Gigaride campaign: I saw the kangaroo ad on TV, and the animations of the animals are really well rendered/designed and you have to go watch the whole series (Kangaroo, Rhino, Frogs). But here’s an image i had to share of the Rhino’s on the page just as the back one is about to bump the whole row. Adorable campaign. Love the visuals, go check out the desktops for download as well.


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Plastic Giraffe

giraffewoo.jpgWooster is my feel good drug of choice. Didn’t you ever wonder what those enormous stuffed animals that weren’t soft enough to use like pillows were useful for? Question answered. Wow. I have this 8 foot soft stuffed animal like palm tree from when i was a little kid around, maybe i should construct a clear plastic one of those… and place it somewhere not in LA (would be far too cliche, don’t you think?)… hmmm.

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Styrofoam Cups

8g.jpgThis installation is completely composed of styrofoam coffee cups. The works of Tara Donovan have passed me before (i’m sure you’ve seen the image of a giant cube made of toothpicks), but this styrofoam structure is just so organic in nature and bizarre yet lovely to look at, had to post this image. Or the furry large growths that resemble moss growing or crystals forming under a microscope that are made of purely fishing line… take a look at them here.

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Toy Gods

Toys are Gods. We knew that since we were kids (and if not, you lived a deprived childhood). Blythe traveled the “real” world, but Bryan McCarty brings figurines and barbies to a level of real world glam that she never reached. He literally breathes life and creates mysetry with his images of some of my favorite adult swim characters, dolls, and other toys. You know they have fixed features and emotions, yet he taps into some bizarre world that makes his images playfully personal. WOW. just wow. Now if only my local cafe would give up their horrible photography exhibition and have these images to mesmerize customers.


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This image of Studio Dror’s “Expanding Herb Pot” mesmerized me. Its just a bizarre yet beautiful idea. And the hour glass lamp seems like the ideal piece for being stuck in a dark room, watching the time go by as it casts large shadows of the sand falling. And the concept of the broken martini glass just made me smile. the glass was designed for Bombay Saphire and is available at the Pop Up Store in Manhattan.

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Imaginary Friends

I love Elsewares, and must admit it bothered me when Design*Sponge found these cards on their site, and i hadn’t seem them yet! They are truly inspiring, and i can’t stop staring at the images and the gentle transitions in coloration. Designed by Imaginary Friends (I was unable to find the website for them so far), these are hand printed cards. Yes i’m still staring at them, and the image links to a larger image of these favorites of mine (there are 8 total).

On anther note, anxiously awaiting D*S’ big redesign and new features. Congrats to Grace on leaving her job to take D*S to the next level (or next few levels)! And can’t wait to see how her new features turn out.

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Emanuelle Jaques

Today i stumbled upon the work of Swiss designer Emanuelle Jaques, and loved the tree saving and tree themes. To the left we have Tree’s Stool which first thought in my head is Sesame Street… and i love that its a multifunctional environmentally friendly design. Then we have the Chopping Board in an ingenius two levels, one for chopping herbs, second level to catch the bits. The Bottle Opener is one of my favorites. A snapped twig transformed into a bottle opener shape. Nice. And the Ladder is self explanatory enough, and just an adorable to round out this tree themed look at the work of Emanuelle Jaques.

Found via the Swiss Young designer group of In Out Designers - more great projects here as well, but that tree protecting chair got me the most.


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Ashes and Snow

Here’s a sneak peak of what you will see when you enter that Nomadic Museum i wrote about below. I can not do it justice in this space what so ever… the videos and prints require viewing at a larger than life size. The work of Gregory Colbert is truly astounding, and your jaw will drop regardless of whether you even have the slightest inclination of being in the presence of greatness, love nature, realize the zen like juxtapositions created - get this - with out photoshop! “His 21st-century bestiary includes more than 40 totemic species from around the world. Since he began creating his singular work of Ashes and Snow, Colbert had mounted more than 30 expeditions to locations such as India, Egypt, Burma, Tonga, Sri Lanka, Namibia, Kenya, Antarctica, the Azores and Borneo.” Ashes and Snow

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Nomadic SM

So i told you about the Nomadic Museum popping up in Santa Monica a few weeks ago (old posts here and also raved about the genius of the architect Shigeru Ban here)- and i also visited it the day before i left for Singapore. In the chaos i apologize for not having posted this sooner - but its never too late, since it is open until May. It, to put it mildly, blew my mind on more levels than i thought possible… the architecture! the incredible use of cardboard! (i stood and spun in circles in awe of the cardboard tube usage) and the lighting and precise shadow creation! the way the prints were hung! the way the prints were PRINTED! the transformation of space! the videos! and last but not least - all of that captivated me to no end… but the PHOTOGRAPHY and MOTION captured if printed on postcards i would have sat and stared at for hours and hours on end. Put that all together, and i am floored. Absolutely stunned and amazed at how moving, inspirational, and absolutely mind blowing this exhibition is.

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Marie Antoinette

Only a Sophia Coppola flick could get away with the hot pink on black for Marie Antoinette - and that Age of Consent song from New Order is completely stuck in my head. But i must say i’m a bit excited about this one - in a way few trailers have sparked my interest lately. Maybe they really will pull off something different… and they had unprecendented access to Versailles, and all shooting took place in france! On a side note - not sure how i feel about kirsten dunst and jason schwartzman as our royal couple through the french revolution. [even molly shannon is in this one… but also steeve coogan, judy davis, asia argento, and many more]

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Web 2.0 Logos

Ah the logo fetish resurfaces. BoingBoing pointed out this flickr image of Web 2.0 logos, and its a nice case study in that clean refreshing look of logos that came up the last few years - playfully amusing yet overdone? still great to sit and stare at this image - click to go to the full pic.

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Don’t Cuddle.

grassorb.png“Grass Orb: Don’t Cuddle”. Ha. Ok officially year of the dog at my present geographical location… and exhausted, but this amuses me. It also feels like it should have eyes, and giggle when no one is looking, and hang from your ceiling but really take over and being some kind of sci fi creature. Or that was the dream/nightmare i had when i fell asleep mid post. So check it out… as well as the other grassy spaces/objects…

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Asylum - heed weed

Been busy trying to find the singapore design/art scene the last few days - and also all these chinese new year happenings… been clubbing and wandering and art showing and meeting some great designers that you will inevitably hear more about here soon…

This pic is from the HEED WEED collaboration show between Yok and Draawer - which occured at Chris Lee’s incredible shop/studio Asylum (checking out their website is a must - its so playfully fun in a doodly sort of style). The show was great - reminded me of much of the Giant Robot events back home… and the store has that great wallpaper i can’t get enough of… not to mention a glass deli style case for the limited edition sneakers over by the register… and one of the most worldly/eclectic music collections for sale i’ve ever seen.

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gti.jpgOk, NOTCOT has taken over my brain at the moment, and between the moving/unpacking i’ve taken to taking pics of the random things around i have been meaning to share. So here’s the VW GTI fuzzy black poster i spoke of in the last post. It is so sweet, i LOVE that rabbit image, not to mention its a great shade of red with the flocked black poster… Couldn’t resist and took a few extras incase anyone else couldn’t live without one too. But you must admit - its a fun one!

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