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Circle Project

As someone who never quite managed to fall in love with the Spirograph as a kid - i’m quite liking the technically precise nature of Richard Sarson’s Circle Project, which he just emailed over. Can you believe these are drawings produced using a compass and felt-tip (marker) pens? In the time of digital replication, its hard to imagine the patience it takes to do this by hand. Also fun, are his Sound Seminar Posters! So clean, so simple, so powerful. So black and white. (with a dash of color)

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Design in Melbourne

Guest Post by Lucy Feagins - The Melbourne Design Festival is only a baby. It’s in its second year, and is still very limited in size and scope. You certainly wouldn’t want to compare it to international festivals. However, it’s always fun to see new work showcased, so if you can resist the urge to make comparisons to the ‘World Class’ events happening in Milan, New York, London etc… then there’s still inspiration to be found in little old Melbourne. It was fun to have a list of (mainly free) forums, lectures, workshops etc to attend all over town, as well as the usual product/trade exhibitions… and any design festival has to be better than no design festival!

Under Capricorn was billed as ‘the new design show’, described by the festival as ‘displaying high-quality newly released products and materials, showcasing emerging design businesses, creating a village atmosphere… a trade event with a difference’. [Lots of pics below!]

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Questionable Content

JephQT.jpgI have my morning rituals, by morning i mean just past midnight, and Jeph Jacques’ Questionable Content has been a part of that for years. Pintsize and Winslow never cease to amuse me… and Faye, Raven, Martin, Hannelore, etc make me smile. So you can imagine how exciting it was to meet the man behind the daily comic - have him draw a scene of my favorite characters (i’m also a huge fan of the snarky IndieTits.) And this one is so getting framed and going up in the NOTCOT studio for life - it kind of embodies how we all feel at one time or another… aka - stop listening to the silly people out there and do your thing.

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Rockstar Madness

Hit up the Comicon this weekend - hence the quiet posting lull. But be nice. It was busy/crazy and far too much to take in at once. So here i show you the king of schwag - ROCKSTAR GAMES - yes the gaming folks of GTA and such… and this is all to promote their new Table Tennis game on XBOX 360… SUCH a fun game, and i don’t even like ping pong.

Ended up at their party over at the Airport Lounge on India St. in San Diego Friday night, and it was more fun than i can describe to you. So i won’t and instead will show you some pics below. Basically this open air lounge directly under the flight path had large projections of the game on two of the courtyard walls… and video installation art going on inside as well as djs spinning the night away.

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Etch and Sketch

This has been a strange week - so much planning/experimenting/renovating going on at .org, and even behind the scenes! Also Comicon coming up - will try to hit that up and get some interesting pics up here.

Here we have another VinylPulse find - MAD’s sweet MAD-A-Sketch piece for the Back in the Day - featuring retro toy customs opens on Friday July 21st from 7 to 11 PM at L Street Gallery in San Diego. Ahhhh Etch and Sketch - feeling nostalgic tonight, might have to go dig that up.


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Kawaii Not

oO posted the comics of Kawaii Not over to .org and i just sat and read everyone, giggling happily all the way through. An evil kind of giggle. The type that only inanimate objects gone sanrio while still being obnoxious can pull off. And got to love that Kawaii Not calls itself the “comic for cute gone bad … we were called “hipster crap” on Metafilter — hooray!” <—— thats not something everyone can say! Also check out the icons here that simply can NOT be missed, and also mugs and shirts and everything your heart desires. *sorry to Meghan Murphy for flipping your comic sideways to fit this site!

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Robot Guy is…

Our mystery Robot Guy (see post below) is in fact R. Nick Kuszyk - and his fabulous portfolio can be viewed here. Many thanks to reader imposterpockets for digging this up for us!

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The Robot Guy

Also found these over at The Lab 101 - but they didn’t know his name, said i should be able to look up “The Robot Guy” - try googling that? Not so successful, thought may you’d know. None the less, more cool pics below - these were hidden little canvases in the t-shirt shelves.

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Lab101 : LA Women

Checked out GenArt sponsored opening of LA Women last night over at The Lab 101, featuring work by Estevan Oriol, Mr. Cartoon, Gregory Bojorquez, Patrick Hoelck, and Tony Ward. Some interesting stuff - a look at “real” LA Women apparently… but i liked how some of these pics contrasted the people showing up, and the images they were looking at…

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Mom Calling Cards

Ok hold your tongue for just a moment before you get on my case for the aesthetic of these… the idea is postworthy! Hear me out. So with the number of mom’s keeping maiden name’s these days, and the number of friends kids make, its hard to keep track of who’s who! I like this idea of Parent Calling Cards (sleeker than having baseball cards with all a kids stats/info on the back with picture on front, but maybe that would be sweet too if you’re in charge of too many)… And people often say being a mom is a full time job - so why not have cards as well? … and of course there’s always the single parents… who i’m sure could find a good use for these. These particular ones are at EventBliss.

p.s. there really is a niche for everything.

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Shame ‘like the first time’

Happy Mundane is not so happy today - but this layout he found in Japanese Elle is hilarious… Pain Extra, Doom with gloom, DIY Pity (Easy!), Authentic Blame everyone responsible, Guilt Plus, Shame like the first time, Super Failure no potential.

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Behind Failing Harder

Remember this post? About the pushpin masterpiece? Fail Harder! Well Mike over at WK12 commented this “making of” video - and since this morning i’ve watched it a few dozen times, so thinking it needs to be forced up on you! Because it has truly made my day. Step aside swarovski, who needs bling when you can do it with 150,000 push pins? Download the high res version here. It is worth it.

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BLaugh (i read it as “blah”) - is a brilliant concept i just needed to touch upon… check out their partnership with godaddy, sleek little copyright line built into the image - so if you snag it for your site it shows up, nice little discount action going on, clean site design. Also its about time people start poking fun of the blogosphere, its ego is getting to big, and for what reason? And those social networking sites as the next hot thing, just wait to be ridiculed. Anyhow i love the execution of their daily comics, touching on the big memes of the moment, with cheeky playful one frame comics (yes sometimes i really don’t like reading and do just look at all the pictures). So kudos to Fitzpatrick and Pirillo for a much needed daily amusement.

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For every girl who took pride in being able to spiral a football, punch “like a boy”, or any other cliche moment where “You’re not bad for a girl” escaped someone’s lips - this one’s for you. Wear it with pride, and then feel free to punch out anyone who dares to comment that you really aren’t bad for a girl. So check out and support the line by Karen Jane over in the UK. NOT BAD FOR A GIRL. (incase you haven’t noticed i am loving their graphics today) via HighSnobiety.

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Emotional Blackmail…

In light of certain events the last week (that caused everything to hit pause a bit) - i couldn’t resist posting this project that was up at Reluct. People do strange things when angry, vengeful, hurt, alienated. It’s a dangerous place to be in… especially when people take to physical manipulation as a form of emotional blackmail. NOT COOL! But if you’re going to have to do it - and pretend you had an affair, and WANT to get caught… which is the key here… Bjorn Franke developed the ” Traces of an Imaginary Affair project investigates this feeling through a kit containing a set of nine devices which leave traces of such an imaginary affair. The tools leave marks on the body such as bite marks, carpet burns, bondage marks, love bites, scratches and bruises. Probes of perfume, lipstick and hair can be applied to either the body or clothes.” - do it in style? or like a true psychotic designer/fancy tools in a pretty case aficionado? “The project examines the world of private psychological warfare within relationships, in which obsessive behaviour and disorders surface. Rather than offering the common approach of subjecting these to restrictive cultural norms, the kit enables people to exhibit them in a most effective way.”

But i can’t help but ask, if you’re going to go through this much trouble and hurt yourself a bit… might as well go ahead and actually have the affair? Or i guess you could always take that cheese grater to the knees for rugburn simulation.

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