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Yes, NOTCOT loves NOT, and not just for the name (which stands for News On Trend). This first issue has been launched via pdf and its pretty fun - some good insightful articles in there worth checking out. Just discovered the Lonely Planet Guide to Experimental Travel in there, which will have to look into further for sure. And they highlight music goodness, Pandora as well as that new BMW campaign thats everywhere. Only thing i’m not so sure about is their tagline as “Il Primo Magazine Digitale Di Tendenze” haven’t there been others? I feel like i read so many trendspotting zine like things online and in my email? via KLOG.

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Laser Deer

Frozen Upon Entry, 2002, 12’[L]x6’[H]x12’[W], brass, wood, foam, taxidermied deer acrylic paint, lead Bizzare, no? Just the kind of thing to kick off the weekend. Happy Friday! Anyhow, check this and the giraffe piece (see below) amused me the most from John Espinosa’s body of work, so thought it was worth a mention. via vvork.

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oO posted these over to .org and they have been mesmerizing me all morning. Even drives me nuts when i can’t figure out what movie it is. Russian folk illustration stylized movie posters? I think we’ve got Spiderman, Star Wars, and LOTR here… and a few more that i liked details of after the jump. See more images here as well.

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IDEA awards 2006

The Industrial Design Excellence Awards of 2006 have been awarded - and the result is an extraordinary selection of 108 objects for you to spend a few hours studying and drooling over. While i wanted to post maybe 80 of these 108, i picked a few that were already my favorite objects this year, and a few others that grabbed me quickly for this post. But honestly you need to click HERE when you have the time to devote to it.

Here we have - Outdoor Information Carts by 34th Street Partnership. JobClock designed by Stuart Karten Design (i first encountered these tabs at Oxford, where they seem to be your key to everything). Little Wing Kayaks by Warren Light Craft. Kenzo Ryoko Perfume designed by Karim Rashid (i nearly bought these in copenhagen b/c it was so pretty). Voyage by fuse project and Hammers Nagel Engineering for Swarovski and Bombay Saphire. San Disk Ultra Plus SD/USB cards (three of these in my purse always, can’t remember life before it). Duo Shower Curtain Rod designed by Robyn Kaminski (great space saver, has the towel rack by the curtain). Nomadic Museum - possibly the most incredible/memorable “museum” experience of my life, seen here 5 min from my house.

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Fail Harder

There are times when images get stuck in my head - and this weekend a POST from UnBeige actually got stuck. I love this Fail Harder piece they found made from 150,000 boxes of push pins (kind of reminds you of the art in the tags, no? with pin head bush?) - but even better was the post.

“If you were looking for a box of those clear push pins on the West Coast around June 5, you now know why Staples was fresh out. 12, a dozen creatives who form an experimental school at Wieden+Kennedy, had purchased them all—150,000 of them.

351 hours later, 12 had applied the push pins to a 13’6” x 10’6” wall at W+K HQ in Portland, with a message that was inspired by a true story from the legendary Jelly Helm, 12’s creative director:

When Helm was promoted to co-creative director of W+K’s Amsterdam office in 1996, Dan Wieden’s only directive was, “You’re only good to me after you’ve made three tremendous mistakes.”

Hence, their advice to every creative: Fail Harder.”

If in Portland, go take more pics of this!
Thursday, July 6
6 to 9pm
224 NW 13th Avenue


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Kawasaki’s Woody Ladies

Mesmerized by the works of LA Artist, Audrey Kawasaki, tonight… noticed her on Fabulist and went through as much of her work as i could find! My favorites are below (watch out there are many!)… Something about the way these illustrations are painted in/out of the wood (depending on your perspective, perhaps), yet almost floating like a translucent layer above it. You can tell from my pics, i’m especially drawn to her images with natural elements, be it flowers, mushrooms, birds, monkeys… and that art nouveau feel of them mixed with the innocent, simple lined characters with such piercing eyes. She has a show starting July 7th in Seattle at Roq la Rue.

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Age of Mechanical Repro

They have this logo on a tee. I love the way it makes you think. Go think. Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction.

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Penguin’s Got A Gun

My friend’s icon is a penguin with a gun - what am i supposed to think? So I badgered him till he divulged his source (he just wasn’t the kind of guy to draw it himself) - and here we have the works of Petra Mrzyk & Jean-Francois Moriceau. The were recently seen over at LACMA. And the details to these ink on paper pieces will delight even the most cynical of folks. But the penguin with the gun takes the cake. Followed by the dinosaurs having tea. And then the deers in the movies.


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Chocolate Swim

Happy 4th of July long weekend to the US kids - finally got around to checking out the new *free* Chocolate Swim LP released by AdultSwim, and while other than MosDef, i wasn’t totally feeling it - i do LOVE the graphics that come with. Check out the sweet poster above - and that skeleton with the boombox was on the download page and was far to perfect not to post. Download here.

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ZOOM ZOOM the self proclaimed “original online glossy” has done a great piece featuring many NOTCOT fav’s from Tobias Wong. So check out this photoshoot - reminds me a bit of some of our NOTed themes - juicy eye popping images of Sex, Drugs, Booze, Blood, and God, how can one resist? DECADENCE. And that really is a gold BIC pen cap, much like the ones you’ve chewed on all through school/uni, only more glam…

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Tension Thing

It has been a tense, busy kind of day. So sorry been a bit quiet on the posts - if you’re looking for things here and there isn’t enough new stuff… check out NOTCOT.org (i have a tendency to “save” things over there on busy days - and the other posters/readers have been posting some really quality finds)

Here we have Tension Thing by Judith Fegerl, real human hair that reacts as you see to the right when charged. “20cm long human hair is embedded into the ceramic sphere. The object is charged by a high voltage generator (about 120-200kVolts) and the embedded hair is standing upwards due to the electromagnetic field. Rhythmical it slowly charges and discharges. Within this object a contextual connection between emotional excitement and physical voltage is established. A characteristic of human emotion is being isolated, extracted, transformed and reimplanted into an object, that is again interacting with a real person.” [via one of my new favs, the SciFi Tech Blog, yes SciFi the TV station]

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WordCount™ is an artistic experiment in the way we use language. It presents the 86,800 most frequently used English words, ranked in order of commonness. Each word is scaled to reflect its frequency relative to the words that precede and follow it, giving a visual barometer of relevance. The larger the word, the more we use it. The smaller the word, the more uncommon it is. WordCount was designed with a minimalist aesthetic, to let the information speak for itself. The interface is clean, basic and intuitive. The goal is for the user to feel embedded in the language, sifting through words like an archaeologist through sand, awaiting the unexpected find. ” Pretty. There’s also QueryCount, but that might be a bit more NSFW. By the Johnathan Harris who brought you We Feel Fine and Lovelines and Oral Fixation Mints and helped with Etsy and so much more. [via .org]

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Shot by the Writer

fuckedbooks.jpgYes, this is from BoingBoing, but it was beautiful/interesting enough to share. Tom Benedeck, writer/photographer, shot up some HIS old screenplays and took large format pics of the results - Incredibly detailed apparently, and printed ~ 5 ft high. (i imagine this means some of the gun shot holes could almost fit your head?) Done for a show at the Screen Writer’s Guild, “Shot By The Writer”.

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Kehinde Wiley

[First things first, click the pic to see it bigger] Kehinde Wiley is an LA native, that holds a SF Art Institute BFA and Yale MFA - and Gen Art Pulse just did quite the e-newsletter on him (which by the way, is one of the only newsletters these days i actually look forward to!). He’s found a niche in brining the back the glory days of paintings where you imortalize men and women in larger than life gold framed paintings… they were big in the days of kings, and even just a few generations back (there are even quite a few of these at the family house in asia of my grand/great-grand parents)… you know the type - you’ve seen them in any art history and history class. Wiley has put a spin on them and brought this grandeur back to the modern day, imortalizing important Black figures in our lives today in a similar style - but with that modern flair that jumps out so nicely at you. He’s was even comissioned to do the portraits of all the VH1 Hip Hop Honor Honorees in 2005. Its really beautiful breathtaking work - and the idea is pretty sweet. Pity that his work doesn’t cover other people as well! But maybe it will be a start to help inspire others to take on the old school portrait styles and reinvent them for today.

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What do you see? Flocked inkblots on wallpaper, you say? Correct! “10 original Rorschach inkblots flocked onto and camouflaged within a classical damask pattern”, by Portia Wells. She also did a series of portraits of the West Coast… “Identities are constructed through the items we own— they begin to act as portraits of ourselves. Silhouettes are often referred to as the poor man’s portrait and are thought to reveal a sort of inner truth. ” They feature silhouettes of macs, new balanace, nalgenes, timbuk2, dior and more of our lifestyle cliches.

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