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Christ. Last Suppers.

modelslastsupper.jpgThere have been many artistic recreations of the infamous last supper, and after seeing so many lately thanks to La Petite Claudine and Caymag, i needed to save them somehow (by posting them so i never forget them).

This featured one is by Girbaud (click to see the larger version) Below are Cui Xiuwen’s Asian School Girls… David Lachapelle’s, and David Hockney’s.

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Dutch Tiling… a new era

ameland-z4.jpgIt’s the blue and white glossed on ceramic. It must be. Or perhaps just something about that clean aesthetic derived from turning any subject matter into feeling like a simple peaceful happy visual. But that’s the effect that Dutch Tile Design has on me, a strangely inexplicable appeal… drawing me in to stare at them endlessly (see Pepin Press post, and go check out their Dutch Tile Designs book of high quality images)

Thanks Wooster, for finding Hugo Kaagman’s work, which truly takes traditional Dutch Tile Design to the next level, challenging the medium and style to force you to re-evaluate your perspective of subjects matters, from pop culture to a tribute to jazz musicians. Must see gallery online.

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Ascii Beck

beck.jpg YAY! for old school typewriters and ascii art. Don’t blink or you’ll miss something fun… love the way they use font size changes to mess with images as well… great effect. fun song. Beck’s Black Tamborine Video.

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Mixed Beauty

YOOX is an international high end online retail store, but beyond the Gucci, Prada, D&G, many international publications are hailing this digital space as a “place full of wonders”, even Vogue called it a mystical place. But what captured me, is their bizarre mixed cover images, combining physical beauty with digital, perhaps “futuristic” outfits, which are completely mesmerizing. Take a peek at the other covers and their other “special projects” ranging from video to robots.

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robots.jpgAnything that starts with “click the magic monkey to enter” must be good… and Bjorn Berglund’s site is! Check out these awe inspiring wooden/styrofoam robots… The leading Monkey and TVbot after the jump.

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Interactive Polaroid?

moving photo.jpgI don’t know what to make of this, but it’s simplistically pretty. Click, and move, and play with it. Your clicks and motions distort a 2003 image of Vietnam perhaps. It feels as if you’re intoxicatedly stumbling through a world of bright lights, or looking into a puddle as raindrops splatter? RobCorradi.com

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DIY Action Man

action.jpg From DesignBoom a build your own male action figure interface… although the options are limited, it doesn’t make the process or result any less amusing. HeroBuilders advertises it as a way to build your own “hip hop and urban” action figures. You can even buy a matching tshirt as your new boytoy. And stay posted, because they claim “Weapons coming soon”.

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IE Fontification

corbel.gifSo have you heard?

Beginning in 2006, Microsoft says it will ship with its operating system and other software products six brand new typefaces created especially for extended on-screen reading.

I quite like Corbel, but decide for yourselves. All six new ones and a review are over at Poynter.


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Evil Nine f. Aesop Rock

Picture 3.jpgShhhh… don’t wake the baby. I know you see that image there. And i know its pulling your curiosity strings… hard. So click and go watch already. “CROOKED”: It’s a great song by Evil Nine featuring Aesop Rock, and animated by the wonders of Preloaded.

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deLight in the de Young


I drove past Golden Gate Park here in San Francisco quite a few months ago, and noticed something unnatural-looking rising above the trees. I wondered what the hell it could be, but I never imagined it could be something as interesting as the new de Young Museum. The museum’s collections actually don’t interest me much, but the building itself could be amazing. It was designed by the Swiss architecture firm, Herzog & de Meuron, the same guys who “redesigned” the Tate Modern in London.

The museum’s unique and dramatic copper façade is embossed and perforated with a pattern representing the impression made by dappled light filtering through leaves in a tree canopy, creating an abstract pattern on the face of the museum that resonates with the de Young’s wooded park setting. The building’s copper skin will progressively fade from a bright copper to a cinnamon color and eventually assume a rich green patina that will blend gracefully with the surrounding natural environment.

It’s also worth mentioning that they have commissioned works by Gerhard Richter, James Turrell, and Andy Goldsworthy for the exterior of the museum.

Read more about the de Young Museum, and check out their nifty searchable imageBase at the de Young website.

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Subway Empathy in NY

subwayart4whybother.jpg One of those days, the world is somewhat against you, or friday afternoon, trying to leave any city in the direction of another city (aka trying to move more than a few feet in a car). You can get no where. It starts to rain. People can’t commute properly and endanger themselves and others in bad accidents. And the world is your parking lot.

Sound familiar? Well on subject of commuting… here’s something my sister came across down below the city while in NY. Full series of images post-jump. info and pics from Scribbling.net

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Bennett Wallpaper

bennet.jpg Felt like some new digital wallpaper, found that Patrick Bennet put out a few new ones… and thought it was worth sharing for those of you who haven’t enjoyed his old ones. (They are in his download section), nice color/vector art combos… few examples of my favorites after the jump.

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SUGARCUBE timing-screensaving

sugarcubes2.jpg You NEED this screensaver, if only to turn your monitor into the sweetest clock around. Check out Koichiro Tsujikawa’s Sugar Cube Clock, it renders simplistic clean sugar cubes in the form of a 24hr clock, and as the minutes go by (and by your choice) ants or mini nissans come out and push/move the cubes around- you can change camera angles too.

Also check out the Groovisions screensaver as well… has a very katamari damacy feel to it… fresh blues and greens, and more fun driving action.

[link inspired by Josh Spear’s kind words of encouragement… which led me back to his site where i saw his new post on Amazetype which is so fun you must check it out… but that led me back to Shift which led me to these screensavers. I’m new at all this so i might not be linking my full threads of finds, as often they get more convuluted than this… but too much fun stuff brought me to my sugarcubes.]

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Washable Sandart

mn_sanddrawing_ch_03.jpgA quickie from the SF Gate a few days ago, wish i could have been there to see it, poke at it, photograph it. Doesn’t it just scream touch me?

Artist Jim Denevan, right, rakes a textured design into the sand, above, at Ocean Beach just below the Cliff House in conjuction with an art project and exhibit at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. The Sunday afternoon project was made to vanish with the tide. Denevan, of Santa Cruz, has completed some 300 beach drawings between San Francisco and Santa Cruz. The group exhibition at Yerba Buena, called “Big Deal,” features large-scale sculptures and photos of other huge projects, and is meant to push viewers to see the relationships between themselves and the art object and surrounding space.

Found by ShadeElaine.

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Web Coloring

wheel.jpg I, unlike some very talented colorists, do not know the hex numbers of everything by heart, or by site, or their pantone codes either. I just like what i like, and sometimes have a hard time finding them again… so here are two resources I love; one old, one new: Both helpful.

First, from long ago, comes the 4096 color-wheel, clean html interface, click-choose-save (even save the page for frequent lookups). I can’t remember even attempting to lookup hex numbers before this.

The other, helpful for finding a site with a color pallete you fall for… simply enter a URL into “I Like Your Colors!” and see what they are. [these are simply pulled out of the CSS, so unfortunately, its not exactly like taking the dropper to any color shown]

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