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Flies + Chopsticks?

flies.pngThis game is like my own personal hell. But its so pretty. And i found it (and that key holder) on ProductDose. So how skilled is YOUR clicking? Think you can really click and get flies?

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Why, why are they following me?

square.pngIt’s so silly its funny. So apparently Wendy’s has a new ad campaign… This line drawn mope-y droopy superhero of sorts is so simply square, and gaining many a round followers.

Watch it here.
p.s. the outtakes are a trip… and you can even get them as emoticon sets.


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A manifesto for YOU

It’s the Tom Peter’s Manifesto. It’s successful in reviving that dreamer, challenge overcomer, innovative designer, meaningful thinker, bull fighter within. In essence you need to read it, just to refresh your memory on possibly why you are here, and what you intend to do about it. Kudos to cph127.

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Worldy Flags

flagging.pngVia Spear and CPH127 More…

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Mini webicons



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BABEL_04.jpgBabel on… If you recall, not that long ago i posted about the imagery in the new Hitchiker’s Guide flick. Well Ektopia found these great images from Ron Lord in the original film. Not much to say, other than check out more below the jump. Fun eyecandy.

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kguys.jpgThe new trailer is out! Well more like an insane advert that everyone needs to see… and ShadeElaine and i also went through all the Katamari Offical site downloads, and were quite amused/impressed by the various artsy desktops, as well as the more random pdf files where you can print your own chopstick covers (think chinese restaurant style folded paper)… So a few goodies below… In anticipation for the new game. Looks far too silly and bizarre not to be good. Bizarre pic after…

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Forrest Grand Father

mascot01.gif5.gifThink green! Meet the mascots of Japan’s 2005 World Expo focused on “Nature’s Wisdom”.

“Kiccoro ( Forest Child )” The Forest Child has only just been born. Jumping around everywhere, he’s (she’s) full of energy! The Forest Child wants to see and do everything! He’s (she’s) looking forward to making lots of friends at the Expo.
“Morizo ( Forest Grand Father )”The Forest Grandfather has been living in the forest since long ago. He’s an easy-going and kind old man, he has seen many things and knows everything, but he hasn’t lost his curiosity. Hearing about the Expo, he’s enthusiastic about lending a hand.

They aren’t new, but they are just cute simple characters had to share them… Saw these guys at GiantRobot, but didn’t know what they were… now its all coming together.


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Island Logoing

art_duffy_swt.jpgBahama-mama… Ok i don’t know, just felt like having that in type. As you’ve probably noticed i peruse the internet in spurts of inspiration, following bizarre threads that catch my brain… today so far is logo/graphic design. And it brought me back to the Bahamas redesign… its amazing, happy, vibrantly exciting… but to read about its design is also! [logolounge.com] and the SITE is gorgeous…

I’m archiving the article and a bunch of pics below… for my future reference and for you to check out.

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Stretch Daily

digitools.pngDaily photography, doodles, digital scribbles… Mark of Stretch Daily has accomplished what i always try but haven’t yet had the guts to post online. Daily brain bursts of creativity in some visual/auditory form. Some fun ideas… definite eye-candy when in need of some inspiration, a quick laugh, an unexpected thought. Via email from Gnash.

i am really enjoying this linking between photoshop and physical tools. See, you photoshop fearing lay men and women, it really is JUST like real life… only through your computer.

March 20, 2005. nice.

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Through The Trees

rainofsunshine.jpgI want to see the world through her eyes. Be warned, while her website does make me cringe, her paintings make it worth the navigation. There is something real, magical, surreal, natural, psychadelic, and more all at once. Seemingly contradictory traits coming together in a pleasantly intoxicating manner. I just kind of love some of them. More after the jump. And her cars and camping imagery pull you into a whole new world. Strangely serene with a strange feeling of underlying who knows what… Erica Somogyi via Wooster.

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42.gifYou know you’re a designer when… you watch Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and can’t get over how sweet the guide’s interface is. I want it. More images after the jump worth checking out… also click the pic for the pseudo-real version… Those animations felt a bit TOO flash during the movie, but still i love the menu structure. Slick.

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Cosmetics driving webdesign?

C10972_hero.jpgColor palettes… are hard to decide on at times? I’ve been thinking a lot lately about taking the color palette of this site in a new direction. But i can’t seem to find the right inspiration that would make it timeless enough for the range of imagery i tend to post. But i was just thinking, what if a website followed fashion/cosmetics trends seasonally… i love the warm vibrant summery feel of these hues. So testing out how they’d look… pout [and this is a must visit store when in london]

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Yokohama Recycling…

yokohama.pngOnly a mom could help you realize that what you’re doing is NOTHING to complain about… Mom sent me this link on the new Yokohama recycling initiative… it is truly hardcore in every sense. There are well over 10 categories of waste to be categorized and “put out in semi-transparent bags so that the contents can be quickly and easily verified by the collectors”, and so many specific exceptions to each category [such as in batteries you can not dispose of rechargeables, for that you must visit a recycling support store]… There is also keeping track of how many days a week/month each category is collected, and then a very detailed chart of the various types of Over-sized Garbage Collection and their rates… Electric Organ disposal will cost you 1,500! A computer hard drive a mere 200… weaving loom? 500! Bathroom sink, 1000… Buddhist altar, also 1000. And the section on handling Animal Carcasses… cost for pick up, cost for cremation… You get the point. Intense. The graphic layout of this document is quite interesting as well… see it here.

p.s. Got to love the little garbage bag girl that says “Everyone must do their part”… they even managed to make a bag of garbage look adorable.

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Tree House!

Fabaxo1.jpgFabtime1a.jpgMy friend claims this is more a House-tree than a Tree-house. But no matter what you call it, its pretty amazing… from the MIT Human Ecology Design Team in 2003, they too have been nominated for this years Index Awards 2005. I will build one someday, and i guess it will be ready many years later. Build one for the grandkids!

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