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“LOOK - NO TABLES!” (aka no red dots) - ok so to the left we have the graph of .org and the right is .com - pretty sweet applet by the designer of those one thousand paintings (blue numbers on white) - check out Siteograph. Via the appropriately named I Guess We’ll Just Have to Adjust.

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Collaged Goodness

Shade Elaine and i were chatting and she pointed me over to a friend’s site - How fun are these cards by Chako Suzuki? Nice little collaged pieces which will be showing at the “My Favorite Things” Show down in San Diego June 16th.

*notcot - 06.07.06 , 12:10 -

Ross MacDonald

Have you ever watched a movie and been distracted by the details, like the graphics in some so called ancient book they are flipping through, or the beautiful old styled handwriting of old love letters they are reading? - well i guess, then you’re a designer too! I have often found myself wondering, who makes these things?!?! I mean, clearly they were custom made to fit the film, especially since people go through the effort of working in sketches that look like the actors, etc etc…

Well, look no further, at least for a first glimpse of that line of work - and check out the absolutely incredible talent of Ross MacDonald - he is one such designer, who’s illustration style and abilities surpass many i’ve seen lately - and does everything from the books in the Legend of Zorro [see above], to hand letterpressing. [I found him when i was doing some obsessive reearch on letterpressing] - More of my favorites below.

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In Bloom

Jackson Stakeman, fashion/beauty photographer, and my tourguide through NY, has a beautiful vibrant photoeditorial up at Lagmagazine. I tried to get a photographer’s statement out of him, and it was less than easy - but he did divulge that “I like images that have an idea in them, so the goal was to strip down both images until they were just color and design and hold them in opposition - Inspiration meets Reality.” - so go take a look at his floral vs. beauty shots. Full collection of images below…

His work look familiar? Well he also shot NOTed our first NOTcot EDitorial. Take a look at more of his work at his website or feel free to help me pressure him in to shooting more NOTed pieces, and other great shoots as innovative as these.

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Think more…

More goodness from the art collective ATYPYK. The weapon like candle stick, that doesn’t even appear able to stand on its own. The peaceful Mercedes Benz. And possibly the one stool that would be great to have in a party, if only just to watch people avoid it.

*notcot - 06.02.06 , 14:48 -

Melvin Galapon

Look LEFT. Look RIGHT. NEW TAGS!!! Gallery Notcot is proud to present the work of Melvin Galapon for the month of June. The most exciting thing about this piece is how much you see in the tags, yet how much more fascinating the images become when you look closer. He handcrafts these incredible pieces with everything you least expect as the mediums, from tiny pen crosses in graph paper, to 2” pins, to those round label stickers, to push pins, and even the cardboard remains of waitress’ notepads! So explore on. [And i know you love the Bush PINHEAD piece…] And if you’re one who likes order, start at the beginning of the gallery here.

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Design Fact Finder

designfactfinder.pngThe British Design Council is making a big push to educate the public (especially businesses) about the value and importance of our field. Design is key! So i’m glad they are launching a campaign to reinforce that, and their new site Design Fact Finder is a place to explore exactly HOW critical design is - chock full of numbers for those business types that don’t believe why they need to hire you.

*notcot - 06.01.06 , 17:02 -

Oddica Packaging

You’ve been seeing Oddica’s shirts around the usual tee sites, and i even posted about their philosophies and sweet designs previously… The brilliant and nice folks over there sent a shirt over to Jermacide to review, and while he’s busy with work at the moment, i couldn’t help forcing him to let me post the packaging first! Isn’t it fun? T-shirts shouldn’t be just another piece of clothing stuffed in an envelope - the experience of opening and exploring mail isn’t dead. So check out the great custom printed ziploc like envelopes they use, and the great slew of postcards, pins, stickers, and the really fun old school “library book card” that gives you an easy way to a) keep track of what shirts your have and b) loan them out to people and track them. [envelope close up below]

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Kustaa Saksi

Oooh the work of Kustaa Saksi is a must see portfolio that spans many mediums from illustration to fashion - and he’s done some incredible campaigns with Diesel, Wallpaper, Playboy, Citroen, and Issey Miyake. This Finnish born designer, turned Parisian transplant - will give you a brainful of inspiration via strong scandinavian surrealist colorful imagery! [via NOTCOT.org]

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fabulist.jpgI love the Fabulist. ESPECIALLY their incredibly well designed little ads… they are like snippets of enticing visual goodness. AND they are having a contest on until June 23rd! Prizes You’d Like* -Elf Power’s “Back to the Web” 180 Gram Vinyl -Ladytron’s “Witching Hour” 2-LP Set/180 Gram Vinyl -Osaka Popstar CD -Soul Asylum’s Best of the Twin*Tone Years CD -limited 4x5 art print from Tiny Showcase -Noupa toy from UglyDolls creator David Horvath -one-of-a-kind plush doll from PainfulCuteness -Molley Malone Mini-Tin from Elizabeth McGrath. FUN!

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Routledge Classics

Routledge Classics have gorgeous covers. The catalog made its way past my desk, and i couldn’t get over how pretty and simple these covers were.

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Sorry for the slowing in posting - two things - 1) oxford is slow yet busy somehow. 2)NY ICFF jealous, and have too many pictures and designs to check out popping up on all the usuals (d*s, mocoloco, core77) - that i’m overwhelmed as to what to show you, while wishing i were there! And its really sweet to be reading about FlowMarket, that i checked out in Copenhagen, and their new ICFF setup - its a great concept/thought-provoker. Also - well, 3) I should be back in the city of angels monday. So things will be picking up again… many side projects ready to launch…

My random picture up there is that UNBOXING is a fun newish blog - that plays to your voyeuristic + shopaholic + package design loving sides.

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AJ posted the Pabhaus project, a “graphic and furniture design collaboration”, over to NOTCOT.ORG and it features some great pieces, including this incredibly enticing glowing ottoman featuring some really interesting vector eastern influenced designs. The project features works from AJ Dimarucot, Inksurge, Electrolychee, Guadakomeda, Mark Salvatus, Team Manila, and Doy Lagos… and all products are on sale for a limited run!

*notcot - 05.16.06 , 18:09 -

Covers by FWIS

covers.pngSo i’m working on Hello-Friend to write for NOTCOT again [his life got busy for a while] - Here’s his first of many to come … COVERS is dedicated to the appreciation of book cover design. From the folks at FWIS (a design studio that primarily creates book covers ), this is a comprehensive look at trends in an often overlooked medium that even Steven Heller would put his name on. Furthermore, this site boasts perceptive, well-informed visitors who provide a running dialogue on the design and its origins.

*notcot - 05.14.06 , 15:22 -

Miss Van Hedgehog

Fornarina and Miss Van team up often (there are even fashion pieces featuring her art now), and i remember loving her birds on the walls of the Milan store in 2004. This time i’m loving her hedgehogs (and i’ve recently been doing a lot of research on hedgehogs for a logo project, so it was somewhat exciting to see her take on the creatures) - So this is crop of a quick pic of the Stockholm Fornarina store you can see below, as well as super hedgehog close up!

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