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Murakami @ MOCA

mocamurakami.jpgMurakami Gala Opening at MOCA ~ although they wont let you take pictures at the exhibit, you sure can see a lot of whats going on and what people were getting through flickr and eBay. Even the LA Times ran an article on how the plexiglass “placemats” from the dinner are being auctioned for $999 - keep in mind it cost $1000 to attend the opening gala. An apaprently everyone from Mr. Murakami himself (and his family!), Marc Jacobs, Kanye West, Owen Wilson, Christina Ricci, Cindy Crawford, Toby McGuire, Pharell to Eric Nakamura of Giant Robot was there. Luckily for us Eric documented it all nicely via blog and flickr! You can check out his post on the gala, his flickr of the exhibit during the press preview with accompanying post here. Another great flickr resource - Brandon Shigeta - who says “you can take pics of the mona lisa, but they say no here. whatever, set the camera to interval shooting and away we go…” Haha. Also there are the many pictures you can see searching Murakami MOCA on flickr.

Now for the wealth of goodies showing up on ebay ~ and what Eric got from going to the gala, see below!

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Solar Decathlon

annahouse2.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here’s another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

The third-ever Solar Decathlon took place two weeks ago from October 12 - 20 at Washington D.C.’s National Mall. The Solar Decathlon was established in 2002, with the purpose of educating a new generation of students about the possibilities of energy-efficient design and also as a vehicle for educating the public about renewable energy and energy efficient homes. Twenty US and international university teams took part in the competition, with each team competing to design and build an energy-efficient solar-powered house. The various universities spend two years developing their designs and ideas, and also undertake the fundraising and technical research needed to build an energy-efficient home. The houses are essentially pre-fab units, built off-site first and then transported to Washington D.C. and reassembled on-site at the Mall.

The winning team was the Technische Universität Darmstadt from Germany. Can you imagine transporting the house from Germany to D.C. (it came by boat)? The home focused on the concept of passive energy and was designed essentially as a box with three layers - an outer layer of oak, louvered screens that generate electricity with photovoltaic energy, a middle layer consisting of energy efficient walls and windows, and an interior core that houses the kitchen, bathroom and the majority of the building systems. Besides the outer skin of screens that allow you as much or as little privacy and light as you wish, I really like the multi-functional spaces, and TUD’s innovative use of the floor which can be opened up to reveal a sleeping area. [Note: All photos are credited to Kaye Evans-Lutterodt/Solar Decathlon]

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Crackpot 2008

crackpot.jpgOooh Crackpot 2008 is out! For any of you looking for the perfect way to give someone some gorgeous glossy weekly art ~ this is the perfect stocking stuffer. I received the 07 version last year and love it ~ not quite patient enough to wait a whole month to flip the page ~ but the weekly thing i can handle. Great paper quality, thick cardboard backing with that can be turned into a stand or hung on the wall… the Crackpot is full of many of our favorite artists as picked by die gestalten ~ and a sneak peak of more pages below.

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NOTCOT.org Roundup

NOTCOT.org #6779NOTCOT.org #6776NOTCOT.org #6781NOTCOT.org #6786NOTCOT.org #6792NOTCOT.org #6799NOTCOT.org #6801NOTCOT.org #6818NOTCOT.org #6822NOTCOT.org #6825NOTCOT.org #6832NOTCOT.org #6836NOTCOT.org #6840NOTCOT.org #6847NOTCOT.org #6857Click the images to find out more! So many inspiring and intriguing posts up at NOTCOT.org it definitely felt like a good day to have a slightly larger roundup. I’m sure with most people busy fiddling with leopard installs… and a few unfortunate ones dealing with the painful blue screen of death on a MAC… (is it the end of an era? So sad that the quality of products and design are continuously becoming less and less satisfying!)… anyhow, for those who are swamped, but want a quick digestible bite of what’s going on at org ~ here you go!

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Deconstructing Lichtenstein

OH-ALRIGHT.gifWow. Apparently David Barsalou has spent the last 25 years of his life going through every illustration in over 30,000 comic books…. in order to find the original sources of Roy Lichtenstein’s pieces! Here are some of my favorites ~ more can be seen on David Barsalou’s Deconstructing Roy Lichtenstein page as well as his flickr. Noticed this over at Life Lounge.

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Dilbert’s iphone hits

dilbert2036666071023.gifHehehehe. Ok this 2am, this made me giggle. So maybe “we” (yes, you too perhaps!) have a bit of an internet addiction going on. Luckily i’m not yet as bad off as Dilbert here… but those occasional iphone/pearl hits are critical even when happily exploring the real world.

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A Beautiful X’mas

xmascards.jpgIt’s never too early for Christmas is it? I thought the old rule was that all the holiday goodies came out after Thanksgiving… but we’re not even quite at Halloween. None the less ~ the Breeding Ground has designed some holiday cards that make things a bit more playful for the recipient. A beautiful X’mas is what you make of it. Opening the packet you get a stack of pop out and build yourself creatures, santa, etc… and you can arrange them as you wish. And if you write a message or draw on them, you further transform them into whatever you wish. Images of the whole process below!

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Into The Pixel

Mmmmm crazy gamer art that inspired the actual games. Into The Pixel “is an exploration and celebration of the art of the video game, curated by interactive industry veterans and experts from the art establishment.” This year it showed at E3 in santa monica, then the Toronto Film Festival, and its currently showing at E for All in LA. I went through the last few years, and even out of those these three still amuse/inspire me the most. Then again… i do have a thing for the crazy artsy games (i.e. Rabbids! Dewey! Viva Piñata! Katamari! etc…). What’s really interesting about these piece are that they are often pre-video game (or during) development, and are made my the art directors and designers working on the games. For example this Rabbids one is by Florent Sacre, the Art Director for Rayman Raving Rabbids. Dewey one is by Shigechy. And the Viva Piñata piece is by Ryan Stevenson - “a veteran of Rare projects like It’s Mister Pants! and Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty’s Revenge, [he] made his name as the concept artist behind the vibrant and unmistakable Viva Piñata.”

On a sidenote: while researching i discovered the IGN Raving Rabbids blog from before the game came out, with some incredible behinds the scenes imagery and hilarious shots of the game makers and their rabbids… so some peeks at that below as well as full sized images of the crops above.

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Joshua Targownik

reformschool1.jpgJoshua Targownik has left me speechless. This guy emails in saying “I am a professional photographer who shoots products for Reform School. I recently shot the exterior and interior for Los Angeles Magazine. Take a look and see if you’d like to use a better image for your post.” (referring to NOTCOT.org #6732)… and at first i’m thinking, wow, no one’s ever really written in to suggest a better picture before, and first thing in my mind is “uh oh, i wonder if the picture up is REALLY bad!” OR… “maybe this guys images are better,… or he just wants us to look at his portfolio?” YES i’m a bit jaded these days, people send some weird stuff to try and get written about ~ some are quite shameless. BUT. Joshua Targownik’s images are GORGEOUS. Reform School looks like this picture perfect dollhouse filled with goodness. And instead of trying to justify why i’m posting them, even though Reform School is already linked on .org… well look how pretty he made it? I couldn’t help myself? The images are so inspiring. So, i’m thinking… next time we need to shoot things in LA, we may have to call up Joshua and beg him to help us look pretty.

Also the Reform School’s redesign is really beautiful in that playful collagey way that we love so much ~ so thrown a screenshot of that below as well. And it figures that it was designed by ALSO ~ who also did Design*Sponge’s new site and all the Busy Beaver stuff i love.

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WWF Paper Dispenser

wwfpaperdispenser.jpgSaw this over as NOTCOT.org #6720 as posted by Daniela Sammartino and the image has been stuck in my head all day. I love these World Wildlife Federation ad campaigns that utilize the existing surroundings so well… remember the one where the shadow cast throughout the day on the billboard showed the ocean levels rising? Here we have a paper dispenser with south america cut out, and green foil to tint your view… clearly conveying that with every piece of paper you take, you’re taking away from the greenness of south america. How multisensory and engaging beyond a simple sticker/poster. By Saatchi & Saatchi, Copenhagen, Denmark.

My only other question ~ doesn’t the paper itself look green? Why the need for the green foil? (As it says over at I Believe in Advertising)

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Goodmorning Widex

hearingaidw.jpgWow. This packaging is the most brilliant way to package a hearing aid i’ve ever imagined. Feel free to jump ahead and view the video below of the seemingly simple packaging in action… and then come back to finish reading. Basically for those who can’t hear… how do you help them experience a sound before even getting to the hearing aid within? You show them a soundwave. In action. They have used the plastic sleeve around the box to create the illusion of an animated soundwave as you push the interior box out. Not to mention the simple black and white nature of the design is just classy. My only problem with this design? I can see it being far too fun to just slide the box in and out to watch the soundwave move, and thus it would take too long to get to the actual hearing aid. I love this. Design is by Copenhagen based design studio Goodmorning, for Widex “high definition hearing”.

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NOTCOT.org Roundup

NOTCOT.org #6674NOTCOT.org #6664NOTCOT.org #6654NOTCOT.org #6651NOTCOT.org #6640NOTCOT.org #6627NOTCOT.org #6624NOTCOT.org #6606NOTCOT.org #6600NOTCOT.org #6595Click the images to see more! WOW. So that first pic is the Sony Bravia commercial for Egypt… they tossed more spools of thread down than i can count, and it is an incredible sight. While the bunnies were cool… watching that much thread come spinning down the side of pyramid just made my jaw drop… much like the bouncy balls and the paint! Anyhow, here are a few NOTCOT.org goodies to help you catch up/kick start the week. Happy Monday!

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Hand Job: A Catalog of Type


*Snicker* Yes, I love the cheeky title. Hand Job: A Catalog of Type by Michael Perry (published by Princeton Architectural Press) is full of unique and quirky hand-drawn typography. It makes me remember the days of junior high when I was trying so hard to establish my handwriting style, the years in high school when I embellished the letters on the notes I wrote to friends, and the random doodles that ended up on the margins of my lecture notes in college. Fifty-five typographers and graphic designers, including Geoff McFetridge and Deanne Cheuk, are featured in the book, and they are all listed in alphabetical order. Their names appear at the bottom of the pages which I found pretty handy for reference. Great to flip through for some quick inspiration, and I definitely want to start drawing words again to balance out the computer-based work I do! Some of my favorite pages from the book after the jump!

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Fishing Knuckles & Peace Buttons

1011angliker1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here’s another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

Living in New York, I don’t get to fish much, but Sean and I both grew up fishing with our dads and have a healthy appreciation for an idyllic day on a river or lake. I would love to have Christina Angliker’s Fishing Knuckles - basically a bum’s fishing kit that you can keep with you at all times. Not only a fishing rod, Fishing Knuckles is a protective device and a fashion statement. Though, it might be a bit more fashion than function - I’m not sure how you could reel in a fish without cutting your hand on the line. Christina recently graduated from Pratt and her website is definitely worth checking out - I appreciate that she includes so much of her process on the site. Also, her Peace Buttons shown below are a beautiful physical interpretation of a “wound”…

p.s. if these feel familiar, these were also seen as NOTCOT.org #1599 back in the day.

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Ambassador Stamps

stamping0.jpgWow. I think i just spent an hour looking at random vector logo cliparty designs for stamps, pillows, and buttons over at Ambassador Stamps that showed up in NOTCOT.ORG submissions from Jensche (it’s been fronted! But was so cool it needed a proper post as well). Basically these brilliant Swiss folks have been designing quite the playful selection of gorgeous graphics that you can choose for a stamp, throw pillow, or button… since 2002! There are basic graphics, and there are ones which you can customize with your slogan, company name, etc. And even cooler? You can fork over 89 euro, and give them your company name… and cross your fingers, close your eyes, and then see what you get in about 10 days. No refunds. But from the looks of the randomness they design that is SO fun, i’m extremely tempted. Best case scenario? You pay a mere 89 euro for the logo of your dreams? Looks like even Coudal has made one. [Beware: the UI is a bit messy ~ but the site is quite pretty.]

Ok, so enough about the really fun designs… now for the packaging and product, these aren’t just ANY stamps, they are uniquely shaped cone like stamps that are contained in screw capped ink pods of sorts (ink pad in the bottom). And they are packaged in specially designed cardboard boxes! (images of all that below). Sooooo tempting.

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