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Elettra in the City

I was browsing for bags (as usual) ~ and ended up on the Lamarthe Paris site, and beyond falling for their products, i also love their web design and the film on it! The layout of the whole site is based around an old hardcore (dust jacket and all) book, and you can flip through the pages of the various sections (more imagery below). The film is just too cute, and you must check it out ~ “Elettra in the City” is “A story that ends with the word handbag.” by Zoe Cassavetes (actress, director, and producer - daughter of Gena Rolands and John Casavetes) and stars Elettra Rossellini-Weidemann (international top model and daughter of Isabella Rosellini and Jonathan Wiedemann). I love the voiceover ~ and if you flip to the script section, it really does feel like a 4th grade reader. More images of some of my favorite ‘pages’ below.

Also, i just love the idea of defining a film in one line by the word it ends with. Especially if that word is ‘handbag’.

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Nike Clock Interactive

Pardon my premature posting earlier (previous Nike Gone Running Clock post) ~ i was too excited to be playing with the real thing in my hands i forgot to hunt down more info. Luckily for you (and me) Rob over at I Love Substance left a note that the online Women’s Nike Store with the Interactive Gone Running Clock ~ best part? You can drag the hands around, and they have an anti-excuse for any time you pick about why you should be running. Some of my favorites are below. AND? For all of you that wanted your own, you can register and get one.

Also, above is my favorite one of all - “The internet will be here when you get back. Promise.” I think thats my cue to back away from the laptop… and perhaps run a little.

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Nike Gone Running

Gone Running, will return at: _____. Great little signs that they were giving out in the Portland airport Nike store a while ago (thanks, mom!). Too cute not to post - close ups below. They also had HUGE versions of these in the niketown windows in downtown SF last time i wandered by there. Love that the rambling text on the back ~ fonts, layouts, simplicity.

UPDATE: if you like THIS (or want one of your own) check out the follow up post on the interactive version and how to get your own.

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Remind Me Chair

chairbeer.jpgOn fun mysterious emails i get with great design pics, this one just showed up. I grew up being shown images of how you shouldn’t throw away these plastic rings that hold 6 packs of cans together without cutting them up because dolphins and seagulls would die in them, etc… Well it looks like Adam Johnston has found a great use for them! (Although it doesn’t look like you should sit on this one naked, or in short shorts, b/c this would leave quite an impression)

Kate Van Zele “Visited a design student friend of mine this weekend at the University of Cincinnati and was introduced to his newly designed chair. I’m convinced the underlying reason was for the beer, he holds tight to the environmental and sustainability story. Made of 6 pack rings that decompose after 3 months in direct sunlight, and the frame can be deconstructed to apply another layer of rings when needed. Seems like a good use of reinventing a common object with a new application.”

UPDATE: check out the Hammock!

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Tuzon’s Woody Myths

tuzonmyth.jpgRich Tuzon at Gallery 1988 - it’s something i’ve shown you before (here and also his zorro sketches)… and i know how bad it is to compare artists, for each is incredible for various reasons… but his work grabs me (and doesn’t let go) in a similar way to Audrey Kawasaki’s (who i’ve written about enough times, that you must know her work by now)… something about the gorgeously mesmerizing acrylic woodiness…

Anyhow, Rich Tuzon’s pieces at the Guy’s Guy show at Gallery 1988 LA are an incredible mix of Greek Mythology, Japanese and Wild West motifs, and his beautiful use of wood. And seeing as i am personally often won over by any of those… in combination i’m speechless. Go see the images below… Hercules as a Sumo Wrestler… Achilles as a cowboy (with Chiron as a big cowboy Centaur)… Pandora in traditional Japanese wear… Odysseus’ journey home, with an adorable pup (and LOVE the waves on this piece)… Medusa’s incredible tattoos… poor poor tiny Icarus… i blame oO for reminding me of this great show and the octopus tree by Roland Tamayo he shows off on his blog is adorably cool as well.

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Photoshop Hero

20070822.jpgYou’d buy it. (You = all designers reading). I mean how could you not? I just kind of caught myself laughing out loud a little to this one… and also realizing that i WOULD actually be able to beat my gamer friends at Photoshop Hero (versus playing backup/bass on coop Guitar Hero), and if not, i should be ashamed to own Photoshop. Ah, Penny-Arcade.

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Hole Punched

holepunched.jpgSteven Nicholson is a 2yr student at Plymouth university in the United Kingdom studying Graphic communications with typography. And apparently he is a genius with a hole punch? Check out this self portrait using 10 different sized single hole punches on a a1 piece of paper that he just sent over. Can you imagine the patience? It reminds me a lot of the Rasterbator… only if you laser cut the holes instead of printing them? More images below!

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murakamimoca.jpgOh Murakami, how you never cease to amaze me. The latest news on Murakami, Louis Vuitton, MOCA, and pop up stores…. apparently along with the new Murakami exhibit running at MOCA (10.29.07 - 02.11.08 at the Geffen Contemporary), with a LV pop up “boutique offering limited-edition handbags and small leather goods featuring Murakami designs. The estimated prices of the bags, ranging from $875 to $920, represent about a $300 markup over the $575 to $665 that consumers would pay for the same line without the Murakami designs at the Vuitton store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.”

Most interesting thing to note? As Murakami continues to blend high/low art - and commercialism of every scale… The store seems in and of itself to be a part of the art… “Unlike the traditional gift shop or museum store outside the exhibition area, or a shop set up for a traveling exhibition such as the 2005 King Tut show at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Vuitton shop will be situated approximately in the middle of MOCA’s Geffen Contemporary space. It will be among about 20 rooms featuring paintings, sculpture and animation.” Read more about it at the LATimes.

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idelicious.jpgi-delicious is the portfolio of illustrator Lesia Chernish, and it’s just that delectably delicious that it feels like a perfect blend of NOTCOT and TasteSpotting’s passions. I must admit i’ve tried hunting for more information on her, but she only seems to exist on her site: i-delicious! A few more of her pieces that i love below.

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Toyrama = HP+Fowler

toyramamain.jpgThis one goes out to all the Monsterism fans out there ~ apparently Pete Fowler has teamed up with HP and created HP Toyrama. I just spotted this over at StashMedia Feed and started making silly little movies. Far too fun and nicely done flash stop action movie making where YOU TOO can animate some Monsterism creatures… and win things. (LOTS of screenshots below of you’re short on time.) According to the press release:

Singapore, Aug 2, 2007 – Embarking on magical adventures is not just for Shrek-like ogres and furry animals from Over the Hedge anymore as HP kicks off a unique contest that invites digital animators across Asia Pacific to create, design and direct short, animated skits using high-performance workstations and graphics tools.
Christened the HP Toyrama Contest, this online competition developed by Arc Worldwide Singapore challenges the best digital content creators in the region to create innovative and rich multimedia stop-motion animation starring five toy characters named Sancho, Farm Girl, Ranger, Jogger and Green from Monsterism Island, designed by cult toy designer, Pete Fowler. The contest has two categories – the Open segment, for enthusiasts, amateurs or students with a passion for animation; as well as the Professional segment, for the more proficient animators.

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Bravia Play Doh Bunnies

braviabunnies.jpgSo i’ve been hearing about the Sony Bravia play doh bunnies running around NY all weekend, and finally sat and tried to dig up whatever info and images possible (thank goodness for flickr… particularly dennyliem and davidwatts1978 who had great sets up from the shoot)… and i’ve compiled them below for a quick overview (and they just make me smile ~ i wish i could have seen them in person!).

So here’s the story - its the third of the Sony Bravia “Color like no other” campaigns… the first being the bouncy balls in SF and then the paint explosions in Glasgow… and coming soon, the play doh bunnies in NY! I can’t wait, check out what people have seen so far below. According to TV Ad Land, “Play Doh is being staged in New York by Frank Budgen of Gorgeous Enterprises, working with a creative team from Fallon, including creative director Juan Cabral.”

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Adam Gault’s Lantern Fishes

fish2.jpgAdam Gault’s Lantern Fish is an incredible short film that will suck you out of your world for a few minutes… with mesmerizing music, and visuals that will take you on a journey through the evolution of these various crazy fish of the deep from around the world. Screenshots of some of the fish below…

This comes from my latest obsession the Feed at StashMedia.tv there are SO many incredible shorts and ads they showcase there it blows my mind… like that Chemical Brother’s Salmon Dance video! (it was on org but if you missed it, the youtube is after the jump as well)

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Lunch boxes in LaLaLand

LaLaLand presents Hot Lunch! A series of metal lunch boxes - complete with matching thermoses! And you can’t imagine how much i wish i was a kid and needed one of these suddenly. My four favorites are from Shag, Bigfoot1, Amanda Visell, and Kristi Gushiken’s Can Cam! More views of these below. View the full collection at LaLaLand.

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Skate Life

skatelifemain.jpgJust checked out Gallery 1988 SF’s latest show Skate Life: Skateboard Inspired Sculptures and Paintings by J. Shea and Freddi C and it is unlike any show i’ve seen. Definitely worth stopping by if you’re around (opening is on tonight until 10!).

It also certainly made me homesick for LA ~ with scenes from Venice and Culver City… these skeletal/angelic skaters armed with some seriously adorable pipes, bongs, skateboards (check out the close ups in the gallery… just keep clicking through till they are HUGE - and look at the details… like the skateboard wheels) These murals are a brilliant blend of the vector/stencil like imagery painted on wood… mixed with penciled in song lyrics… and a refreshing contrast to the many super sleek resin/plastic toys and figurines trend. And beyond the great colors, themes, and artwork… the one thing that you absolutely need to see this in person for is the SHADOWS. With such a mixed media piece, you really get sucked into these mini mural/dioramas, and with the lighting its really fun seeing the shadows of these beings floating and jumping across the scenes. For the lazy, a few more of my favorite pics below for an overview, but really, take a look at the images i put in the gallery… at full res for the full effect.

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Live Surface

Product/Advertising mocks will never be the same again. Live Surface is incredible. Beyond its incredibly clean, well designed website, and the breathtaking demo video on how their files work… They have some of the most beautiful renders of everything from CD cases and hardcover books to coffee bags and spray bottles (even with transparency where appropriate). Even for outdoor advertising, there are more scenarios than you can imagine to show that client just what it will really look like. And they’ve made their files ready to drag and drop your graphics into using vanishing point in photoshop… go try their demo (the box i used up there, that literally took me seconds to drag and drop the logos and images that were on my desktop onto). I’ve seriously been floored by Live Surface since i found it on Swiss Miss this morning. And in all honesty, i can’t imagine a designer that can afford NOT to spend 30$ on one of these files when they need to throw something together quickly.

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