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Matter Box

matterbox.jpgThe Matter Box, apparently people have started receiving them, and i’m SO jealous! I mean seriously, this might be the coolest box of junk mail ever… i know its really just corporate schwag ~ but it’s corporate schwag at its finest, most creative, most amusing. So what was in there? Well below we bring you a break down of not only the contents and images of unboxings, but also some guy unboxing it live in a video!

Oh, and for anyone that is lost, Matter first came up on .org #8403… and it is “a box full of interesting stuff” and “a new and unique idea in communications that brings companies and people together around real, physical stuff–things you can hold in your hands, keep in your drawer, or give to your friends. It’s a new way for companies to introduce themselves by giving you something you might like” AND “is a collaboration between Artomatic and Royal Mail.” Read more at Matter: Brands you can hold, but firstly catch up on the first bow after the jump!

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CIA Calendar

ciacalendar.jpgRUGenius stumbled upon the website of Covent Garden’s illustration agency, CIA and fell in love. A lover of clean lines and illustration and an agency of illustrators run by picture makers? It was a match made in heaven. She sent away for the free weekly calendar and was hardly disappointed. The office never looked so good! Check out some sneak peeks after the jump!

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Helping Hounds of Hell

helpinghounds.jpgThe Helping Hounds of Hell. What it actually is aside, the poster for this exhibit caught my eye when i was checking out Evasee, and i love it! The simplicity of the curves, characters, three colors, and the typography are just too fun. See the full poster/flyer after the jump. Now as for what it is… The Helping Hounds of Hell are two “exciting exhibitions of handmade skateboard art” in Berlin!

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Disney + Leibovitz Part 3

thenewdisney9.jpgThe third series of Annie Leibovitz and Disney collaborations has just launched, and like last time, i’ve updated the original post so we can have the full collection in one place! Above is a close up of the tiny Tina Fey as Tinkerbell ~ with such a priceless expression! She’s perfect! Definitely my favorite part of the series! Additionally you can see J.Lo and Mark Anthony as Jasmine and Aladdin, Jessica Biel as Pocahontas, Giselle Bundchen as Wendy, Mikhail Barishnykov as Peter Pan, and Whoopi Goldberg as the Genie. Click here to see the images, some behind the scenes pics, and a video showing the making of with the stars comments.

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Shepard Fairey’s VOTE

shepvotemain.jpgIt’s that time of year, politics are inescapable, and while we’re not here to dish out opinions on that matter, i will say that Obama has certainly done the most to appeal to the creative community… we’ve shown you his LA button/sticker/t campaign, his logo variations for every group, and his social network… and now, Shepard Fairey has created some posters showing not only how much he backs Obama, but also just generally putting the call to action out there to VOTE! Posters will be available for order on weds Jan 30th at $50 each, and proceeds from this print go to produce prints for a large statewide poster campaign. The site also says, “Anyone interested in helping out please email info@obeygiant.com with OBAMA as the Subject Title for instructions.” See more images of the posters after the jump!

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Studio Lo

0125lo1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here’s another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

I was blown away by Studio Lo’s work when I came across it this week - it all seems to center around the idea of construction (my French is far from perfect, as is Altavista’s Babelfish, so forgive me if something gets lost in translation). I love the colors and the simplicity of their work, and the packaging is pretty gorgeous, too! But what I love most is how they create an object out of one piece of wood, or one piece of cloth, or one piece of paper, with minimal waste and design moves. They work within the constraints of the material they have chosen, and the product is more amazing because of it.

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Anatomy of a Typeface

rod.jpgThis is Bjorn Johansson’s Anatomy of a Typeface ~ “Triptych made for a gallery exhibition in 2005. The work is playing with the word “anatomy” which in typographic terms is referring to the different parts of a character.” It’s somehow been in an open tab for me all day, and its absolutely mesmerizing, too bad there isn’t a complete font in this style… that could result in some incredible posters! See more close ups after the jump!

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It’s How We’re Drinking…

nzdrunk1.jpg“It’s not the drinking. It’s HOW we’re drinking.” The Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand has some great print and tv adverts on creating awareness about drinking. Rather than being completely anti-drinking, they are making people more aware of HOW they are drinking. It seems to be an interesting and effective approach… take a look at their television ads here. Also interesting is their campaign about how its not just kids that drink too much, and show the mirror image of “grown ups”… see the ads after the jump!

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Brooks Salzwedel “By Fault of Its Own”

newsalzwedeln.jpgFollowing up the Jorge Oswaldo post, i’m excited to continue this trend of artwork that is literally layered to create surreal depths… these are the types of works you really need to see in person to fully appreciate.

Remember Brooks Salzwedel? (Of the incredible belt buckles, resin art pieces, and Shane jewelry?) Well, the real reason i headed out to the Tinlark Gallery Anniversary at the Crossroads of the World on saturday night was to see his debut solo show of “By Fault of Its Own”. And it was incredible to see the layered resin pieces up close, in fact one of the coolest things was to see them from the side! You can actually see the layers! And up close, being able to see the details of which trees and tendrils are floating above and below, and that cloudy haze that surrounds them all… well, i tried to get pictures of the whole room to share, and bring you into the tiny details that delighted me at the show… so check out all the pics after the jump!

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Jorge Oswaldo: Vinyl Artist

vinyldepth1.jpgCan you believe that is layered vinyl stickering? Creating that depth through layering? Such a nice mix of the precision of vector lines cut with a vinyl cutter… yet brought back out from the digital to a physical mixed media piece? I discovered the work of Jorge Oswaldo through his video on Current TV (embedded after the jump for your viewing pleasure along with a few more of my favorites from his work!). Talking about ways NOTCOT has inspired me daily… this one takes it to a new level… i received the vinyl cutter for my birthday, made a limited edition series of stickers, one of the guys who bought the stickers tips me off to this awesome video, and now how can i not push the boundaries and start making crazy art with it? Let’s just say i have some silly street art ideas for reflective vinyl stickering… but until then, check out the video below of Jorge Oswaldo’s walk through his studio, his process, and his incredible work with vinyl… unlikely you’ll ever look at stickers quite the same!

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Mrzyk + Moriceau “Golden Eyes”

mcircle1.jpgIt’s like xmas morning every time i get an email with attachments from artists Petra Mrzyk & Jean-Francois Moriceau ~ i always know inside are jaw-dropping pics of black and white goodness in the form of painting/installation combos. And this latest one does not disappoint! So after the jump you can see many images from their latest show “Golden Eyes” at the Caixa Forum in Barcelona! With a circle motif, this show is a mix “between a wall-drawing and real round drawings framed”… ultimately creating a very surreal sense of depth, while simultaneously appearing incredibly flat… anyhow, it’s mesmerizing to peer into each and every circle to see what unexpectedly twisted/playful drawings are within.

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Seventy Years of Penguin Design

penguin4.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here’s a post from Justine/RUGenius ~ who is running around with our mom in Oxford and the general vicinity…

When trying to decide where to take my mother for the day, an ad caught my eye - “Seventy Years of Penguin Design” at the Holburne Museum of Art in Bath. Here was a combination of things we love: books, design…and superficially enough, penguins!

While the exhibit itself was tiny, no more than a room, it was filled with treasures and gorgeously arranged, painted a bright Penguin book cover orange. And what a cover! It’s hard to think of a more iconic design (perhaps the old Campbell’s soup can?). And Penguin has certainly been marketing it design classic, selling Penguin classic book mugs, deckchairs and towels. We all know and love that three panel design, but I, for one, didn’t know much else about Penguin. Did you know that first Penguin paperbacks were just two and a half pence and designed with the goal of making literature affordable and accessible to all. If only that were still true!!! And it’s not JUST penguin, you can also see the development of the Pelican and Puffin lines and logos as well! Read more and see pics of it all after the jump!

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0116merdanchik1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here’s another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

I came across Merdanchik’s work online for the first time tonight and was immediately floored by his amazing illustrations. The colors he uses, the textures…and I’m very curious about the narrative behind the imagery! Unfortunately, I can’t find out much of anything about Merdanchik online, other than that he is a Russian artist with a really impressive body of work and client list. You can see more of his work on his two blogs, as well as on his flickr site. Any tips? Let me know!

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The Writers Guild Strikes Matches

writersstrikes1.jpgI wandered into A+R last night, and *had* to take pictures of these Writers Guild Strikes vintage-esque matchboxes. The typography, pen nib/lightning, colors, and various angles with which to interpret every all the symbolism… For anyone that’s curious, these are not for sale, but for those who want to see them in person, these are in the A+R store on Abbot Kinney. As for the writer’s strike, its been a long nearly three months, here in LA especially, and i’m sure we’ve all been seeing the effects of the strike internationally - with the hold up on shows, awards shows, tv hosts ad libbing their own shows, etc… best of luck to them!

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Design Police

dp1.jpgThe Design Police want to “Bring bad design to justice.” and they have even provided a Visual Enforcement Kit to help you with your vigilante justice… whether you choose to make that in the form of stickers, stencils, etc… Personally i’m liking the design of the original stickers of the Design Police Guerilla Campaign in Stephen’s portfolio even more! See more imagery after the jump!

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