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tatemoderncrackain.jpgDoris Salcedo’s Shibboleth is the first work to intervene directly in the fabric of the Turbine Hall. Rather than fill this iconic space with a conventional sculpture or installation, Salcedo has created a subterranean chasm that stretches the length of the Turbine Hall. The concrete walls of the crevice are ruptured by a steel mesh fence, creating a tension between these elements that resist yet depend on one another.” Love the images of this latest exhibit at the Tate Modern. Found this over at DesignBoom.

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11 Shipping Container Uses

illy1.jpgI just spotted this incredibly cool shipping container/Illy cafe titled the “Push Button House” on The Cool Hunter ~ and it brought back a flood of memories, of all the other fascinating uses of shipping containers that have come up on NOTCOT in the past (full pictorial reminiscing below of more than 10 breathtaking reincarnations) from instant server black boxes to bars to art galleries and more. But check out how this Illy one opens! And how much they pack in there? Shade Elaine and i are thinking this might be the way to have the perfect mobile studio, and we can drop down in random backyards of friends all over the world? Hehe. Ok anyhow, i digress.

“Holiday shoppers milling about the Time Warner Center in New York will have a fabulous chance to experience one of these soon. Between November 28 and December 29, 2007, they can rest, relax and sip a perfect cup of illy espresso in one of Kalkin’s creations, the temporary Push Button House cafe that the Trieste, Italy-based illycaffè will install there. The European premier of this concept by Alan Kalkin and illy took place at the 52nd Venice Biennale where illy continues to partner with the Fondazione La Biennale di Venezia by providing the visitors each year a space to relax and enjoy their complimentary espresso.” Adam Kalkin has an impressive portfolio of living/lounging spaces created from shipping containers as well ~ more images of those as well as an animation of the Push Button House opening below!

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The (Eames) Elephants Are Coming

eamesele.jpgIt’s the 100th anniversary of the Eames’ birth, and their grandson Eames Demetrios has made a tribute to them. “This is a double celebration of the Charles Eames centennial (go to the Eames Office site to learn more). The Elephants were designed in 1945 but never went into production. This year, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Charles’ birth, the Vitra Design Museum in association with the Eames Office, has brought them out in a limited edition.”

To watch the film.

To watch the film and making of with introduction by Eames Demetrios, which is on Eames Demetrios’ DASFilmFest.com (Fortnightly movies on Design, Architecture, and Sustainability plus a blog and a bit more…)

And some of my favorite screenshots are below! And i love that it is shot all over LA ~ lots of LA icons from randy’s donuts, the gehry music hall, santa monica pier and looking down at PCH, the tar pits…. ahhhh, home. And its great they even went guerrilla street art on the crossing signals to make them elephants!

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Diesel Sweeties Surprise

dsyay.jpgMmmm Diesel Sweeties. As if its not enough that they amuse me daily, this surprise package just showed up and i can’t stop grinning. The latest comics, stickers, and buttons! “It’s fun to use learning for evil!” ~ i’m currently debating whether to stick this over the the glowing apple on my macbook pro. I’m not even a cat person, but i do love that cat button… ahhh emo emoticons… and rockers do rock out…

OK ~ so since they sent extras, it only seems appropriate to keep sharing the love. So leave me a note, and i’ll pick the most amusing commenter (about why you love diesel sweeties, notcot, pixels, etc) at midnight (PST) tonight to send a copy of Diesel Sweeties Print Dailies Vol. One and some notcot pins! [UPDATE! The winner has been emailed!]

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Concrete Blond Designersblock

concretewallpaper1.jpgDesignBoom has a great post this morning on Concrete Blond at Designersblock ~ Instead of wallpapering a concrete wall, they apply the wallpaper patterns through texturing the concrete… and the result is a mesmerizingly beautiful unexpected result. More images below both from Design Boom and Concrete Blond.

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Porsche Design Kitchen

porschekitchen1.jpg*Swoon* Just got a press release in my inbox saying: “A new kitchen especially designed for men – Miele exclusive supplier of appliances - Poggenpohl presents first Porsche Design kitchen - Herford/Stuttgart. Porsche Design Group and Poggenpohl Möbelwerke GmbH present their first co-designed kitchen P’7340. The kitchen is distinguished for its innovative framework, purist styling and high-quality materials. Kitchen appliances maker Miele & Cie. KG will be the exclusive supplier of all fitted electric appliances.”

Firstly, it cracks me up that they say its for men. Is that sexist? Either way, just b/c its nice and minimal should not make it manly. I want it. It screams calm, organized, and controlled to me. Check out more images below, as well as the full press release with more of their justifications on how this is male oriented and the various materials used and the history of the companies collaboration.

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Ken Keirns

tvart1.jpgWhat to do with all of those retro toys laying around? Well Ken Keirns seems to have found the perfect use for these Fisher Price Toy TV’s (a little ebay research shows that these are from the 60’s and tended to play a few songs when buttons were pushed ~ and bids are all under $10 ~ often even under $5!). After the jump are a few of Ken’s pieces which showed at the Hot Babes In Toyland Show 2007, Chicago, IL. Above are two that will be part of Subtext’s “The Witching Hour” show which is opening on October 5th.

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NOTCOT.org Roundup

NOTCOT.org #6466NOTCOT.org #6464NOTCOT.org #6455NOTCOT.org #6454NOTCOT.org #6445NOTCOT.org #6437NOTCOT.org #6409NOTCOT.org #6388NOTCOT.org #6368NOTCOT.org #6344Click the images to see more! Here are some of my personal favorite from NOTCOT.org ~ those laptop sleeves by Working Class Heroes actually made me give in and register on Etsy to buy two… (more on that soon probably, they are my obsession of the night having just gotten back to LA from Philly). Also Marian Bantjes post on her latest work: the Saks Fifth Avenue “Want It!” Campaign… is the most adorably inspiring post i’ve seen in a long time, not to mention the work itself is incredible. Her calligraphic pieces showed up in everything from emails and brochures, to window displays, carpets, and 3d sculptures.


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North Bowl Philly

bowl.jpgAs you all know by now i find inspiration and amusement in some of the randomest of things. Tonight it was the North Bowl’s NEON SIGN. I even made an 8 second video of it in action so you can fall for it too. And no. I didn’t even get to step foot into this barely a year old swanky loungey bowling joint. I was at the Conspiracy Showroom across the way meeting all the lovely designer ladies though. But back to the sign. How cool is it? (Watch video below before responding.)

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Why Philly?

phillymain.jpgI forgot to mention why i’m in philly for the weekend ~ i was invited by the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (what a mouthful) for a weekend of Philadelphia Architecture, Fashion, & Design. And to be honest i haven’t spent much time at all here, so should be an interesting exploration of the city. Since i’m quite spent, and don’t have energy to share the itinerary at the moment, how about i give you all a peek at the goodies in the welcome bag, and some of the great packaging the designers used? My usual quick hotel bed photoshoot style pics below!

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Respect Old School

respectold.jpgRespect Old School. It’s not just a cane. It’s a cane with a stamp at the base… so you can leave a trail… or stamp the world with intent… Talk about an interesting twist on subversive street art, or turning the tables on those disrespectful young whippersnappers with the graffiti and what nots. This project by the italian Glue Glue Design: “We are living in a “contemporary” society that paradoxically lives more and more on revival. We think that, thanks to the connection with the concept of respect the old men can ransom his social condition from without purpose and obsolete to “cool” and “in”: how? Using a “young” and “contemporary” language, and shifting to the present the field of action of an old man, whose thoughts are mostly memories that come from the past and are not able to mark the contemporary culture anymore.” I can’t stop staring, and have the sudden urge to start sporting a cane… imagine all the various stamps you could swap on? Only thing missing in this design? It should be self inking, and there should be a button on the handle of the cane to put the cap on, or perhaps the stamp sucks up into the cane so it doesn’t make contact with the ground as you walk, and when you push the button it stamps it - i mean seriously, you expect the old guy to bend over and take the cap off? It’s asking to be lost. And its SO much harder to be discreet in your street art being seen doing that. Found this over at Young Designer. This was part of the OPOS.it project.

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Annie Vought

0924vought1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here’s another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

I came across Annie Vought’s Papercuts series on Stumble Upon and can hardly believe that her work is real. She painstakingly cuts the script text out of letters and notes. The result is an incredible tapestry of letters, lines, and shadows created by pinning the work up for display. Obsessive, tedious, and gorgeous.

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itseasy1.jpgGreeNYC ~ is a new NYC campaign to make NY the greenest city in the country. This campaign is absolutely adorable, the animation combined with the music… with sound effects that make me think of eureka’s castle and nick jr. are too cute for words… great use of simple flat vectors and noteworthy typography… and that pigeon! My favorite screenshots are below, view the large video here, it is a collaboration between Hunter Gatherer and Todd St. John/Ryan Waller.

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Ost trifft West

chinagerm.jpgI just got im’d this article from the China Digital Times about Yang Liu’s “Ost trifft West” ~ East versus West. It is an incredible infographic exhibition simply depicting some humorous differences between the cultures. Above (l-r) are queuing, a weekend street scene (personal space!), in a restaurant, and self. This exhibition was live in German Ministry of foreign affairs May - June 07, images of the actual exhibition are below from Yang Liu’s site. If you check out the pictures carefully, you can see some pieces that seem to depict coke vs tea, waking over a spot versus around it, seeing with your eye versus a camera… and from her site, it sounds like there will be a book coming!

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View At…

View At… is an incredible collection of panaoramic/google map mashups that JuanK just shared over at NOTCOT.org. And they are breathtaking… suddenly feeling the travel bug again, and just clicking through these (with their great ability to navigate and float through these worlds), i almost feel like i’m an arm chair traveler bouncing across the globe. As you can see, you can even embed them… so click and drag to explore Collioure - Chapelle St Vincent: “Famous as one of the most beautiful village in France, Collioure welcomed Van Gogh and Matisse who enjoyed the light and the colors of this place.” A few more random screenshots and panoramas i love below, but for the full experience, you must go see View At.org. Also try clicking the full screen icon on any of these panoramas, they will be a nice little escape between all the working… also don’t forget to tilt up and down, not just left and right… (i.e. you can see the feet and the tip of the eiffel tower below!)

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