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NOTCOT Roundup!

notcotorg #12047 notcotorg #12094 notcotorg #12101 notcotorg #12079 notcotorg #12024 notcotorg #12082 notcotorg #12087 notcotorg #12036 notcotorg #12097 notcotorg #12052 notcotorg #12102 notcotorg #12064 notcotorg #12119 notcotorg #12112 notcotorg #12022 notcotorg #12007 notcotorg #12069 notcotorg #12028 notcotorg #12000 notcotorg #12080 notcotorg #11993 notcotorg #11996 notcotorg #12068 notcotorg #12095 notcotorg #11978Click the images to find out more! Here’s a fun mid week roundup of some of the most popular posts on NOTCOT.org in the last week…

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0717ltl1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here’s another fun one from our resident architect, Anna (Sub-Studio)!

David Lewis of Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis was one of my studio professors back when I was studying architecture at Cornell and he was very influential in the way that I learned how to draw and present information. LTL has perfected the art of multi-media drawing, using computer models to generate the building forms and to create severe, impossible perspectives and sections, and then hand-drawing hyper-detailed drawings which are layered on top of the model. The meticulousness of the drawings is amazing and I love the texture that the pencil provides - the more intense and detailed a section of a drawing, the dirtier it is.

Besides great drawings, LTL also creates really beautiful built spaces that are focused on materials and construction methods. The same attention to detail in their drawings shows up in their built work. I’ve only chosen to include their restaurant work in this post (after the jump), but LTL also has a bunch of great large scale projects and competitions on their website. If you want to see more of their drawn work, you should definitely check out a recently published a book of their work, Opportunistic Architecture, or an older publication, Situation Normal, by P.A. Press.

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GIVEAWAY! The Lost Ones

lostones.jpgZune has been a great supporter of the arts with their Zune Arts initiative, and its been incredible to see all of the artists - illustration, 3d, animation, and now graphic artists they have been supporting! The latest project is The Lost Ones: “a graphic novel written by celebrated writer Steve Niles. For the Zune-commissioned novel, Niles was paired up with visual artists Dr. Revolt, Gary Panter, Kime Buzzelli and Morning Breath to take the reader on an epic journey through time and space. Each artist illustrated a different chapter of the novel.” On the next page you can check out a trailer video… i’ve also pulled some of my favorite pages from the novel, as well as the covers of the various chapters.

GIVEAWAY! There are two sets of a special collectors edition of the novel with a silk screened cover and poster waiting for two lucky readers ~ so leave a comment with your favorite on/offline comic and why you love it (by monday night PST) for a chance to win it!

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Diesel Sweeties Robot Sneak Peek!

laserbots.jpg Not that you needed another reason to go to Comic-con, but i was just chatting with rstevens of Diesel Sweeties, and he gave me a sneak peek i just HAD to share with you… laser cutter + acrylic + Diesel Sweeties = an adorable robot take over? These are a peek at the first prototypes (don’t worry they will have eyes soon!)… and he also just published the best comic on dating + tetris… see the next page to find out just what the two have in common, as well as more robot pics, and screenshots of a noteworthy ad Zune ad for the new Lost Graphic Novel that i’m envious of! (It has the cutest, subtlest corner flash animation that when rolled over, flips back the page to show the comic!)

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Adam Haynes

0709haynes1.jpgNOTCOT Note: I was up till 6am working on the sites, squashing bugs and adding new secret features with dan, and working with linhchi getting new navigation bars (see up top!) across all the sites, and giving in to the “notEmpire” as people have been jokingly calling us for some time now! Also, added NotLabs, for all those miscellaneous side projects! SO, i’m super thrilled that Anna of the fabulous Sub-Studio had my back and prepared this great post for you!

I saw Adam Haynes’ work over at Evasèe recently and love it - love the color palette, the graphic/comic book style illustration, the fantastic industrial subject matter…everything! Adam is based in Bend, OR and has freelanced for a number of impressive clients - Nike, Adidas, Transworld…His website is still somewhat under construction, but you can find a fair bit of his work online. See more of his work on the next page!

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Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo Zipper Pulls

zipperrocket.jpgOn the #1 thing i’m looking forward to at Comi-con (is it silly if i day trip to SD just for these?) ~ Rocket World’s Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo ~ super armed yet oh so adorable creatures in the tiniest form yet! As blindbox zipper pulls and parachuters! The Zipper Pull Series will be about 1” tall, and including the original three I.W.G. members, there will also be human skulls, for a total of 17 colorways, two of which will be mystery chase figures! The Airborne Series of parachuters will be about 1.5” tall with high quality parachutes, and a total 15 colorways between the three characters, including TWO mystery chase figures! Anyhow, these are just a peek at what is to come at sdcc this year! More pictures on the next page, as well as pics of the making of…

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Edwin Ushiro First Solo Show

ushiro1.jpgToday is truly a beautiful, possibly cliche, Los Angeles beachy summer’s day ~ and as i wandered the few blocks to pick things up for the party tomorrow… it was great to see the whole town (yes, Pacific Palisades, totally feels like a town!) out and about, setting up chairs on the sidewalk for tomorrow’s parade, kids running around in packs and swinging in their yards, tons of dogs and strollers being walked… and then i checked my email and saw the preview for Edwin Ushiro’s first solo show, “While Tides Guide You Back Home” ~ which so perfectly captures that glowingly carefree summer day moment, and his use of textures is just breathtaking!

While Tides Guide You Back Home”, will be opening at the Project:Gallery in Culver City on July 12th, and they were nice enough to let me share the show preview ~ so on the next page you can see some of my favorites! (If you’re looking to purchase, act FAST, i hear many are sold or on hold already!)

A bit of background on Edwin Ushiro: “Aloha. My name is Edwin Ushiro. Transplanted from Maui to California, I attended the Art Center College of Design and attained a BFA in Illustration with Honors. Since then, I have been working in the amazing world of entertainment as a Cinematographer, Production Designer, Visual Consultant, Art Director, Storyboard Artist, and Concept Designer.” This should come as no surprise once you see his works! Also, check out some of his corporate work on his site as well - beautiful! I can’t wait to see what else he produces.

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Lotte van Laatum

0703laatum1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here’s the latest discovery from Anna (Sub-Studio) ~ these cheese/cutting boards would be SO perfect for fourth of july picnics and bbqs!

I saw Lotte van Laatum’s work on Bloesem recently and fell in love with it. Lotte is a designer and recent graduate from the Design Academy Eindhoven. In her graduate program she specialized in the social-cultural and ecological aspects of design, an interest you can see permeate through her design collection. Much of her work references other cultures, and even employs craftsmen from those cultures, such as her Bloei! sofa, Tulipa vases (after the jump), and the Made in Peru cushions. Lotte’s Dutch Wood project attempts to create awareness about the sustainable use of local resources by keying the shape of each cutting board back to the geographical region it was harvested from. The cutting boards come from the regions of Veluwe, Noordoostpolder and Salland, and are made of three different types of wood - beech, ash and maple.

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Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs

futurama.jpgFuturama: The Beast with a Billion Backs came out last week, and i only just had time to grab a copy of the DVD today, perfect for lazy sunday watching while working. This is the second of 4 feature length epic DVDs (the first was Bender’s Big Score, Bender’s Game is coming Nov 2008, and The Wild Green Yonder in April 2009)… what struck be besides how fun the cartoons always are, were the great DVD packaging design and poster graphics of The Beast with a Billion Backs - in perfect retro sci-fi fashion, particularly loving the Metropolis poster parody for Bender’s Big Score! Also cute are the “Carbon Neutral” Stickers on both this one as well as the first… see all the pieces in high res on the next page!

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whaleless.jpgWe can’t go Whaleless! The Strychnin Gallery London will be opening the international group show, Whaleless, on July 11th! It contains a fun selection of pieces all reminding us how much we love whales, and that we need to help save them ~ a portion of the sales will be donated to Greenpeace. I’ve rounded up some of my favorites from the show on the next page for you to preview!

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Charlie Todd Freezes Taco Bell

freezeframe.jpgI’m mixed on how to feel ~ so watch it and share your opinions. Improv Everywhere ~ they get large groups together and go… take off their shirts in Abercrombie, carry DESKTOPS into Starbucks, wear blue shirts into Best Buy, and even froze time at Grand Central Station (embedded on next page in case you’ve missed it!)… and NOW… Taco Bell loved the concept so much, they hired Charlie Todd of Improv Everywhere to pull off the latest prank at the grand opening of the Taco Bell in Flushing. It’s hilarious watching the reactions of the people (video on next page!) - and a bit sad to watch that being frozen for a few seconds, there are people who are already poking at you, eating your food, and cutting you in line! So… thoughts? I think its great to see guys like Charlie getting paid to do what they are already doing so well! And great exposure to share the fun with people who may not be up on their internet memes… and nice to have some entertaining adverts… but i’m not sure, how do you guys feel about these corporate virals?

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Limited Edition Designer Dolls

dtoys1.jpgMy brain isn’t quite sure how to handle it when two completely separate obsessions merge ~ today i was on Dezeen and it was Olivia Lee’s “Limited Edition Designer Dolls” ~ bringing together my love of toys and designers - who are now like designer super heroes?

ZAHA! Empress of Architecture! KARIM! King of Plastic! JAIME! Chief of Ceramic!

I want them all. I also want the animated series to come out… Olivia’s site says: Have you ever bought something only because it was ‘designer’ regardless of practicality or cost? Do you faithfully attend the various furniture fairs around the world from Milan to Shanghai? Do you have a favourite designer? Do words like Icon, Blueprint and Wallpaper mean more to you than a random string of nouns? If so, then welcome to The Cult of Design.

Limited Edition Designer Dolls pokes fun at the Design cognescenti. By carefully studying the visual languages and distinct personalities of some of the Design world’s most formidable designers, this project is an observation of how designer personalities are literally becoming synonymous with the objects they design.

Not sure about you ~ but “pokes fun”? I think it’s more like it embraces the obsession, and creates even MORE for design lovers to buy. See more pics of them in the making, packaging, sketches, etc on the next page!

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Team Fortress 2: The Sniper

sniper.jpg“In his former life as a tracker of dangerous game in the unforgiving Australian outback, the Sniper would spend months by himself. Prolonged isolation taught him a valuable lesson: You don’t have to rely on other people if you never miss.”

On gorgeous video games, and teaser vids ~ loving this one of The Sniper for Valve’s Team Fortress 2! Nothing like this rational animated aussie sniper… Watch it on the next page…

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Moonwalker: the Levi’s Virals Continue

moonwalk1.jpgWoohoo! Viral videos finally have better quality, are more thought out, and have great music. Ok, so i’ve been waiting for this day for a while, and i’m glad we’ve entered into that era lately… Moving along… Let’s kick off this monday with the viral set of Levi’s genius… First - they gave us “Guys backflipping into jeans” (SO good). Second - came “Super chill monkey does Hollywood” (I can see how it works for some people…)…

And today i’m excited to show you the third - “Guys fill their jeans with helium”! Yes, jeans, duct tape, and helium… add a dash of some awesome music (the song “YADNUS” by Chk Chk Chk)… some playful guys… toss them in downtown LA… finish off with the creatives at UnbuttonedFilms… and *poof* the perfect viral for Monday, which i suppose is in a way a backwards sunday! SO, without further ado, click to the next page to see all three vids!

well produced ridiculousness is far too fun to get me going this morning!

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0618dima1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here’s a fun find from Anna over at Sub-Studio ~ and a HUGE congrats to her, on taking the plunge to give up the day job, and take Sub-Studio full time! We’re so excited for her!

Mystake is a new brand by Dima Komissarov of Plus Minus (#061). The presentation of the brand reminds me of Atypyk - cheeky one-liners that are polished and pretty.

The Candle Bulb Candle, as Dima writes on his website, “looks like a candle bulb, but it’s not a bulb, it’s a candle, which looks like…you know”. Modeled after the old chandelier candle bulbs - I would love to have a chandelier over my dining table that could take one of these. Mostly, I’m just really into the idea of a candle modeled after a bulb. I’d love to see this series expanded into a bunch of different bulb types (compact fluorescents, anyone?).

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