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Thinkspace @ CA|Boom

thinkspace0.jpg I didn’t know what to expect when i heard CA|Boom had moved from barker hanger (which i love!) to that abandoned feeling Robinsons May space in Beverly Hills… and from March to the same dates as the Dwell on Design Show… but i had to check it out none the less. It takes a few minutes to cover - but the thing worth seeing is the art! A few great local galleries are showing some fun work… like Thinkspace!!!

That piece above is one of a series by Brett Amory in his “Waiting” Series ~ and it’s absolutely STUNNING. A must see in person. There’s just an incredible way it pulls you in ~ beautiful color palette ~ and then as you get closer you notice the details and emotional distance between the 3 tightly seated communters who float like an island in the space… Love the hoodied guy too… There’s something terribly fun about the shift to seeing more art works with the beautiful illustrations/characters woven into larger more complex and/or abstract pieces coming in… leave it to Thinkspace to lead the way. Take a look at a few of their other pieces showing at CA|Boom which also caught my eye on the next page!

LA kids - if you’re not on the Sour Harvest list, you should be. It’s far better than asking me what shows are happening each week!

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Whole Foods Produce Boxes

wholefoods1.jpg I swear i won’t buy a full box of produce just to get one of these amazing Yeti’s Best boxes. BUT, i may not be below begging them to let me have one next time! Wandering whole foods i got terribly distracted and started taking quick pics with my point and shoot of the Yeti Produce!!! Only to realize that as i turned around it was a Whole Foods brand box… and there were other retro/designer boxes as well! Yeti is definitely the best, and Cosmic second best ~ but you must check out the rest on the next page!

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notcotorg #22676 notcotorg #22670 notcotorg #22619 notcotorg #22615 notcotorg #22661 notcotorg #22658 notcotorg #22673 notcotorg #22664 notcotorg #22701 notcotorg #22588 notcotorg #22695 notcotorg #22592 notcotorg #22556 notcotorg #22620 notcotorg #22603 notcotorg #22564 notcotorg #22525 notcotorg #22545 notcotorg #22710 notcotorg #22685 notcotorg #22644 notcotorg #22645 notcotorg #22600 notcotorg #22671 notcotorg #22690 Roundup time! Felt strangely reminiscent tonight, and i was looking through the last few pages of NOTCOT.org, it felt like the perfect time for a 3am roundup! So click the pics to find out more…

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Horizon Fire Posters

horizonfire.jpg Late night browsing: these Horizon Fire posters caught my eye while catching up on Change The Thought. The work of Manchester-based designer Paul Tebbot is just stunningly retro, minimalist, and utterly captivating! See 3 more of my favorites on the next page!

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Michael Salter’s Styrofoam F1 Car

stycar1.jpg No one recycles styrofoam the way Michael Salter does. And i know that any time i get an email from him, there is probably something amazing coming in… and this time it was truly epic! He has created a life size Formula 1 race car out of styrofoam!!! Take a look at his latest show at the Portland John Ross Plaza Studio… “a full scale replica of a Formula One race car made from scrap styrofoam pieces, 3 pretty big wall paintings, and 24 framed digital drawings.” Wow. Lots of pics on the next page ~ check it out from all angles!

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Red Stripe + Fader

redstripe1.jpg On fun random Monday posts ~ it’s been feeling like SUCH a monday (and from the tweets i’m seeing, sounds like its going around) ~ and not in a good way! So, since it seems a little early for happy hour to start… how about some silly alcohol schwag? I couldn’t help giggling when this Red Stripe USB key showed up from Fader/Red Strip ~ presenting “It Was Written” featuring Terry Lynn and John Hugo - it’s their collaboration on five new songs celebrating jamaican music! (You can even download them for free) And at first i thought it was a half bottle and a cupcake (i never did figure out how that would make much sense, but hey! who am i to judge that?)… but i’m thinking its so you don’t lose your cap when the key is in use? Also the graphics are awesome ~ love how the text is made up of pencils and rulers, etc… see the pics on the next page!

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Damien Correll @ Faesthetic/Scion Show

haystack.jpgWith so many lost souls out there “finding themselves” via quarter, third, and mid life crises these days… i loved the idea of reminding us all that “not all haystacks contain needles”. It’s not about looking hard enough to find what you want… if its not there! Usually. Really its about looking in the RIGHT places? Making smarter decisions as we “grow up”? I love this one as a reminder to look up to when you’re faced with more opportunities than are feasible, as it alleviates some of the guilt in turning a few down.

Rant aside ~ these pieces by Damien Correll at the Faesthetic curated “This must be the place” show at the Scion Space in Culver City broke the black + white + teal color palette a little, but his illustration/graphic style is so playful its easy to forgive him and try to find meaning within his could be random juxtapositions. See the rest of his work on the next page!

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Dan Funderburgh @ Faesthetic/Scion Show

funder1.jpg On more favorites ~ it was such a pleasure to see Dan Funderburgh again ~ and then literally stand and lose myself in his latest wallpaper pattern. Everyone at the Faesthetic curated “This must be the place” show at the Scion Space in Culver City worked in black and white + one color (Faesthetic style!) ~ and this time the color was their choice of teal. Well, Dan Funderburgh loves the black and white (me too!) ~ but when presented with the teal paint options at Home Depot ~ he couldn’t resist using a splash of Ariel’s Song. Yes. The Disney paint colors for Behr… from the Princess collection. I think it’s the color of her tail? So his black and white wallpaper, with laser-cut/burnt out black and white pieces in black frames… got their splash of color with the Ariel’s Song painted side of the wallpapered coffin. He always did find the most intriguing ways to create serenely complex edgy compositions that make your head spin if you look long and hard enough. So take a look at things up close on the next page… it was particularly interesting to watch people pose for pictures with his Ariel tail colored coffin face.

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Matthew Curry @ Faesthetic/Scion Show

mattcurry1.jpg Wow. Matthew Curry’s mural at the Faesthetic curated “This must be the place” show at the Scion Space in Culver City was irresistible. Also, always fun to fall for someone’s work and then have a chance to meet him ~ incredibly nice guy, as inspiring to talk to as his work is to stare at. His work is so intricately layered, you can literally stare at it and keep discovering new details. It’s heart breaking to imagine that incredible dragon mural get painted over at the end of the show… if only i could transplant it to my outdoor wall, it would be so awesome! But i digress… the whole show was stunning, and here’s just your first taste. See more pics of Curry’s pieces on the next page…

his background is as multilayered and fascinating as his work… RISD Illustration grad ~ twice grammy nominated designer/illustrator/painter ~ principal of design studio Imagefed

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Seductive Espionage: The World of Yuki 7

yuki7-1.jpg Is it possible to completely fall for the way someone sees the world? Because i want to live in the world that Kevin Dart has created for Yuki 7 - filled with non-stop jetsetting adventures through the 60’s where “everyone should be SUPER cute” in adorable bikinis and gorgeous clothes and armed to the teeth while relaxing and calculating devious schemes and brilliantly daring escapes in mid-century modern furniture if not laying on the beach. If these feel familiar, we did an amazing giveaway of the series of 4 Yuki 7 posters over the holidays. (I’m still jealous of Jory for winning!)

Seductive Espionage: The World of Yuki 7 - This is the second book from Fleet Street Scandal ~ it is built around the fictitious world of Yuki 7 ~ and they brought together some incredible artist friends to help bring her story to life. From an awesome action packed trailer (you may have seen as .org # 22010 - but its also on the next page!) ~ to absolutely stunning interpretations of this silver screen siren. See a peek at the t-shirt and into the book on the next page!

Can someone please turn this into an animated series or movies? It’s as if they pulled out my favorite parts of the old Bond films that the new ones lack… just add some mind blowing gadgets in perhaps?

I totally flipped out seeing a quote from myself on the back cover! Definitely a NOTCOT first, and i’m so honored to be there! The doodle and signature/note inside the book also made my heart skip a beat… See the pics on the next page already!

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notcotorg #22276 notcotorg #22258 notcotorg #22190 notcotorg #22160 notcotorg #22221 notcotorg #21973 notcotorg #22114 notcotorg #21994 notcotorg #22261 notcotorg #21974 notcotorg #22142 notcotorg #21949 notcotorg #22231 notcotorg #22103 notcotorg #22018 notcotorg #22056 notcotorg #22043 notcotorg #22270 notcotorg #22074 notcotorg #22136 notcotorg #22233 notcotorg #22082 notcotorg #22152 notcotorg #22245 notcotorg #22201 I don’t do roundups nearly regularly enough ~ so here’s a few random pics that amused me as i wandered back over what we’ve been up to over at NOTCOT.org the last week… as usual - click the images to find out more!

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DesignGlut ICFF 09

designglut0.jpg It’s always such a pleasure to go visit the DesignGlut booth at ICFF ~ i’m not sure how to describe it other than delightfully edgy ~ it is so playful, yet realistically dark ~ basically i always end up wanting everything ~ and as silly as Kegan Fisher and Liz Kinnmark may seem, they manage to pull it off this playfulness with more charisma and seriousness than you may expect from a design duo selling your eggs pants. Their photo shoots and booth design were stunning as always, and they’re even launching a new product… the Candlestrip ~ just like what it sounds like ~ candles with plug bottoms, ready to stick into almost any outlet (i still think they were pretty risky to have outlet plates as well as candle prototypes in the same booth waiting to be plugged together!) ~ but basically the candles go into a power strip like holder!

Take a look at some closeups of the new goodies, and their fun booth on the next page!

i hate that every time i see them i feel like i need to buy a few dozen more hookmakers!

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Stella McCartney Inflatable Dinos

stella.jpg Walking by the Stella McCartney store in the meatpacking district you can’t help but notice, stop, stare and giggle at the window filled with inflated dinosaurs ~ some even taking over the heads of mannequins while others swoop down on those with their arms raised… It’s bizarre to say the least, but part of me can’t help but wonder what it takes to get hired to come up with and execute THAT idea. It sounds like it’d be terribly fun! See more pictures on the next page… the close ups crack me up.

if you’re in need of fun attention grabbing playful ideas like these, we should chat!

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Ørgreen Optics + Artsee “Playground”

play0.jpg Ørgreen Optics and Artsee’s “Playground: Where Danish Design Meets Japanese Perfection” ~ was an unexpected surprise as i turned the corner near the Standard NY while wandering the meatpacking district… you know i can’t turn away from a room of balls… especially a room of pink, silver, and black balls! Unfortunately it was a bit of a tease, since they were only about ankle/shin deep ~ so no ball pit diving! Oh, and how can you ignore the huge hot pink glasses outside too…? Unfortunately they were closing the doors as i wandered past, but it is Ørgreen handcrafted Danish architectural eyewear Solo Exhibition at Artsee Gallery - See more pics on the next page!

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Tom Dixon + Smallpond + NYC

dixon1.jpg Firstly, oh yes, i will probably be that girl at the supermarket rocking the metallic bronzey Tom Dixon tote in line… with my random magazines staying dry from wet goods and showing off the title perfectly in its exterior pocket ~ clearly made FOR that reason! You will suddenly know exactly what mood i’m in… artsy, businessy, car-y, fashiony?

But seriously ~ how can anyone resist these parties in empty Soho condos on GORGEOUS days with never ending Veuve Clicquot flowing ~ Tom Dixon lighting and furnishings surrounding you ~ and nearly 360 skyline views to stare out at? Dwell hosted a great party! Met some really cool folks ~ and yes… i’m impressed with their very trendy tote. Also see the sweet grassy kid friendly rooftop i spotted as well as many water towers… and all the Tom Dixon goodies on the next page!

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