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fabulist.jpgI love the Fabulist. ESPECIALLY their incredibly well designed little ads… they are like snippets of enticing visual goodness. AND they are having a contest on until June 23rd! Prizes You’d Like* -Elf Power’s “Back to the Web” 180 Gram Vinyl -Ladytron’s “Witching Hour” 2-LP Set/180 Gram Vinyl -Osaka Popstar CD -Soul Asylum’s Best of the Twin*Tone Years CD -limited 4x5 art print from Tiny Showcase -Noupa toy from UglyDolls creator David Horvath -one-of-a-kind plush doll from PainfulCuteness -Molley Malone Mini-Tin from Elizabeth McGrath. FUN!

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Routledge Classics

Routledge Classics have gorgeous covers. The catalog made its way past my desk, and i couldn’t get over how pretty and simple these covers were.


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Sorry for the slowing in posting - two things - 1) oxford is slow yet busy somehow. 2)NY ICFF jealous, and have too many pictures and designs to check out popping up on all the usuals (d*s, mocoloco, core77) - that i’m overwhelmed as to what to show you, while wishing i were there! And its really sweet to be reading about FlowMarket, that i checked out in Copenhagen, and their new ICFF setup - its a great concept/thought-provoker. Also - well, 3) I should be back in the city of angels monday. So things will be picking up again… many side projects ready to launch…

My random picture up there is that UNBOXING is a fun newish blog - that plays to your voyeuristic + shopaholic + package design loving sides.

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AJ posted the Pabhaus project, a “graphic and furniture design collaboration”, over to NOTCOT.ORG and it features some great pieces, including this incredibly enticing glowing ottoman featuring some really interesting vector eastern influenced designs. The project features works from AJ Dimarucot, Inksurge, Electrolychee, Guadakomeda, Mark Salvatus, Team Manila, and Doy Lagos… and all products are on sale for a limited run!

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Covers by FWIS

covers.pngSo i’m working on Hello-Friend to write for NOTCOT again [his life got busy for a while] - Here’s his first of many to come … COVERS is dedicated to the appreciation of book cover design. From the folks at FWIS (a design studio that primarily creates book covers ), this is a comprehensive look at trends in an often overlooked medium that even Steven Heller would put his name on. Furthermore, this site boasts perceptive, well-informed visitors who provide a running dialogue on the design and its origins.


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Miss Van Hedgehog

Fornarina and Miss Van team up often (there are even fashion pieces featuring her art now), and i remember loving her birds on the walls of the Milan store in 2004. This time i’m loving her hedgehogs (and i’ve recently been doing a lot of research on hedgehogs for a logo project, so it was somewhat exciting to see her take on the creatures) - So this is crop of a quick pic of the Stockholm Fornarina store you can see below, as well as super hedgehog close up!

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The STADSMUSEUM in Stockholm has this great little plaza, with these 4 sculptures that double as children’s play things. In keeping with featuring playful art - just had to share this image… what can one say about that half of a powerpuff girl? And that Playsam-esque piece that little kids kept using as a slide? And that giant guy with the sand, not to mention the sandbox the toddlers couldn’t get enough of? This was the Stockholm City Museum, and they also currently have an interesting Design: Stockholm exhibit on, covering the history of Stockholm’s design. [more perspectives below.]

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Possibly one of my new favorite stores internationally. I’ve been addicted to Muji from the first time i laid eyes upon one, as well as Ordning&Reda, and to join that genre - i am now adding GRANIT - basically its a Swedish Muji. With incredibly brandless simplicity they provide you with everything from notebooks and boxes to bags (and some great simple luggage tags i bought) and travel accessories, to flatware in both japanese and wooden looks, to even bath accessories… and much much more. It’s ok if you don’t read Swedish you can still browse through the categories pretty easily or check out the pdf catalog. Although it seems they are only in Sweden currently, hopefully they will find their way out to the rest of the world, and definitely put it on your list of “to see’s” when you visit.


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CPH Furniture Fair

Ok so you wanted to see CPH Furniture Fair pics? Here’s my quick dump to the gallery! [hm do people want travel pics too?] Click the pic.

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Ok everyone, its friday here in Boras, Sweden - and off to check out Stockholm for the weekend - laptop free. So the next few days may be a bit lighter (hence my little postfest in the last hour) - but it may not - Jermacide and Shade Elaine have tendencies to surprise me. But my quick parting note on Boras - you know those many little lamps at Ikea? (this is possibly more american oriented) - i never really could come up with a purpose - or for those smaller lamps in general, not quite for reading, but oh so cute? Well, here there are many smaller windows in every house/apt and in every (ok maybe 90%) of them you will find some adorable lamp! Its like tradition - they all just do it, even my friends don’t remember/know why exactly, it is just how it is? And its so cute, i must take a night walk when i get back next week to get pics of it, but when they are all lit up at night, it is truly romantic/cozy and it feels great inside as well - not to mention its a designer/shoppers dream excuse to lamp shop. So put it in your window and pass up your usual big bright floor/ceiling lamps?

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Noakum Brava Casa

Remember my friend Joakim Harneborne from Wallpapers Design Issue’s TOP 10 Designers to watch? Well two big pieces of news about him - he made it into Bulgarian Brava Casa - a two page spread! But unfortunately we can’t read it. Any Bulgarian readers out there, we would really love a translation - all we’ve gotten out of it is that they have renamed him what looks like Noakum Xepheooph [click the pic or see below to read the article] And secondly, he’s now been titled Notcot’s Sr. Western European Designer/Editor [aka SWEDE] - so welcome him, he’s just joined me to help you cover design around the world for Notcot, which is why i’m out here hanging out with him in Sweden!

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Tree = Golden Eggs

There was the goose that lay golden eggs, and those machines you put 50 cents in as a kid that clucked and lay plastic eggs - and then in 2005 there was an interactive art installation at Stanford that was a Vending Tree that lay Golden Plastic Eggs! How fantastic is this? I want one, no one should be without one?

“The tree was an art experiment to challenge perceptions of nature, technology and communication in a fun way. How it works: The tree senses you passing by and alerts you with a welcoming sound and flashing lights. When you place a coin in the slot and press a button, a golden egg falls out of the tree and lands at your feet. The egg contains a packet of California poppy seeds, a map of campus, and a poem.” By Deena Rosen (and 9 other students!) - who will also be having an art opening at Propeller in SF Thurs night.

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Today, a font found its way to my submissions box, and i fell in love. Seldom have i see a font pitched so beautifully that it was like a piece of art - and then as you took the time to actually READ it, it was still easy on the eyes and cheeky as hell. So go have an Affair - cheat on your usuals, it’s worth it. [Typeface by Alejandro Paul]

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Workhorse Contemp

The work of Logan Hicks is infamous, he is an LA based stencil artist with an attention for details unlike any other, and his hand-cut masterpieces are breathtaking. What we have above is his limited edition shirt (there are only 50! and they are a mere 50$ so act fast) Isn’t it gorgeous? “The shirt is printed on an American Apparel shirt. The design is printed with discharge ink base, with a silver foil print on top. Its a damn fine shirt. 30 shirts will be sold in Australia for the Festival, and 20 will be sold in general release. For those interested in purchasing one, please feel free to contact logan@workhorsevisuals.com” It is to commemorate his trek down under to the Melbourne and Sydney Stencil Festival!

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Kvadrat + Boontje

I found heaven. It is a giant white cube with openings on each side, where all you see are layers and layers of panels of fabric. Incredibly delicious Kvadrat fabric from their collaboration with genius Tord Boontje - some are relatively transparent printed with the breathtaking flowers and natural patterns, others are dual layered with laser cut floral motifs with the shimmery layers below peeking through. And as you pass through these many layers of floor to what felt like 7-8’ ceilings - you find yourself in the center. As if you entered into a whole other world, a chamber of cylindrical playful colorful stools covered in more fabrics from the collection, and they are all simply divine. No image could really do them justice, but while wandering the Copenhagen Furniture Fair, this was the one thing that blew me away, and i sat in there staring and spinnging around and taking pictures for a while. [Image of the exterior of this mysterious space below].

I have about 130+ images from the fair alone, considering putting up a link to the gallery if people are interested in seeing them.

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