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Steel Puddles

interni2.jpgI get images stuck in my head the way people get songs stuck in their head, and this piece by Four Field Design Office is stuck. I can’t explain the appeal that brushed steel has for me… but something about these crazy brushed steel looking puddles that you can sit on is somewhat fascinating… a bit sci-fi - a little like giant mercury puddles - yet it reminds me of a kitchen (you know - stainless steel kitchens, those crazy german smell removing steel soaps? etc etc)… just a fun pic. Also quickie pic from Interni [i need a new scanner, i know. sorry]

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Things are not as they seem. Honestly this one took me a few minutes of staring before i really got it too… Brooklyn boy Paul Ahern sent me over to check out his Cardboardistry. It seems that he carves away at cardboard with an x-acto knife, and the result is this inverted stencil look - as if you were making lithographs with acid? Cutting away to expose the corrugations to form images… Its a brilliant concept that you could almost compare to that old school copper scraping technique - only making a more interesting use of everyday materials. You really must see the larger images of them to get a real look at how sweet this work is!

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Bolt City

Kids, take note! One of the most gorgeous web comics ever, still uses a nib pen dipped in INK. Yes! INK POTS!~ I was just introduced to the world of Copper, the adventures of a boy and his dog - and their silly little bickerings and happily ever afters. But this tutorial/walk through of Kazu Kibuishi… from pencil sketches, to inking, to scanning, to coloring with wacom and photoshop. Also this is five star inspiration - if flipping through this doesn’t make you reach for pen and paper… well, you can only guess.

I too am only focusing on making it to the next mushroom right now.

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Samsung’s quarterly [?] DigitAll digital magazine is all about design this Spring 2006. A lot of products you’ve probably heard about [charger pot, wooden necklace usb key, etc], but also some interesting articles to take a quick glance at. And i added it over the links page, which is slowly growing to be a resource of great design sites to check in on now and again.

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Color Blender

Color Blender - fun slidey bits - generates sweet palettes… to be archived as color resources along with Color Wheel and Colour Lovers! The designer of this lovely little tool also gives you the ability to play the prettiest MineSweeper game on his portfolio site.

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Gallery NOTCOT : Salter

Gallery NOTCOT is proud to present our second showing - featuring the works of Michael Salter and his incredibly playful vector creatures, spaces, and basically the coolest things i’ve ever laid eyes on made of styrofoam. So click around the tags on the sides here, and take a look at the AMAZING styrofoam robot guys below!

In the artist’s own words “[my work] is an attempt to slow down the torrid flow of informationi and infinitely rethink meaning, narrative, perception and thought. There is an alternate, underlying dimension of obvoiusness that is rich with abstraction… ” [see why i like this his work? and way of thinking?]

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As far as bizarre emails go, this one took the cake. Check out this insane documentary by actor/director John Malkovich. “[he] summons a tv producer to Milan to document and participate in his unconventional fashion show. Rather then using regular models, Mr. Malkovich plans to have 20 Judo fighters beat each other up while wearing his designs. They will do this on a stage, in front of a live audience, with Mr. Malkovich directing all the action. He will also direct the 3 camera’s of the Fashion Television crew as they film the event. The Hollywood star has 3 days to pull this unusual spectacle together. The tv crew follows Mr. Malkovich as he oversees fittings, tries to choreograph a group of Italian fighters, and drives to the factory where his clothesare manufactured.” Hilarious. Bizarre. and $1.99 for the iPod Version. Flipping Uncle Kimono. And you can also check out the fashion line to go with it.

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Oooooh another incredible ad via KellerAdv by Kaspen Praga. Click the image for the full ad… its for Anagram Bookstore - “words create worlds”.

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Earth Day

earth.jpgHAPPY EARTHDAY weekend! RUGenius sent me over to the Nasa Earth Observatory page where you can see all type of earth imagery and a lot of gorgeous data animations you can customize.

Also check out the Map Mogul for more views of the Earth from various time periods - certainly gives you some perspective… “Map Mogul Ltd supplies high quality original antiquarian maps, atlases and prints from the 15th to 19th century. Maps by the most influential cartographers, over all periods, are represented in our catalogue. Our maps reflect the discovery of the world and the changes in the cartographic record over half a millennium.”

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Andrea from KellerAdv sent me to their Klog, where i found this incredible ad for Landmine.de showing how landmines are “Constructed to Destroy” and shows you in a very scientific manner the layers of a soccer playing, baseball cap wearing, boy. Some great imagery on their Klog.

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While we sit here and design and shop for luxury products, its nice to get that does of perspective on the world… Tan sent me this link to Gapminder - which has a great archive of flash presentations demonstrating the human development trends across the world over the last few years. The images above are from the United Nations Development Programme.

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10 Corso Como

If someone were ever to ask me what my dream come true would be - it would be for NOTCOT to reach a level like 10 Corso Como, my little piece of heaven in Milan. Incredible niche of a space, great cafe/restaurant/bar, gallery with incredible shows, best design/art/architecture/fashion/music store, and the ultimate in design/couture with a very NOTCOT kind of flair. Carla Sozzani is one of my idols (and i’m not the kind of girl who does the idol thing). But as NOTCOT readers - i beg you to read this interview with her in Republic, the Fritz Hansen mag [jump right to page 18]. Best quote “I prefer to make trends instead of following them. I’m very much against trends as they ruin your peace of mind. you can’t choose with the same happiness and joy if you’re thinking about what’s trendy… They come to feel good.” [this coming from a woman who shaped the italian fashion magazine industry.]

In addition to the content of this article - the page flipping/UI of LivePaper is one of the most beautiful/enjoyable web experiences i’ve had in a while.

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Toothbrush Case

Dominic Wilcox launches his new site… and i discover his old toothbrush case which intrigued me this 3am. He’s the man behind those honesty stamps [“But i’ve changed!” + “It wasn’t my fault” as a new gift set] and that infamous War Bowl made of melted plastic soldiers.

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Foil Inspiration

Here’s a silly trend dedicated to RUGenius and her years and years of fencing - apparently its cool again - since its showing design influcences in an Ikea toilet scrubber - and the best find yet - Target has this giant bubble wand (click the pic to see it bigger, definitely worth it). Basically you can use it to make gigantic bubbles, then turn it back into foil mode to burst them with - or play fence each other.

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[Guest article by RUGenius - its a good read - she asks the right questions] Howie’s, “environmentally conscious casual clothing and sportswear designed for bikers, skateboarders and snowboarders”, is a nice, wholesome, eco-friendly brand. In fact, they remind me of Oregon. But they also make my head hurt. I mean, are we seeing innovation and honesty here or a slick exploitation of our desire for simplicity by some cackling marketing agent? I implore you, fellow notcot readers…help me think through this one. [Fun images below…]

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